Strong Bad and Strong Mad's Relationship

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Strong Bad and Strong Mad's relationship is a mix of several feelings. More often than not, they work together as a team or just get along. But there are the occasional exceptions; sometimes Strong Bad hurts Strong Mad (or vice-versa), both emotionally and physically.


Strong Bad and Strong Mad getting along

  • Email guitar — While describing how he plays hott lixx on a guitar, Strong Bad imagines a band scene in which he plays lead guitar and Strong Mad plays the bass and The Cheat the keyboard.
  • Arcade Game — While playing the TROGDOR! game, Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat sing along to the Trogdor song.
  • Email caper — Strong Mad (along with Strong Sad) provides backing claps for Strong Bad's The Cheat Is Not Dead song.
  • Biz Cas Fri 3 — After his computer explodes, Strong Bad feverishly sweeps a few ashes from his computer into an envelope, thinking that the ashes are pieces of his computer that can be salvaged, including his buddy list, of which Strong Mad is a part.

Strong Bad and Strong Mad not getting along

  • Email little animal — Strong Mad furiously confronts Strong Bad after the latter had kicked The Cheat. When he realizes this, Strong Bad nervously tries to cover it up and then quickly takes it all back by kicking Strong Mad in the knee, after which Strong Mad chases Strong Bad around the room.
  • Email invisibility — While invisible, Strong Bad can't convince Strong Mad that he is sitting in the spot on the couch where Strong Mad wants to sit. Strong Mad gets angry and sits on Strong Bad.
  • Email your friends — Strong Bad kicks Strong Mad in the knee.
  • Email do over — While trying to figure out how to redo "little animal", Strong Bad sees Homestar dressed up as The Cheat. When he catches him bashing Homestar on the head with the computer keyboard, Strong Mad accuses Strong Bad of hurting The Cheat. Strong Bad tries to explain that that's Homestar in disguise, but Homestar explains otherwise, after which Strong Mad grabs Strong Bad by the leg and holds him upside-down and shakes him, causing coins to fall out.
  • Email looking old — Strong Bad says to Strong Mad, as well as Bubs, The Cheat, and Marzipan, "These are all terrible ideas. What do you think I'm not payin' ya for?"

Strong Bad and Strong Mad working together

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