Strong Bad's Responses in Poker Night at the Inventory

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Poker Night at the Inventory has a lot of dialog when the four characters interact with each other. Here are Strong Bad's responses.


General Responses

Strong Bad Folding

STRONG BAD: The river! I'd like to drown that card's family in a river.


STRONG BAD: I'm gonna fold, and then sit here.

STRONG BAD: Come on! These cards is bloke.


STRONG BAD: {looks at cards} I don't think so.


STRONG BAD: {in a musical tone} This sucks!

STRONG BAD: Ha, no way!

STRONG BAD: I'm foldin' this crap!

STRONG BAD: Don't you worry about me not playing, guys. I'm gonna keep folding so you don't have to. You can thank me later.

STRONG BAD: Uhhh, no... Uhh, no... Uh, no.

Strong Bad Calling

STRONG BAD: Calling!

STRONG BAD: I'm calling!

STRONG BAD: Oh, I'm calling!



STRONG BAD: I'll call.

STRONG BAD: Oh, yeah! Uh, let's do this.

Strong Bad Responding To A Bad Card

STRONG BAD: What! *grumble*

Strong Bad Raising


STRONG BAD: Let's make this a little interesting, Shall we?

STRONG BAD: I'm raising!

STRONG BAD: Raisin' in the sun!

STRONG BAD: How do you feel about... another raise? Not the toughest of guys now, eh?

Strong Bad Betting

STRONG BAD: Betting!

STRONG BAD: I'll toss a few chippies into the pot! Chippy chippy.

Strong Bad Checking

STRONG BAD: OK. I check.

STRONG BAD: I check.

STRONG BAD: Check, check, check it out.

STRONG BAD: Maybe I won't check. Ohhhhhhhhhh... check.

Strong Bad Going All-In

STRONG BAD: Yeah. I'm all in.

STRONG BAD: I'm all in!

STRONG BAD: I'm going all in.

Strong Bad Talking About The Size of the Pot

STRONG BAD: Ooh. I could buy a new Compy with that pot. One with a half-core processor.

Strong Bad Taunting

STRONG BAD: Free card!

STRONG BAD: Man, I would hate to play against me.

STRONG BAD: Call it! Fold! Call it! Fold! I'm inside your head!

STRONG BAD: {in a mocking tone} Oh, man! Do you even {exaggerates the word} know how to play?

STRONG BAD: Don't worry about your chippies. Little chippies.

STRONG BAD: This is as boring as hanging out with the tire when it's in one of it's moods.

Strong Bad Wins A Hand

WINSLOW: Strong Bad wins the hand.
STRONG BAD: I only play red cards. I mean, good cards.

STRONG BAD: All I gots is this... winning hand! Psyche! Face! Whoop! Plowmph!

STRONG BAD: {Happily} Wow! What just happened?
TYCHO: You want me to say you won again?
STRONG BAD: You could if that's what happened!
TYCHO: Die a sad and gruesome, painful death.

Strong Bad Responding To An All-In

STRONG BAD: Jeeze St. Jeezum!

STRONG BAD: Ooh! {turns his head away and speaks softly, feigning indifference} I mean... cool, whatever.


Strong Bad Responding To A Player Elimination

STRONG BAD: Later, loser!

Strong Bad Responding To A Player Win

STRONG BAD: I guess that's a good hand, like a baby hand. You have baby hands.

Strong Bad Has Been Elminated From Play

WINSLOW: Strong Bad has been elminated from play.
STRONG BAD: Well, crap.

STRONG BAD: You know I let you win, right? I like to see how the other half lives sometimes.

Strong Bad Wagering The Dangeresque Too Glasses

STRONG BAD: Oh... uh... I couldn't fit my briefcase full of cash in these pants on account of my ample hind-bosom. But I do have these cool-cool fadey-fadey shadey Dangeresque glasses. They're worth like five ten thousand dollars-es. So, we're good. Right? {quietly} You guys bought that?
WINSLOW: If nobody else has a problem with it, Strong Bad will be buying in with collateral. Whoever knocks him out will recieve his buy-in.


Strong Bad and Max Conversations

MAX: Hey, boxing glove guy. With a face like that, have you ever considered organized crime? Sam and I could come after you and we'd try not to rough you up too bad.
STRONG BAD: I dabble in nefarious activities. Like the time I stole the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People source code from those Telltale chumps.
MAX: Ooh! That sounds criminal.
STRONG BAD: Oh yeah. I pulled it off without a hitch. Got the code over to my boys at Videlectrix who turned the game into a triple platinum, triple pixel best-seller. In... Guam.

STRONG BAD: {in a fake acting voice} Other than, do you have any other {pronounces as fay-vor-Ite} favorite websites, Max?
MAX: Huh? Oh, I've got some favorite sites for laying in wait for criminals and general n'eer'do-wells around the city if that's what you're asking.
STRONG BAD: {angrily} I said, do you have any favorite websites, Max? You're gonna cost me fifty bucks!
MAX: Oh! {clears throat} {in a fake acting voice} When I'm on the inter-net, I can't stay away from double u double u double u dot telltale games dot com slash store. {Max smiles}

STRONG BAD: I don't trust you one bit, ra-bbit.
MAX: {cheerily} It's OK. I don't trust myself.
STRONG BAD: How do we know you don't have a never ending stack of aces wherever you put your gun?
MAX: {cheerily} Well, you don't. But you're welcome to look!

Strong Bad and The Heavy Conversations

STRONG BAD: Hey, Heavym'n? Do you think you could take care of The King of Town for me?
THE HEAVY: I can assassinate King, yes. Is expensive though.
STRONG BAD: Woah, woah, woah. By "take care of", I meant maybe you and me sneak into his room and shave off half his mustache.
THE HEAVY: I am not best at sneaking.
STRONG BAD: Maybe we could confront him in a dark alley then?
THE HEAVY: This is better. That way blood wash away in rain.
STRONG BAD: Oh, man. You're going to totally murder the king of town aren't you? {in a happy tone} Oh, well!

Strong Bad and Tycho Conversations

STRONG BAD: At least this is more fun than poker night at Homestar's. Marzipan is always walking around au-natural trying to get everyone to play no-loser Candy Land.
TYCHO: What's no-loser Candy Land?
STRONG BAD: I don't know. Loser!

STRONG BAD: I hear the cold ones are pretty good here.
TYCHO: Aren't you like, ten?

Strong Bad, Max, and Tycho Conversations

MAX: Did I ever tell you the time I caught Artie Flopshark stealing all the money from the tenants next store to our office?
STRONG BAD: No, but this floppyshark sounds like my type of dude.
MAX: I caught Artie going door to door telling some stupid story about having to run really far or a bunch of people were going to die. And people were just handing him stacks of cash!
TYCHO: That actually sounds like a charity thing.
MAX: Then why, pray-tell, throughout his entire vicious pummeling did Artie insist he needed "10K"?
TYCHO: He didn't need "10-K", he was running 10 k-lomiters for charity.
MAX: Well, long story short, Flint broke both of his legs and beat him to within an inch of his life. So... he wasn't running anywhere after that.

Conversations With A Non-Verbal Reaction By Strong Bad

THE HEAVY: Hmm, I must think about this.
MAX: Hey, uh. Mister Weapons Guy, I didn't take you for the thinking type.
THE HEAVY: I think very much.
MAX: Don't worry. I haven't had a salient thought since Prince put out Purple Rain.
THE HEAVY: I know this music. Is good! Is new, no? {Strong Bad, Tycho, and Max all look at the Heavy quizzically.}
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