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The following are posters that were once available for purchase at the Yahoo Store.

Poster Name Description
Trogdor Poster

Introducing our long-awaited Trogdor poster! You can proudly display this image of The Burninator in brilliant, vibrant and vivid black-light colors. (Unfortunately, it is just a faux finish, and the colors will not actually glow under a black light). Nevertheless, you've never seen Trogdor with this much majesty. He'll burninate those sad, putty-colored dorm walls for just $10.95!

Everybody Everybody Poster

Our "everybody! everybody!" poster depicts all of your favorite characters crammed into the borders of Strong Badia.

Homestar and Strong Bad Poster

The Homestar and Strong Bad poster depicts everyone's two favorite characters against the colorful background of Free Country, USA.

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