Strong Bad and his Computers' Relationships

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(With the Lappy 486)
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[[Category:Character Relationships]]
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"It's my crappier and crappiest computers!"

Strong Bad generally has a loving relationship toward his computers, treating them like family (well, maybe not his family). He is usually unwilling to replace them, even after they have been seriously damaged. There have, however, been instances where internal malfunctions and other problems have caused Strong Bad to get angry with his computers.


With the Tandy 400

  • Email gimmicks — Strong Bad is unwilling to replace his Tandy, even after it had just exploded.
  • Email sisters — Strong Bad says he hates his computer after it deletes his email from Ali and Ali's sister.
  • Email invisibility — Strong Bad finally gets rid of the Tandy 400 and replaces it with Compy 386.
  • Email ghosts — The Tandy comes back as a ghost to haunt Strong Bad as payback for getting thrown away.
  • Email retirement — The Tandy and the Compy kidnap Strong Bad's Lappy. In exchange for the Lappy, Strong Bad checks one final email on the Tandy. Afterward, he blows up the Tandy by filling it with Mountain Dew and Oh No You Dent! Denture Tablets.

With the Compy 386

  • Email virus — Strong Bad mourns the loss of his Compy.
  • Email retirement — The Compy and the Tandy kidnap Strong Bad's Lappy. In exchange for the Lappy, Strong Bad checks one final email on the Compy. Afterward, he allows the Compy to be swallowed by Strong Mad.

With the Lappy 486

  • Email animal — Strong Bad is very excited upon the arrival of his new computer.
  • Email hremail3184 — Strong Bad deliberately blows up the Lappy.

With the Compé

  • Compy Catalog — Strong Bad chooses the Compé after looking at several computers. He claims to love the 'European-sounding flair with southeast Asian-sounding prices' and pays his weight in pennies to buy it.
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