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Bad Guy Tattoo

The Brothers Chaps go back to their roots with Mario Paint. Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat talk about tattoos.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Mad, Strong Bad, The Cheat, Marshie, Trogdor, Homestar Runner

Places: The Field, Strongbadia

Date: October 17, 2005

Running Time: 1:44



{Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat are in a field.}


STRONG BAD: A glowy box? Are you sure that's what you'd get for your tattoo?


THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: I'd want mine to look like a prison tattoo that you carved out yourself with a spoon and some soap.

{Cut to a muscled arm.}

STRONG BAD: There'd be a rocket launcher, of course,—

{A rocket launcher appears on the arm.}

STRONG BAD: —and above that it'd just say, "Bad Guy."

{The words "BAD GUY" are written in yellow above the rocket launcher. Music begins. A silhouetted Strong Bad shakes his head back and forth in front of an orange background with yellow polka dots. Cut to a road sign that says, "now entering BAD GUY". The words "BAD GUY" pop out of the sign. Cut to Strong Bad dancing with a background of yellow and green stripes.}

SINGERS: Strong Bad is a bad guy, bad guy, bad guy.

{Strong Bad, in Strongbadia, beats a muffler with a baseball bat. Cut to a scene with Cold One bottles and a bowl of peanuts. Strong Bad spins around on top of the scene.}

SINGERS: Strong Bad is a bad guy, bad guy, bad guy.

{Strong Bad dances in front of a gray background with the words "BAD GUY".}

SINGERS: Strong Bad is a bad, bad man.

{A black background with Strong Bad's head poking up and his gloves poking down. The words "Bad guy" flash in purple and green neon.}

SINGERS: Strong Bad hates Marzipan.

{Strong Bad spray paints a poster with Marzipan that says, "vote whales".}

SINGERS: Strong Bad's got a master plan,

{Strong Bad spins upside down in front of the peanuts and bottles. Cut to a blueprint with a van and a dancing Strong Bad that reads, "MASTER PLAN".}

SINGERS: To buy a custom conversion van!

{A van drives toward the screen. The word "Vantastic" appears.}

SINGERS: Strong Bad is a bad guy, bad guy, bad guy.

{Strong Bad beats the muffler with a baseball bat. Cut to a rocket launcher, which shoots a rocket at the screen. When the rocket "hits," the explosion says "DOOj."}

SINGERS: Strong Bad is a bad guy, bad guy, bad guy.

{Marshie flies around in an orange and yellow background}

SINGERS: Marshie is a bad guy, bad guy, bad guy.

{Trogdor walks by, burninating.}

SINGERS: Trogdor is a bad, bad guy.

{Cut back to the Field. Music ends. Homestar walks in.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, guys, whatcha ticking bot?

STRONG BAD: We're talking about something cool and interesting. You wouldn't understand.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, tattoos, huh? I'd get one on my forearm {the bulging arm reappears, and tattoos appear on it as Homestar talks} that said, "The For Real Deal," and has a picture of me dressed up like Uncle Sam.

STRONG BAD: You'd get one on your forearm, huh?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Or one on my bulging bicep that just says "Cake Man." {the bulging arm reappears, with 'cakeman' on it in crude blue script} Ooh, or a glowy box on my wrist...

STRONG BAD: {to The Cheat} I just don't have the heart to tell him.

STRONG MAD: YOU DON'T HAVE AR- {gets cut off by a cut to the bulging arm with a "THE END" tattoo, then changes to a black screen that says "done."}

Easter Eggs

  • Click the screen when The Cheat is talking to see tattoo idea #26: "a picture of some kinda snake lady killing some kinda snake".
  • Click on The Cheat after Homestar says "A glowy box on my wrist" to see a drawing of a box with the caption "Glowy box 4 ever."

Fun Facts


  • This is the first 'toon made in Mario Paint to be released since Super NES. The button on the main page when this toon debuted read "back to our roots".


  • Homestar's propeller is missing.


  • The glowy box easter egg is clickable from when it appears until the end of the 'toon.

Inside References

  • Strong Bad beats a muffler with a pipe. In no loafing, Strong Mad is inspired to the same task.
  • Homestar Runner was first seen dressed up as Uncle Sam on Main Page 12.
  • The song in this short is basically a parody of the original Super NES cartoon, but based on Strong Bad rather than Homestar Runner. The way the lyrics are structured is very similar.
  • Strong Bad spray-painting Marzipan may be a reference to origins, in which he did the same thing.

Real World References

  • Uncle Sam is a national personification of the United States dating from the Civil War.
  • Strong Bad's desire to have a tattoo that "you carved out yourself with a spoon and some soap" refers to the old prison cliché of carving weapons out of soap.

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