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137. [[bedtime story]]<br>
136.  [[geddup noise]]<br>
136.  [[geddup noise]]<br>
135. [[]]<br>
135. [[]]<br>

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Strong Bad checks his email.

Strong Bad's emails are the most frequently updated feature of the Homestar Runner website. They were originally a small feature introduced in 2001, in which Strong Bad would mock the spelling and grammar of those who wrote to him. Although the animations were initially brief, the responses gradually grew to establish numerous catchphrases, inside jokes, and running gags, as well as spin-offs like Trogdor, 20X6, Teen Girl Squad, and even the main character Homsar. A typical Strong Bad Email will also include numerous Easter eggs and other hidden material.


Strong Bad Emails

137. bedtime story
136. geddup noise
134. record book
133. bottom 10
132. modeling
131. boring (really)
130. do over
129. garage sale
128. rampage
127. long pants
126. best thing
125. rock opera
124. secret recipes
123. origins
122. dreamail
121. part-time job
120. radio
119. animal
118. virus
117. montage
116. extra plug
115. time capsule
114. the facts
113. pizzaz
112. old comics
111. other days
110. for kids
109. crying
108. pom pom
107. cheatday
106. dangeresque 3
105. replacement
104. theme park
103. haircut

102. lunch special
101. car
100. flashback
99. different town
98. stupid stuff
97. monument
96. lackey
95. the bet
94. video games
93. army
92. kind of cool
91. caffeine
90. colonization
89. local news
88. couch patch
87. mile
86. no loafing
85. 2 years
84. kids' book
83. labor day
82. impression
81. date
80. stunt double
79. the process
78. anything
77. suntan
76. sibbie
75. funny
74. privileges
73. mascot
72. crazy cartoon
71. 2 emails
70. big white face
69. personal favorites

68. caper
67. autobiography
66. the show
65. unused emails
64. english paper
63. fingers
62. interview
61. monster truck
60. huttah!
59. marzipan
58. dragon
57. japanese cartoon
56. current status
55. cheat talk
54. morning routine
53. comic
52. island
51. website
50. 50 emails
49. theme party
48. ghosts
47. new hands
46. your friends
45. techno
44. lures & jigs
43. little questions
42. action figure
41. invisibility
40. vacation
39. property of ones
38. helium
37. dullard
36. guitar
35. sisters

34. weird dream
33. gimmicks
32. flag day
31. sugarbob
30. 12:00
29. superhero name
28. 1 step ahead
27. 3 Wishes
26. CGNU
25. super powers
24. the bird
23. little animal
22. sb_email 22
21. cartoon
20. spring cleaning
19. tape-leg
18. stand-up
17. studying
16. band names
15. the basics
14. duck pond
13. i she be
12. credit card
11. i rule
10. trevor the vampire
9. i love you
8. brianrietta
7. halloweener
6. depressio
5. making out
4. homestar hair
3. butt IQ
2. homsar
1. some kinda robot

DVD Emails

The following emails only appear on the strongbad_email.exe DVD set.

Not Quite Strong Bad Emails

The following shorts were originally associated in one way or another with the Strong Bad Emails. They are numbered by halves to show where they appeared chronologically in the list above. Numbers 99½B and 118½ are not linked to from anywhere on the site.

  • 136½. Sick Day (A failed attempt at an email due to sickness striking the entire cast.)
  • 127½. PAY PLUS! ("The Email Show" is one of the pay-per-view features.)
  • 118½. Strong Bad Email? (Broken Compy Menu.)
  • 99½B. Not the 100th Email!!! (Secret URL address for anyone who wanted a peek at Email 100 before it was released.)
  • 99½A. Puppet Time (A message was taped onto Puppet Compy's screen that read "Probably at a barbecue, from SB")
  • 68½. Lookin at a Thing in a Bag (A message was taped onto the Compy in the email menu that read "Looking at a thing in a bag" when the cartoon was released.)
  • 66½. Arcade Game (Homestar Runner reads Strong Bad's note he left on the Compy 386.)
  • 59½. Superbowl Dealie (The Paper reads "Due to the big game, the Strong Bad Email will be a little late this week.")
  • 41½. King of Town Email (The King of Town tries to answer an email on his recently bought (but broken) Tandy 400.)
  • 36½. Toons Menu (Placing the mouse over Strong Bad Email will bring up a short, soundless email from Stu.)

Strong Bad Email Menus

Fun Facts


  • Some time during mid-2003, "updated mondays" on the main Strong Bad Email Menu changed to "updated somedays."
  • On the Compy 386 menus, Strong Bad types "dir /p", a DOS command used to list all the files in a directory, and to pause between each screen's worth of files.
  • Not including Not Quite Strong Bad Emails, Strong Bad has checked 163 emails as of geddup noise.
  • Email #22, "sb_email 22" was actually made between emails 40 and 41. It was originally skipped and later made and released under the title 'the lost email' right before Strong Bad replaced his computer with the Compy 386.
  • Back in the Tandy 400 era, e-mailing Strong Bad used to result in this automated response:
Thanks for your freakin email. I hope it's not stupid.
Once I finish these swiss cake rolls I'll read it and if it's awesome enough,
I'll answer it on the site.
But if your email is terrible, then it gets R.E.D. alright.
The Cheat Reads it, Strong Mad Eats it, and I Deletes it.
Click Here to see us in action!
Check back every Monday to see if your email has what it takes.
Watch me while I'm awesome,
Strong Bad

The link in the automated response leads to the Email Processing Room.

  • After random.bat was implemented, the email list comes from the rando.xml file. Before this, it was included in the flash file.
  • Occasionally, Strong Bad takes a while to answer an email from one week to the next. This is recognized at the start of the segment. Examples of this are army and geddup noise.

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