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Upwards of fourteen phrases!
"Talkin' Strong Bad" redirects here. For the Puppet Stuff toon, see Talkin' Strong Bad Plush Doll Commercial.

The Strong Bad Talking Plush (also known as Talkin' Strong Bad) is a plush doll of Strong Bad from Fangamer and Cheap as Free Toys. It alternates between fifteen different phrases when the blue diamond on his head is pressed.

A partnership with video game merchandise company Fangamer was first teased by the @StrongBadActual Twitter account on November 13, 2020. The plush doll was made available (among other merchandise) on the 25th of that month. The Talkin' Strong Bad Plush Doll Commercial was released the same day to announce the product.


Store Description

The Fangamer store description reads:

Oh man, Kyle. My talking plush would have it all. First of all, it'd look exactly like me, you know, in terms of his physique, and the relative size of his head to his body—it'd be exactly the same... then I'd be able to shoot sparks from my mouth... and when you push down on my head, there'd be Double Deuce Action!

This official Homestar Runner plush was designed by Nina Matsumoto with a ton of great features:

  • 11 inches tall when standing
  • Fully posable
  • Speaks 15 voice clips!
  • Does not shoot sparks from its mouth
  • No double deuce action

Do not display in direct sunlight; prolonged exposure could dry out and crack the faux leather. Do not pour motor oil or grapefruit juice or any other kind of junk into the hole beneath Strong Bad's head.


**actual doll does not throw tantrum

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