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Strong Bad checks his email.

Strong Bad's emails are the most updated feature of the Homestar Runner website. Most of the inside jokes on the website (e.g., the Floppy Disk Container) come from here. A few characters were even created here.

pom pom



Fun Facts

  • On the menu screen, Strong Bad types "strongbad_email.exe" to access the list of all e-mails. Yet within individual e-mails, Strong Bad types "strongbad_email.exe" to access this week's specific e-mail. It's unusual for a computer program to do such different things different times that it is run!
  • Some time during mid-2003, "updated mondays" on the main Strong Bad Email Menu changed to "updated somedays."
  • On the Compy 386 menus, Strong Bad types "dir /p", an old DOS command used to list all the files in a directory, and to pause between each screen's worth of files.

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