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A complete walkthrough to Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free. Please note that this walkthrough is meant to guide you through in the fastest way possible; it doesn't go over all the collectibles and other things to get you to 100%. For now.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.


Part 1: House Arrest?!?

The King of Town has really gone mad with power this time! And he ate your map! Anyways, after the Poopsmith puts an exploding collar on your neck, look out the window. Looks like the whole gang hates ol' Kingy! How sweet. Talk to them if you want; you'll find out that they've got an effigy of the KoT. And I use the term "effigy" loosely. Looks like we're going to make that effigy look like the real thing. Go into Strong Sad's room (across the hall) and into the bathroom on the other side. Grab the towel hanging there. Then, go downstairs. Go left until you get to SB's room. Click on the cabinet to get the paper crown. Then click on the Taranchula Black Metal Detector (now with built-in shovel attachment). If you want, click on the FunMachine to play Math Kickers. Once you get bored of that, head downstairs to the basement. Grab the pillow on the washer, then go to the TV room. Click on the couch patch to get some stuffing. Go back to the computer room and look outside. Throw the towel, crown, stuffing and pillow down to the crowd. The Cheat will incinerate the effigy, which will also destroy the invisible fence. Hooray! Onward to Strong Badia!

Strong Badia has declared its independence from "The Of Town" and declares open rebellion. Who's with Strong Bad on this one? Everyone... but not the way he had hoped, as they all decide declaring independence is a great idea. Now everyone in Free Country USA is their own independent nation -- including The Cheat, who has carved out part of Strong Badia from under you! D'OH!

Part 2: Strong Bad's Rise to Power

Well, I guess it's time to annex some countries. Let's start out with The Cheat and Tirerea (worst country name ever). Grab the game board that's lying next to the stop sign. The map has been officially replaced! Head on over to "Bleak House". It turns out it's actually your house! Don't go inside, yet; there's no need. Just click on the box next to the door to get a pilot's wings medal from FPR. Go back to Strong Badia and give them to The Cheat. In return, his country will become part of the Strong Badian Empire. And, better yet, you get your lighter! Okay, NOW go you have need to go inside Bleak House. Go upstairs to Strong Sad's room. For the throne room of a country, it's pretty unimpressive. Ah, well. Grab the fake sword that's under his bed. Burn his Constitution, Bill of Rights, and flag. Enter The Cheat. Strong Sad has two choices—enter into a decidedly short war with Strong Badia, or become part of it. He makes the smart choice and joins the Strong Badian Empire. Nice jorb getting two contries to annex, but there are many more to come.

Part 3: The Fall and Rather Quick Rise of the East

It's now time to move on to the eastern countries: Pompomerania and the cleverly named country of Country. Head on over to the capital of Pompomerania to find that it is...Club Technochocolate!?! Cool! Swap out the sword on the wall for Strong Sad's fake sword. Then grab a glow stick and talk to Bubs. Ask for a drink and choose the right-most one—The Atom Smasher. Throw the glow stick in there and pick up the drink. The "Shogun" (Pom Pom) is very impressed by the drink and decides to become part of Strong Badia. That was easy.

Part 4: The Country of... erm... Country

Yup, that's right, someone gave Strong Mad his own patch of land. You can try negotiating with him, but it won't be easy without The Cheat. Thankfully, Strong Mad tells The Cheat of the requirement: a test of a mighty warrior. And by test, we mean monster. And by monster, we mean Strong Mad standing behind a cardboard poster for Taranchula. Okay then. Fortunately, that sword you swiped from Pom Pom ought to do the trick. Hack off either head first -- oh, crap, Strong Mad just put it back on. This'll require some strategy. Next to your "foe" is a stack of paper mache skulls. (Marzipan had some spare time.) Paper, huh? Sounds like they're flammable! Burn the skulls, then hack off the monster's "ice head" (Strong Mad's left hand, to your right.) It falls into the skulls and is out of commission. Strong Mad will represent this by squirting ketchup from the "wound" -- and while he does, he can't catch the other head when you slice it off! The monster is defeated! You've passed the test, and Country rejoins Strong Badia.

Before you leave, though, Strong Mad requests you take along Tony Stony (Country's vice-president) as a diplomat/gift. Strong Bad (somehow) puts it in his pants. Onward!

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