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Strong Bad Zone is a vector graphics game that plays similarly to the Diamonds 3D game for the Mac. You are a spikey-headed cyber-shield guy (with a cyber-shield) trying to block "devastating 3D attacks" that come flipping towards you. If you hit them, they bounce back. The object of the game is to try to hit Vector Strong Bad's head until it disappears. The game's graphical style appears to be a reference to Nintendo's ill-fated 3D system, the Virtual Boy. The graphics of the console were well-known for solely consisting of the colors red and black, much like those in StrongBadZone. In particular, the game resembles the Virtual Boy vector game Red Alarm, which at one point also features a large face that must be destroyed. StrongBadZone first appeared as a joke in the Strong Bad Email: video games, and is the source of the quote, "Your head a splode!" (and variants such as "Your phone a splode!", "Well, my head a splode!").

This game can be accessed from the email "video games," as well as the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu.

Note: You actually can't win or lose this game. When your head a splodes, you just continue the game. And when you destroy Strong Bad's head, a new one appears.

Page Title: I Strong Bad! I hunger!



Move left and right with arrow keys
Hit 'A' for shield left
Hit 'S' for shield center
Hit 'D' for shield right
Try to hit Strong Bad's big head
Click to start

Fun Facts


  • An otherwise unused sequence of "BACK OFF BABY" is found in the Flash file. This can be accessed via a seek bar. Or, play the game. When Vector Strong Bad says "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE", right click and leave the menu up. After a couple seconds, Vector Strong Bad will say "BACK OFF BABY".


  • Very rarely, when Strong Bad's attack hits his wall, Strong Bad will speed up greatly for a few seconds and then return to normal speed, but the projectile will be stuck in the back of the room moving back and forth.
  • Another glitch involves the projectile apparently hitting the left wall but behaving as though it has hit the back wall. If you deflect the projectile, it will move along the exact line it came at you and will continue to do so for as long as the file is loaded (it cannot be fixed no matter which direction you raise the shield or whether you dodge the projectile or allow your head to a splode).

Inside References

  • The page title "I Strong Bad, I Hunger" is similar to the page title of RhinoFeeder: "I Rhino, I Hunger". (also see Real-World References)

Real-World References

  • The page title is a possible reference to the old arcade game "Sinistar". In Sinistar you battled a large spaceship shaped like a head that would say, "I hunger!". (also see Inside References)

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