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*[[HR:vcr_sb.html|watch Strong Bad's character video]]
*[[HR:vcr_sb.html|watch Strong Bad's character video]]
*[[HR:vcr_sb.swf|view the Flash file for Strong Bad's character video]]
*[[HR:vcr_sb.swf|view the Flash file for Strong Bad's character video]]
*[ Strong Bad's website from] [[website]]
*[ Strong Bad's website], from [[website]]
*[ Email Strong Bad]
*[ Email Strong Bad]

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Character: Strong Bad
watch Strong Bad's character video Homestar Runner The Cheat
The ramblin' wreck of email-check!



Strong Bad is one of the most well-known characters on He started out as the villain who tried to cheat his way to the top but was always doomed to fail before Homestar Runner; in an example of a breakout character, however, he's now less of a villain and more of a highly expanded form of comic relief, with his irascible sarcasm and rough voice seeming to make him ever more popular with fans of the website. He answers emails with a passion, and will make fun of your grammar, punctuation, and spelling—although he's not overly worried about his own. He also writes, illustrates, and narrates the Teen Girl Squad comics.

He is the middle child of The Brothers Strong. His is the dominant personality and he loves to push everyone around: he's often abusing Homestar, kicking The Cheat, prank-calling Marzipan, or tormenting Strong Sad (although it's been hinted that they got along when they were younger). All in all, he seems to dislike or positively loathe almost every other character in the Homestar Runner Universe, with the notable exceptions of Pom Pom; Bubs; The Cheat, his ever-diligent lackey; and Strong Mad, his older brother.

He has boxing gloves for hands (which always have square window reflections on them, no matter where he is), and a lucha libre mask for a head (as confirmed in some kinda robot). Although he claims that his mask is his face, he removed it in the the chair, which caused him a lot of pain. His mouth is rectangular, though it often becomes round when he says words with the letter "o". Most of the time, Strong Bad's mouth is in a slight frown, but there are occasions where he smiles. The blue diamond on his face also gives him the power to mentally open Cold Ones and even pop Homestar's hat off his head; however this seems to have been abandoned, as it was only demonstrated in super powers. Strong Bad owns his own country, Strong Badia, a barren field behind the Dumpsters that is completely devoid of any sentient life. His favorite saying is (or was for a time) "holy crap", though he hates when people use the word crap when signing emails. He frequently mangles words, as seen in army. ("We're a one man army. Er, a three man one-y. Three-to-one-marny?") He also hates to be asked about how he manages to type with boxing gloves on. He usually does what he does best when he gets an e-mail like that: DELETED!!!

Strong Bad talks a big line, claiming to be a criminal mastermind, a muscle man, and totally popular with the ladies, though there is little evidence of any of these claims, and no shortage of evidence that they are all untrue. Strong Bad refuses to acknowledge this however, and continues unfazed with his delusions of grandeur. He is convinced that Marzipan likes, or has a crush on, him when in fact she "really doesn't like him at all." Due to his delusional opinions about himself, much of what Strong Bad says should be taken with a grain of salt. He loves to listen to Limozeen, Taranchula, and Peter Frampton. His favorite show is Caleb Rentpayer. He also enjoys doing Jumble puzzles and baking. His love for older technology such as cassette tapes, command prompt computers, old video games and laserdiscs, and the titles of events such as "Awexome Cross '98", and "TrogdorCon '97" suggest that Strong Bad is "stuck in the '90s". Despite his love of the nineties, he seems to despise and destroy anything from any previous decade, like 8-Tracks, TVs that lost their essence in the '70s, and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Pretending to play better video games.

Strong Bad has sung many hit singles, his most popular being "Everybody to the Limit". He also stars as the protagonist in the blockbuster action series "Dangeresque". He works with Homestar and The Cheat at an unnamed tech company, though despite this fixed income, he seems to have financial troubles, and often attempts money making solutions of questionable legitimacy and burns his bills with his BMW Lighter.

Strong Bad is somewhat prejudiced; he has been banned from the UK, and often ridicules non-English speakers on their e-mails. He also hates old people and children, although he claims to have children of his own, including Jeffrey Beffrey Mudgeman, at his second secret home where he goes by the name Vance Mudgeman. He doesn't appear to care much for those children either, or perhaps he does and truly believes that "you got to be firm."

As evidenced in stand-up, Strong Bad once did standup comedy as a kid. However, he doesn't like talking about it (his pants fell down in front of the audience). He apparently wasn't very good, as he tried to make up jokes instead of using natural comedy or rehearsed jokes.

Character Video Transcript

{Page Title: Get ready for the new!} {Place: Strong Badia}

{Strong Bad is seen standing next to several cardboard props, including one of Homestar Runner with a snake wrapped around his head. He is moving some of the props around.}

STRONG BAD: Hold on, I'm not done with the props yet! {turns to camera} Greetings, party people in the place to be! I am called Strong Bad! Hand over all your moneys in a paper and/or plastic bag! Ladies, form a line to my left for makeouts! Dudes, form a line to my right for high fives! Like I said, I'm Strong Bad. I've been described as cool, awesome, hot, video games, the hottest, and real real hot. Me and my big brother and our The Cheat pretty much run the show around here, as well as serve as a sort of multi-purpose criminal element. Yeah, we got a lot of—


STRONG BAD: What are you doing here?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well, I was gonna get a high five, but, I see that I'm already here. And with a snake on my head!

STRONG BAD: Yeah, that's right. So I'm gonna have to charge you double. You know, since you're both here.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That sounds reasonable! {pronounces it re-ZON-able}

STRONG BAD: Okay, I only accept gold nuggets. Or maybe Denver Nuggets. ...Whatever you got on ya. Chicken nuggets.

Fun Facts

  • "Party peoples in the place to be!" is a reference to an Ultramagnetic MC song called "Ego Trippin'", during which before the song, the announcer says, "party peoples in the place to be! Just for you, it's the Ultramagnetic MCs!"
  • The Denver Nuggets are a professional NBA basketball team.


There is highly conflicting evidence towards Strong Bad's supposed strength. For the most part, it was continuously implied that Strong Bad is actually very weak and out of shape and that "Strong Bad" was merely his name and not an accurate description. But in the Strong Bad Emails "car", "old comics", and "secret identity", Strong Bad demonstrates the ability to punch Homestar's lights out and literally toss both him and The King of Town out of his house, thus condradicting this claim. He can also easily pick up and carry the 42-pound Lappy 486. However, In the email "lady fan", the idea of Strong Bad being a weakling is supported yet again when he is unable to do a single push-up, and states that he used to be able to do four. It is possible that, like Homestar's "arms", this fact may be purposely ambiguous, or that Strong Bad really is a complete weakling. He has kicked The Cheat quite a few times, but it is unknown exactly how much The Cheat weighs (although it would seem that he is about 18 pounds, as seen in Where's The Cheat?) or how far Strong Bad kicked him, so it is debatable whether this factors into his strength or not.

Fun Facts

  • Strong Bad and Strong Mad, and their original role as tag team wrestlers, came from the Nintendo video game Tag Team Wrestling created by Data East U.S.A. in 1986. In this game, one of the teams is called "The Strong Bads".
  • Apparently, Strong Bad is able to survive, stand up, and even talk, with a hole blasted in his head, as shown in Marshmallow's Last Stand and the email
  • Strong Bad has never closed his eyes completely, even when he is sleeping.
  • He also has never completely closed his mouth, and he apparently has a green tongue.
  • Strong Bad was originally conceived as a masked wrestler because in their childhood, The Brothers Chaps viewed masked wrestlers as the embodiment of evil, making them an ideal choice for an antagonist.
  • As seen by Lil' Strong Bad and in highschool, his head seems to get more oval-shaped as he grows older.
  • When he is sleeping, he mumbles names of famous SNES games, such as Super Contra or Chrono Trigger.
  • Strong Bad's head moves around when he is speaking a lot more when he is facing away from the camera. This is true even when he thinks he is facing the camera.
  • Strong Bad has the highest complete filmography of all the characters on the website, appearing in 307 toons.


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