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"You are now fully prepared to enjoy your game in total, unplayable safety."

Strong Bad gives safety tips for his Gameways.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Strong Sad

Places: White Vastness, Strong Bad's Basement

Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Running Time: 1:53



{Music begins and text fades in from a white background: "And now an important safety announcement". Strong Bad walks forward in a flight attendant's uniform.}

STRONG BAD: Hello. And welcome to Strong Bad Gameways. Thank you for playing with us today. Please take a moment to familiarize your bad self with the following safety precautions.

{The text "Safety Precautions" appears next to Strong Bad in dripping blue letters. Fade to a closeup of a Wii remote.}

STRONG BAD: Due to the possibility of in-game wiggle and waggle, it is recommended that you play your game in a large, open space, free of debris, rubble, and flotsam and Jetsons.

{Arrows and text appear during the above monologue to demonstrate "Wiggle" and "Waggle". A watercolor picture of a man swinging a Wii remote appears to demonstrate a "large, open space". Sketches of a vase of flowers, a flaming military jeep, a message in a bottle, and a cross-eyed George Jetson appear to demonstrate "debris", "rubble", "flotsam", and "Jetsons", respectively.}

STRONG BAD: Ideal play spaces include: gymnasiums, abandoned airplane hangars, deserts, and fruitèd plains.

{The man swinging a remote appears in the above environments on each verbal cue.}

{Cut to a sketch of a room with an open window and a Wii remote on a table.}

STRONG BAD: If you are seated in a window seat, pleased be advised that the Baba Jaga may show up to steal your firstborn baby.

{The Baba Jaga appears carrying a sack with a baby on the verbal cue.}

{Cut to Strong Sad, wearing an inflatable vest and holding a Wii remote.}

STRONG BAD: Lastly, your game controller is equipped with a safety cover that can double as a flotation device. {closeup of Wii remote} Simply pull on the cord, and the device will inflate.

{Strong Sad pulls on a tab on the bottom of the remote, and the Wii jacket inflates.}


STRONG BAD: But we're not quite safe enough yet. {cut to Strong Bad} At this time, you may want to inflate your own safety vest to prevent anything from ever happening.

{Cut to Strong Sad. He pulls the cord to inflate his vest and it engulfs him.}


{Cut back to Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: On behalf of our awesome-based crew, thank you for playing with us. You are now fully prepared to enjoy your game in total unplayable safety.

{Closeup of the "Strong Bad Gameways" logo, a golden The Cheat with wings. Music fades.}

{Cut to Strong Sad and Strong Bad trapped in inflated vests in their basement. Their Wii remotes are on the floor, protected in inflated jackets.

STRONG SAD: I think my contents may have shifted!

STRONG BAD: Oh, man. This is the best game I've never played!

{Cut to a closeup of the game on the TV. In the game, a 3D Strong Bad sprite is standing at The Stick and looking around. The score is -1000 and the text "Actual Gameplay Footage" flashes over the screen. A Wii remote appears onscreen with the flashing text "Do something!" The Strong Bad sprite scratches himself and shrugs, and the text "Nevermind." appears next to the Wii remote. The Strong Bad sprite hangs his head and walks away, and the text "Game Over" fills the screen.}

Fun Facts


  • Baba Jaga is a witch appearing in Slavic folklore.
  • The phrase flotsam and jetsam describes discarded odds and ends or any objects found floating or washed ashore.
  • This safety demonstration partially resembles those done prior to the takeoff of an airplane.


  • The YouTube address hash for this video was given in an Easter egg in shapeshifter.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • George Jetson is the father on the animated series The Jetsons.
  • Among many other references to the Nintendo Wii and its ubiquitous safety warnings, the picture of a man swinging a remote is a direct sketch of an actual Wii warning screen.
  • The scene with a remote on a table near an open window is modeled after the screen in Wii Sports that instructs players how to pause the game.
  • The mention of "fruitèd plains", as well as the red-white-and-blue-striped clouds in the scene, is a reference to the song "America the Beautiful".

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