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Especially in the early years of Homestar Runner, Strong Bad's mouth has been most often seen to be in a slight frown, usually in a rectangular or round (when he talks) shape. His mouth was curved in such a way as to suggest he is often upset. However, there have also been plenty of times when he has smiled, an effect created by slightly distorting the upper part of Strong Bad's rectangular mouth, turning his expression into an unmistakable smile. While some of these smiles were in reaction to or anticipation of his usual misdeeds, he has also found other reasons to smile. As Strong Bad became a more prominent character over the years, the rate at which he would smile noticeably increased. Although crude drawings of Strong Bad may have their own variations of this frequent phenomenon, the real Strong Bad has, and, most likely, always will have the same, bizarre, distorted rectangle of a smile.



Evil Smiles

  • A Jorb Well Done — Strong Bad smiles while trying to get Coach Z to say the word "job", then bursts out laughing as he, Strong Mad and The Cheat ridicule the coach for not being able to say the word.
  • The House That Gave Sucky Treats — If the steak is chosen as Marzipan's treat, Strong Bad appears and grins as he sneaks a few more steaks into her bag.
  • Email origins — Lil' Strong Bad smiles after he gets a drill for his birthday (which he uses on Strong Sad, resulting in his belly button).
  • TrogdorCon '97 — Strong Bad smiles while calling Strong Sad a butt for claiming that it was 2005, not 1997. He also smiles when he and The Cheat go over to the authorized Godzilla reseller's booth and attack the reseller with pea soup.
  • Email candy product — During the commercial for SBLOUNSKCHED!, Strong Bad is smiling.
  • Email the chairLil' Strong Bad smiles and laughs after setting a house on fire.
  • Email unnatural — While spinning in the toilet, Strong Bad smiles.
  • Date Nite — Strong Bad smiles when considering drowning The Cheat and Marzipan.
  • DNA Evidence — While thinking about conducting genetic experiments on The Cheat, Strong Bad smiles.
  • Email hygiene — Strong Bad smiles almost constantly while playing Gene in a hygiene video.
  • Email diorama — While he is making a dinosaur attack the signers of The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Strong Bad smiles.
  • Email environment — Strong Bad smiles as he attempts to drop a piano on Strong Sad and Marzipan.
  • Somber Vacation — Strong Bad laughs at Strong Sad's moonburn.
  • Email your edge — Strong Bad smiles while spreading mayonnaise, and also while vacuuming it up. The cover of Have Edge Times magazine also shows him smiling.
  • Email email thunder — Strong Bad smiles while destroying Homestar's laptop with Mountain Dew.
  • A Death-Defying Decemberween — Strong Bad smiles when he learns that Homestar is forced to spend Decemberween with Marzipan's parents.
  • Donut Unto Others — Strong Bad smiles when he kicks over Homestar's donut stand.

Other Appearances

  • The Secrets That I KeepLil' Strong Bad smiles for the camera as does young Strong Sad.
  • Halloween Awards Show — While Strong Bad is behind the podium thanking The Cheat and Bubs, he smiles.
  • Email stand-up — Lil' Strong Bad grins nervously while doing stand-up comedy (with disastrous results).
  • Email suntan — Strong Bad grins at Marzipan after drawing abs on his stomach.
  • New BootsPowered by The Cheat Strong Bad smiles after he asks The Cheat where he got his boots. He also smiles after bringing The Cheat his favorite food.
  • Email for kids — Strong Bad is seen smiling into the camera on his TV show.
  • Email no loafing — In the picture showing Strong Bad with the No Loafing Sign, Strong Bad is smiling.
  • Email montage — During his date with the Wagon Fulla Pancakes, Strong Bad is smiling.
  • A sketchbook item pictured an extremely happy and smiling "Wrestleman" version of Strong Bad.
  • Email radio — The Strong Bad head wearing a fake arrow on the The AM Morning "Crude" Crew poster has a big grin on his face.
  • Email part-time job — Strong Bad creates a drawing of a muscular version of himself grinning while saying, "Yeah buddy, I have muscles!"
  • Email best thing — Strong Bad smiles and laughs while watching Limozeen: "but they're in space!".
  • Email rampage — Strong Bad smiles and laughs with Coach Z when they joke about Strong Sad being a "master of ceremonies".
  • Senorial Day — While trying to play football with Senor Cardgage, Strong Bad smiles.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 9 — Strong Bad smiles while riding on the hood of the Learner's Permit Girl's car to Babbage's.
  • Email modeling — While posing for magazine photos, Strong Bad smiles.
  • Email Family Resemblence — In the Birds Of A Feather postcard, Strong Bad smiles.
  • Grumblecakes (video) — Powered by The Cheat Strong Bad smiles at the end of the video.
  • Email record book — In a photograph accompanying Lil' Strong Bad's record for Dirtiest Diapey, he is smiling.
  • Another sketchbook item pictured an extremely happy and smiling "Dreamaway Johnny" version of Strong Bad.
  • Email geddup noise — As he introduces one of the many Geddup Noise knockoffs: "The Git Outcha Seat Sound", Strong Bad smiles.
  • Email narrator — While narrating other people's lives, Strong Bad smiles.
  • Email alternate universe — Strong Bad smiles after asking other Strong Bads to do a song. He also smiles after saying hello to Senor Cardgage's tacklebox.
  • Email isp — When Strong Bad and Bubs see Strong Mad talking in a high-pitch voice, Strong Bad grins as they all laugh psychotically.
  • Email redesign — Strong Bad grins at the camera after showing off his redesigned No Loafing Sign, and also when showing off his redesigned wall.
  • Email theme song — During the Strong Bad Email Show theme song (both beginning credits and end credits), Strong Bad is smiling.
  • Email trading cards — Strong Bad is drawn smiling on a sticky note.
  • Email 4 branches — Strong Bad is happy to know that there are free bagels at the water cooler.
  • Email looking old — After getting a "lace lift", Strong Bad's stretched face makes him look like he's smiling.
  • Space Program Alternate Take — While listening to sound of squeaky water pump from the sound effects CD, Strong Bad smiles.
  • Email concert — Strong Bad smiles while telling Homestar Runner about sloshy.
  • Jibblies 2 — To stay in character as Beetlejuice, Strong Bad smiles throughout most of the toon.
  • Email pet show — Strong Bad smiles to make a good impression for the judging of The Cheat.
  • Email licensed — Drawings of Strong Bad smiling are seen on the walls of Papa Cardgage's Puddin' Patch and the case of Jungle Animals in Decidedly Non-Jungle Situations".
  • Blubb-O's Commercial — Strong Bad smiles while laughing after agreeing to "relinquish [his] pipes."
  • Email rated — He smiles when he talks to Senor Cardgage about pretending to be in his sixties when he takes his "children" Bubs and Coach Z to the movies.
  • The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw — Strong Bad smiles as he offers to read The Strong Sad Wets Yonder Bed.
  • Somber Vacation — Strong Bad smiles as he, Bubs, and Homestar laugh at Strong Sad's moon burn.
  • Behind the Bad Chapter 1: The New Hire — Strong Bad smiles while entering his office.
  • Email being mean — Strong Bad smiles while trying to be nice to Homestar.
  • Email email thunder — Strong Bad is delighted to see The Paper return.
  • Most in the Graveyard — Strong Bad's fake mouth in his costume of the planet from the cover of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has an open smiling grin on it.
  • A Death-Defying Decemberween — Strong Bad smiles when serving the characters hot chocolate. He also smiles about Homestar's idea about injuring himself to avoid seeing relatives.
  • Career Day — Strong Bad smiles when entering the school to talk about his career, his character on the film smiles for a large duration of it, and also at the end, when laughing with everyone else about him making "bafroom in his pants".
  • Kick-A-Ball — Strong Bad smiles when he hears that Homestar cheated, and lost (almost).
  • Sbemails' 50 Greatest Hits DVD — Strong Bad smiles on the cover.
  • Where U Goin' 2? — PBTC Strong Bad smiles while dancing.
  • 79 Seconds Left — Strong Bad smiles when he pours water on his knee.
  • Hremail 3184 — Strong Bad can be seen smiling when Senor Cardgage first shows up in his house.

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