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You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake.

Strong Sad keeps an online blog, that's a sort of secret page. There are three pages of it. It's a different point of view than Strong Bad's.

Fun Facts

  • Click on User Profile to see his user profile.
    • The person in the image is crying blood.
    • Click on "Friends" to see Strong Sad's secrets.
  • Every alternate text is "Header." (Get it by dragging your mouse over it.)
  • Some of the emotions are in virus when Strong Sad "forgot to wear his neck."
  • Gregor Mendel is known as "the father of all genetics."
  • Elephant feet is said by Strong Bad on the phone in 50 emails.
  • 3.14 are the first 3 digits of pi, and it is mentioned twice.
    • Strong Sad remembered his password at 3:14 PM.
    • Homsar's e-vite is on March 14, or 3-14.
  • The first entry of the third archive mispelled quiet. It's spelled "quite."

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