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Frames upon frames

Strong Bad's Website is a website (found on about The Cheat. It was first seen in the email website as an example of website design and content fundamentals. It sports a long Flash intro and lots of animated GIFs. This is a parody of many very poorly executed and ultimately pointless websites that are common on free webservers like Tripod and Geocities.

Page Title (With frames): WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM!!
Page Title (Without frames): Total Grodal


Strong Bad's Long Flash Intro

{A picture of The Cheat and the word "presents" on a black background appear, followed by two green, bean-shaped eyes. Strong Bad makes drum-like sound effects in the background. The eyes fade and the letters "SB" appear. "Strong" and "Bad" are inside each letter. Strong Bad starts mimicking a guitar. The "S" and "B" turn into "The Web" in cursive. "The Web" turns into "Welcomes 'u' '2'", the letters made of only horizontal and vertical lines. The words "strong bad's cybersite" appear in red below "Welcomes 'u' '2'". A rainbow circle about 3/4 the size of the "2" comes and rolls in, stopping at the quotation mark before the "2". The word "cybersite" turns into rainbow colors. The words exit and something like a black hole appears. A hand appears to punch you, and after it does, the word "OUCH!" appears above it. The words "Get on in!" appear in a long button. The words can be clicked to get to Strong Bad's Website.}

STRONG BAD: Uh, I'm not sure about the quality of this microphone, The Cheat.

House of the Brothers Chaps

The Cheat on the couch
That hunk of foil

The pictures of The Cheat are photos of The Brothers Chaps' house with The Cheat added in later. The couch seen here is the same couch that appears in the August 1, 2003 Pulse Interview. The brick wall seen in this image follows the same brick pattern seen in the The Cheatar short.

Contents of the fridge

  • Top shelf in the door (left to right):
    • Mt. Olive pickles
    • Three jars Smuckers jam
    • Two unknown jars
  • Bottom shelf in the door (left to right):
    • two unknown containers
    • Salsa (with yellow cap)
    • Hellmann's mayonnaise
    • Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce
    • unknown container
    • Heinz Worcestershire sauce
    • Heinz ketchup
    • Two unknown containers
  • Top shelf inside fridge:
    • Water filter pitcher
    • Loaf of bread
  • Bottom shelf inside fridge:
    • Hunk of foil-wrapped food that's been there since April
  • Strewn about on the floor:
    • Milk
    • Kraft Parmesan cheese
    • Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad dressing
  • To the left of the fridge:

Easter Eggs

Fun Facts


  • The picture on the site titled "long haired freaky cheat" will never load, because the image is directed to the file "oh, just nothing" in the source.


  • Clicking the button that says "ENTER" will reload the same website, and because it uses frames so poorly, the website will reload inside one of its own frames.
  • The fire GIFs at the top of the page actually alternate between "Hot!" and "Fire!".
  • The doubled rotating GIF about halfway down the page reads "World Wide Wed".
  • The GIF with the silver diamond reads "Hi Rez", which is most likely referring to the term "high resolution".
  • The title of the page used for the "A" animation frame is "A!!!".
  • The counter always reads "You're the 000016th biggest moron, ever."


  • Strong Bad writes "I'm pretty much the best at HTML" on his webpage; however, according to the World Wide Web Consortium's HTML validator, this webpage isn't valid HTML 4.01 Frameset.
    • Additionally, Strong Bad uses the marquee tag, a non-standard HTML tag developed for early Internet Explorer. Despite being non-compliant HTML it is compatible with most browsers for legacy reasons.
      • Its functions can be replicated with CSS or Javascript (neither of which Strong Bad's Website uses).
  • The picture titled "long haired freaky cheat" is one of the few times when The Cheat is not referred to with the integral article.
  • If using Safari, you cannot hear "Welcome to your doom!" if you do not have Apple Quicktime.

Inside References

  • The animated GIF refers to the World Wide Wed.

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