Strong Bad and Senor Cardgage's Relationship

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"My life is complete."

Strong Bad and Senor Cardgage have an interesting relationship. Strong Bad seems to love Senor Cardgage, but Senor Cardgage barely seems to know Strong Bad exists. Often times, Senor Cardgage subtly attempts to remove Strong Bad from his presence. Only rarely has Strong Bad expressed negative feelings towards Senor Cardgage.


Strong Bad idolizing Senor Cardgage

  • Email kind of cool — Strong Bad hangs around Senor Cardgage and calls him super cool.
  • Email flashback — Strong Bad again describes Senor Cardgage as cool.
  • Senorial Day — Strong Bad asks for Senor Cardgage's autograph and is excited to catch a football from him.
  • Email alternate universe — Strong Bad calls his life "complete" after being teleported into a fishing boat with Senor Cardgage.
  • Email the movies — Strong Bad aspires to someday work in a movie theatre like Senor Cardgage does.
  • Email concert — Strong Bad is extremely eager to help Senor Cardgage buy his "intregway".
  • Email licensed — Strong Bad says that if he had kids, he'd leave them at Papa Cardgage's Puddin' Patch every morning.
  • Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective — Despite Coach Z's protests, Strong Bad decides that Senor Cardgage would make a perfect Dadgeresque. Strong Bad doesn't even give him a script, proclaiming him a "natural".
  • Email hremail 3184 — Strong Bad is excited to see Senor Cardgage.
  • A Decemberween Mackerel — Strong Bad saves Senor Cardgage's life. It's also noteworthy that the phrase "Everybody knows" is used when describing how to save Cardgage, implying this isn't the first time Strong Bad has saved Senor Cardgage's life. Further, Strong Bad lumps on a dish of bean sprouts at Senor Cardgage's request, despite having no idea what it would accomplish.

Senor Cardgage being nice to Strong Bad

  • Email kind of cool — Senor Cardgage offers Strong Bad a "slice of gum".
  • Email flashback — Senor Cardgage seems to make an attempt to congratulate Strong Bad on his 100th email.
  • Senorial Day — Senor Cardgage signs Strong Bad's football.
  • Email alternate universe — To Strong Bad's delight, Senor Cardgage shows him his "tackle box" and offers to adopt him.

Senor Cardgage being rude to Strong Bad

  • In all of his appearances, Senor Cardgage has never actually referred to Strong Bad (or anybody, for that matter) by his real name.
  • Email kind of cool — Senor Cardgage dismisses the idea of ever seeing Strong Bad again and promptly walks away.
  • Senorial Day — Senor Cardgage neglects to throw Strong Bad's football back to Strong Bad twice, and walks away with it.
  • Email concert — Senor Cardgage quickly exits on his "intregway" as soon as he sees Strong Bad.
  • Email hremail 3184 — Senor Cardgage flatly refuses to help Strong Bad "come out of e-tirement". He also steals Strong Bad's steak sandwich, but Strong Bad doesn't seem to mind.

Strong Bad disliking Senor Cardgage

  • Senorial Day — Strong Bad seems mildly annoyed that Senor Cardgage hasn't returned his football.
  • Email hremail 3184 — Strong Bad is "quite scared" as Senor Cardgage walks in place to the sounds of traffic.
  • A Decemberween Mackerel — Strong Bad implies that Senor Cardgage was either lying or simply incoherent as usual when he claimed to Marzipan that he was "dying."
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