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Especially in the early years of Homestar Runner, Strong Bad's mouth has been most often seen to be in a slight frown, usually in a rectangular (or round, when he makes an "O" sound) shape. His mouth was curved in such a way as to suggest he is often upset. However, there have also been plenty of times when he has smiled, an effect created by slightly distorting the upper part of Strong Bad's rectangular mouth, turning his expression into an unmistakable smile. While some of these smiles were in reaction to or anticipation of his usual misdeeds, he has also found other reasons to smile. As Strong Bad became a more prominent character over the years, the rate at which he would smile noticeably increased. Although crude drawings of Strong Bad may have their own variations of this phenomenon, the real Strong Bad has, and, most likely, always will have the same, bizarre, distorted rectangle of a smile.

Smiling became a more-or-less common and normal part of Strong Bad's character around 2006. Only selected instances of smiling since then are listed.


[edit] Selected Appearances

[edit] Evil Smiles

  • A Jorb Well Done — Strong Bad smiles while trying to get Coach Z to say the word "job", then bursts out laughing as he, Strong Mad and The Cheat ridicule the coach for not being able to say the word.
    • Ironically, although this is the first time Strong Bad smiles, he smiles for the entirety of his appearance in this toon.
  • The House That Gave Sucky Treats — If the steak is chosen as Marzipan's treat, Strong Bad appears and grins as he sneaks a few more steaks into her bag.
  • Email origins — Lil' Strong Bad smiles after he gets a drill for his birthday (which he presumably uses on Strong Sad, resulting in his belly button).
  • Grumblecakes (video) — Strong Bad smiles rather disturbingly at the end of the video.
  • TrogdorCon '97 — Strong Bad smiles while calling Strong Sad a butt for claiming that it was 2005, not 1997. He also smiles when he and The Cheat go over to the authorized Godzilla reseller's booth and attack the reseller with pea soup.
  • Date Nite — After Strong Bad says "drowning them", he smiles slightly.
  • Email environment — Strong Bad smiles when he introduces Marzipan and Strong Sad to his 65 mile-per-gallon hybrid piano.
  • Email being mean — Strong Bad smiles during the entire scene while he is knocking over Homestar's really tall ice cream cone.
  • Donut Unto Others — Strong Bad smiles, and laughs, after he slaps a note on the side of Homestar's Do-Nots shop, causing it to fall over.
  • Email videography — Strong Bad smiles while explaining his other quotation mark professions.
  • Email sbemail 206 — Strong Bad smiles as he plays April Fools' Day pranks on most of the main characters.
  • Record Store Day — Strong Bad smiles and laughs after he shatters Strong Sad's sloshy record.
  • Fan Costumes 2016 — The podcast covers portray Strong Bad smiling. He also smiles after he matches proportions with a fan.

[edit] Notable Other Appearances

[edit] Screenshots of Strong Bad Smiling

[edit] Statistics of Strong Bad Smiling

Year Number of Toons in which Strong Bad appeared onscreen Number of Toons in which Strong Bad smiled Percentage of Toons in which Strong Bad smiled
2000 9 0 0%
2001 15 2 13%
2002 56 2 3.6%
2003 43 2 5%
2004 37 4 10.8%
2005 38 10 26.3%
2006 32 9 28.1%
2007 32 8 25%
2008 30 14 46.7%
2009 23 7 30.4%
2010 3 0 0%
2011 1 0 0%
2012 0 0 0%
2013 1 0 0%
2014 3 3 100%
2015 6 3 50%
2016 4 1 25%
2017 5 1 20%
2018 4 2 50%
2019 1 0 0%
Total 343 68 19.8%

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