Strong Mad and The Cheat's Relationship

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Strong Mad and the Cheat, getting along.

The connection between Strong Mad and The Cheat is perhaps one of the most easy-going relationships in the Homestar Runner body of work. They both care for each other, watch out for each other, and hang out together. Rarely is there a situation where the two have ever been mean or angry at each other.


Strong Mad and The Cheat working together

Strong Mad and The Cheat getting along

  • TV Time — A cover for the magazine shows Strong Mad cuddling The Cheat.
  • Strong Mad's Character Video — Strong Mad smiles and exclaims, "I like The Cheat!"
  • Email bedtime story— Strong Mad and Strong Bad both belt out a "lullaby" for The Cheat.
  • Email narrator— Strong Mad and The Cheat are seen playing Battleship.

Strong Mad protecting The Cheat

  • Email little animal— Strong Mad chases Strong Bad, who has just kicked The Cheat.
  • Email do over— Strong Mad shakes Strong Bad by the leg for hitting Homestar Runner with his keyboard, who was disguised as The Cheat.
  • The Cheat's Character Video— The Cheat says that Strong Mad "protects [him] from larger predators, like being sat on by Strong Sad or Pom Pom."

The Cheat and Strong Mad angry at each other

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