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Strong Bad checks his email.

Strong Bad's emails are the most frequently updated feature of the Homestar Runner website. They were originally a small feature introduced in 2001, in which Strong Bad would mock the spelling and grammar of those who wrote to him. Although the animations were initially brief, the responses gradually grew to establish numerous catchphrases and running gags, as well as spin-offs like Trogdor, 20X6, Teen Girl Squad, and even the main character Homsar. A typical Strong Bad Email will also include numerous Easter eggs and other hidden material.


Strong Bad Email Menus

Fun Facts


  • Some time during mid-2003, "updated mondays" on the main Strong Bad Email Menu changed to "updated somedays."
  • On the Compy 386 menus, Strong Bad types "dir /p", a DOS command used to list all the files in a directory, and to pause between each screen's worth of files.
  • Not including Not Quite Strong Bad Emails, Strong Bad has checked 164 emails as of geddup noise.
  • Email #22, "sb_email 22" was actually made between emails 40 and 41. It was originally skipped and later made and released under the title 'the lost email' right before Strong Bad replaced his computer with the Compy 386.
  • Back in the Tandy 400 era, e-mailing Strong Bad used to result in this automated response:
Thanks for your freakin email. I hope it's not stupid.
Once I finish these swiss cake rolls I'll read it and if it's awesome enough,
I'll answer it on the site.
But if your email is terrible, then it gets R.E.D. alright.
The Cheat Reads it, Strong Mad Eats it, and I Deletes it.
Click Here to see us in action!
Check back every Monday to see if your email has what it takes.
Watch me while I'm awesome,
Strong Bad

The link in the automated response leads to the Email Processing Room.

  • After Random Toon was implemented, the email list comes from the rando.xml file. Before this, the it was included in the flash file.

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