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A list of emails seen on the website and DVD, arranged by closing (i.e., Sincerely, Yours Truly, etc.). NOTE: This article does not include emails signed "Crapfully Yours" or any variations thereof; those emails can be found on their own article, listed below.



"Thank you"

"Your (type of person)"

"-(Name of Sender)"

Other (Strong Bad reads what's written)

Other (Strong Bad makes up his own closing)

  • sb_email 22 - "Cheers," (one of the possible signatures Strong Bad thought of instead of the one actually used)
  • sb_email 22 - "Cheerio," (another possible signature Strong Bad thought of)
  • sb_email 22 - "Nevermind the bullocks," (yet another possible signature)
  • lunch special - "Keep on tranglin,"
  • long pants - "Some ants toot"
  • do over - "Totally not gettin' old," (Strong Bad says this instead of the written closing, "Crapfully yours,")
  • boring (really) - "With lots of groan," (Strong Bad says this instead of the written closing, "With lots of crap,")
  • space program - "Good jokes," (Strong Bad says this instead of the written closing, "Doo doo crap,")
  • your edge - "Yours, etc" (Strong Bad says "Yours, His, Hers, Mine, Ours")


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