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The logo of Strong Badia the Free
"We can never be truly free until we reject the fat-thority of the King of Town."

Strong Badia The Free is the second episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People. It has been rated E10+ for Crude Humor, Mild Cartoon Violence, and Use of Alcohol by the ESRB and was released on September 15, 2008 on both PC and WiiWare. Written by Chuck Jordan and The Brothers Chaps.

The King of Town becomes tyranical and institutes an email tax, but Strong Bad is unable to pay so he is placed under house arrest with an exploding collar strapped around his neck. After Strong Bad escapes, he recruits more armies. The citizens of Free Country, USA, along with Strong Badia, band together to stop The King of Town.

A brief trailer for the game is included in Homestar Ruiner.

Cast: Strong Bad, The King of Town, Homestar Runner, Strong Mad, Homsar, Coach Z, The Poopsmith, Pom Pom, Marzipan, Strong Sad, The Cheat, Bubs


Bleak House
Laundry Room
Strong Bad's Room
Living Room
Strong Sad's Room
Computer Room

The King of Town's Castle
Homsar Reservation

The Field
Strong Badia/The Cheat and Tirerea
50% Off Apple Pie Charts
Union of Socialist Soviet Repubricks


Preview Transcript

{The screen shows "In the next episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People" and fades to Strong Bad walking in from the right. The backdrop is the Strong Badian Flag.}

STRONG BAD: Friends and losers, my long incarceration has taught me that we can never be truly free until we reject the fat-thority of the King of Town. Hence to forthwith, I shall only refer to him as the of Town. As of today, Strong Badia is its own, independent nation. Onward to Strong Badia, Strong Badia the Free!

{Record scratch is heard and Homestar comes into view}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, that's the name of this-

STRONG BAD: {quickly} Shut up. {Homestar becomes sad}

{The screen shows "STRONG BADIA the FREE" and a no sign is covering the Municipality logo. The screen then changes to "Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: New episode every month!"}

{Strong Mad is seen behind a cutout of a tarantula holding a guitar with the Taranchula logo underneath, and a red spider cutout in one hand and blue spider cutout in another}

STRONG MAD: {waves blue cutout} ICE BREATH! {waves red cutout} FIRE BREATH!

{On the Wii version, cuts to "Play it on Wiiware". On the PC version, cuts to ""}



  1. Neighborhood Watch Chief
  2. Hall Monitor
  3. Junior High Class Treasurer
  4. Deputy Mayor
  5. House Minority Whip
  6. President Elect
  7. El Jefe Mas Grande
  8. Chancellor of the 7 Realms
  9. Lord High Fantasticus
  10. Über-Pope {Wii Version only - see glitches below}

Fun Facts


  • "Roi" is French for "King", thus explaining the pseudonym "Roy T."
  • Strong Bad uses Morse Code to communicate with the lighter.


  • On the PC version, costume items unlocked in Homestar Ruiner carry over to Strong Badia the Free (these must be unlocked, either by getting them in Homestar Ruiner, or by editing the Windows Registry). On the Wii version, the costumes are automatically unlocked, regardless of if you have the costumes on a Homestar Ruiner save file (or even if you don't have a Homestar Ruiner save file at all).
  • When visiting the King of Town at his castle in the extended play mode of Homestar Ruiner, he threatens to tax Strong Bad. Strong Bad responds with, "That sounds...ominous."
  • The preview was added to the Nintendo Channel on September 15, 2008 under the title "Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free"


  • Although a week passes in the game, the calendar always says the 13th (though Strong Bad is probably too lazy/busy to change the day).
  • On the Wii Shop Channel download page, Videlectrix is misspelled as "Videoelectrix".


  • Sometimes Bubs will be stuck facing the black market door instead of the concession stand. As a result, the black market door will not open, and Bubs will be facing the wall when you try to talk to him from the front of the stand.
  • When lighting certain objects on fire, sometimes the flames do not appear until Strong Bad leaves and returns to the area. This glitch is known to occur with the bush on the Homsar Reservation, the kimono in Club Technochocolate, and the skulls in Country.
  • While visiting Bleak House in Extended Play, while wearing no hat, Strong Badia Shirt, Championship Belt, Camo Pants, and Homestar's boots, the game will freeze and make a buzzing noise upon saving.
  • While in Bleak House, examine the bookcase in Strong Sad's room while outside the room. Then walk by his bed. While Strong Bad talks about the bookcase, he may slide towards the bed without moving his feet.
  • Digging up the Strong Badia shirt will cause another hole to appear in Strong Badia, in front of the flagpole, near the cinder block.

PC Version

  • During Extended Play, some characters' eyes may disappear.

Wii Version

  • Skipping the speech before starting the Peace Draft seems to make the transition in to a straight cut to black with a small slice of cut out showing the screen. This stays a few seconds into the scene before stopping. It also happens at the end of the scene, and it appears when looking at the map.
  • An error in Math Kickers may also give you the rank of "Über-Pope" if you exceed a score of 4000 points, with everything else already maxed out.
  • An error in Math Kickers in extended play, it will freeze during the game and cause a hard reset

Inside References

  • Strong Bad calls himself "Strong Bad of the mighty tighty-whities".
  • The song that plays in "Pompomerania" is from geddup noise.
  • When doing the draft, Homestar uses his microphone from The Show.
  • The first sighting of Pom Pom in "Pompomerania" mimics his pose from the Theme Song.
  • Bubs was established as a black marketeer in licensed.
  • The brochure for the On Point Kings is from more armies.
  • It is unclear whether The Cheat has his own lighter or Telltale Games removed the BMW Logo from Strong Bad's lighter for trademark purposes.
  • The Teen Girl Squad was previously spun off in Teeny Tiny Girl Squad.
  • Strong Bad notes (and tries to explain) the delay of Dangeresque 3.
  • Coach Z's land cannot be conquered, as he is busy with Fhqwhgadi rebels.
  • Homestar takes offense when Strong Bad asks people to take up arms against the King of Town, in part because he doesn't appear to have any.
    • In addition, during a letter from the front, Homestar says he can't wait "to be in [Marzipan's], ahem, arms again."
  • "Fat-thority" is a portmanteau of "fat" and "authority".
  • One of Homsar's responses, "I'm a song from the '60s!", is lifted from interview, as is "Twas the pride of the Peaches!", which Strong Bad says after being enlightened to Homsar's ways.
  • The flag of the Homsar Reservation features Homsar's hat as well as his parents: a cup of coffee and a chipwich.
  • One of the Whale's sayings is "Get your lighter from the anvil, please." Strong Bad actually gets his lighter from The Cheat, who was compared with an anvil in huttah!
  • Strong Bad mentions Frank Benedetto falling in battle during the events of army. Many of Frank's "brothers" are on the draft wheel.
  • In Marzistar's garden, Strong Bad calls Strong Mad and The Cheat "Lugnut & Squeak", just as he did in narrator.
  • Creamy Ding snack cakes, which the King of Town enjoys, looks remarkably similar to Swiss Cake Rolls.
  • Homestar says that Strong Bad is always "beating the various stuffings out of me".
  • Many places on the "Maps and Minions" board have been referenced before, including Scalding Lake, Rotten Egglund, and Stink's Reach.
  • The collar and invisible fence are supposed to make Strong Bad's head a splode.
  • Using the katana or the lighter on Pom Pom will cause Strong Bad to refrence the events in pom pom.
  • "Wearing animal heads is so 3rd issue!" is a reference to Teen Girl Squad Issue 3, in which Cheerleader wore an elephant head.
  • One of the King of Town's saved email addresses on his Snacky 186 is

Real-World References

  • Strong Bad addressing people in front of a giant flag is a reference to the opening scene in Patton.
  • Strong Bad's exploding collar is most likely inspired by Battle Royale.
  • The Brick Wall being renamed the Union of Soviet Socialist Repubricks echoes the real-life Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
  • When Strong Bad responds to the email from Paul in French he calls him Les Paul.
  • Strong Bad refers to the King of Town's rule as "lazy fair".
  • Bleak House is a novel by Charles Dickens. Also, when he drafts himself into the Homestarmy, Homestar refers to himself as an "Artful Draft Dodger", a reference to Dickens' character, The Artful Dodger.
  • Coach Z's territory is named "Coachnya", which echoes the Russian province of Chechnya. Chechnya also tried to secede and failed.
  • Despite what Marzipan may think, "Model UN" is a school-based activity in which students roleplay as ambassadors to the United Nations from various countries.
  • The nation of "Front-au-Fence" takes its name from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
  • Bubs's nation of Concession Stan-tinople is a reference to Constantinople, the former name of Istanbul.
  • The bonus costume that Strong Bad unlocks is the Max skull-and-crossbones T-shirt, which can actually be bought on Telltale Games' online store.
  • Homestar's "letter" back to Marzipan, detailing the siege on the Of Town's castle is presented in a style similar to Ken Burns' 1990 documentary The Civil War, with sepia-toned backgrounds and violin music in the background.
  • Strong Sad mentions Fark.
  • The Pompomeranian flag is based off that of Japan.
  • Strong Mad exclaiming "Let my people go!" and Strong Bad asking for messages from a burning bush are both references to the Biblical figure Moses.
  • "No taxin' without representin'" is Coach Z's unique twist on Taxation Without Representation, the main complaint of American colonists against King George III of England.
  • If the Darwin card is played in Teen Girl Squad, the girls will call him "Chuck D", the name of the socially-conscious member of the influential rap group Public Enemy.
  • By using the alien in the second scene of Cave Girl Squad, a monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey appears, while Strong Bad hums the theme from the movie.
  • Coach Z saying that "they've all overbid" and wagering a dollar after being picked in the draft is a reference to the game show The Price is Right.
  • Homestar and Marzipan dividing their land is a direct reference to the division of Germany and its capital, Berlin, complete with Checkpoint The Cheat substituting for Checkpoint Charlie (aka the Berlin Wall).
  • The Homsar Reservation's name and Homsar's accent when he speaks normally are references to the Native American stereotype.
  • When Strong Bad looks at the wall, he asks who "will be first up against it when the Revolution comes", which is a quote from Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book series.
  • When Homestar says "What is my major malfunction", it is most likely a refrence to the movie Full Metal Jacket.

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