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"I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!"

Strong Bad's relationship with Strong Sad usually consists of Strong Bad hurting or making fun of Strong Sad, though not all the time. It appears that Strong Bad is at least partly responsible for Strong Sad's depression; Strong Sad writes that in Strong Bad's absence, "I feel... cooler, and... less like I suck so bad."


Strong Bad Bullying Strong Sad

Photos of Strong Bad Bullying Strong Sad

Strong Sad's Revenge

These are times when Strong Sad has either proved Strong Bad wrong or made fun of him, much to Strong Bad's disdain.

  • Email stand-up: Shows the viewer Strong Bad's failed comedic act.
  • Email gimmicks: Tells him that a computer like his could be bought in a garage sale for 15 dollars.
  • Email morning routine: Interrupts his response to Mike's email several times.
  • Email marzipan: Does not fall for his "vinegar toast" prank.
  • Email 2 emails: Fools him to believe that "About a million ladies called... and said they'd be a few minutes late".
  • Email labor day: With Strong Bad's absence, Strong Sad jokes that maybe his invitation got "da-leet-ed".
  • Email couch patch: Reveals that Lil' Strong Bad believed Carl Lewis was a woman. And that she was hot.
  • Email colonization: "Hassles" Strong Bad about his use of ketchup as a topping on eggs.
  • Email army: Joined the Homestarmy, which rallies against the "two-bit wrestleman and his yellow dog".
  • Email different town: Confuses him and calls him a weirdo.
  • Email extra plug: Shushes Strong Bad for disrupting him watching a picture of Andy Griffith's head taped to a TV.
  • Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon: While Strong Bad is in jail, Strong Sad turned the e-mail room into his tai chi space; later, he sells out Strong Bad out to Homestar and Pom Pom.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 10: Catches Strong Bad trying to make out with a drawing of the made-over The Ugly One.
  • Email looking old: Acts as if Strong Bad is his great-grandmother after reciving a "lace lift" in an attempt to look young and eventually takes him back to "the home".
  • Email rough copy: Repeatedly throws snowballs (which he had been storing in the freezer since he was eight) at him.

Strong Bad and Strong Sad Getting Along

Rarely, Strong Bad and Strong Sad will be seen to get along in some way. This is usually one sided on Strong Sad's part.

  • The Secrets That I Keep: Strong Bad and Strong Sad are seen getting along in a photo and a short movie.
  • Email gimmicks: After Strong Bad was blown through a wall when his computer exploded, Strong Sad asks him if he is okay.
  • Strong Sad's Lament: Strong Sad tried to teach Strong Bad how to whistle.
  • Decemberween Email Menu: Strong Bad and Strong Sad pose for a picture with Strong Mad and The Cheat.
  • Email caper: Strong Sad provides backing claps for The Cheat is Not Dead song; Strong Bad expresses surprise that he has rhythm.
  • Email different town: Strong Sad doesn't mind getting Strong Bad a bust of Bubo from the Clash of the Titans convention.
  • Email other days: Strong Sad attempts to wake Strong Bad up so they can go to swim practice.
  • Halloween Fairstival: Strong Bad asks Strong Sad for help with curing The Cheat's hiccups, Strong Sad gives him some advice.
  • Email modeling: They have a civil conversation.
  • Email extra plug: Strong Sad helps Strong Bad with his unplugged email
  • Sbemail 150?!?: Strong Sad offers to help Strong Bad with his 150th email.
  • Email alternate universe: Strong Sad helps Strong Bad with his email song. Afterwards, Strong Bad thanks him.


  • Matt Chapman has said that Strong Bad and Strong Sad's relationship is very loosely based on the relationship between himself and Mike, apparently from when they were kids. [1]

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