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*The first page says "Every''one'' loves The Homestar Runner..." instead of "Every''body'' loves The Homestar Runner...", which would have been the correct quotation from the original book.
*The first page says "Every''one'' loves The Homestar Runner..." instead of "Every''body'' loves The Homestar Runner...", which would have been the correct quotation from the original book.
*Strong Bad has no purple reflection on his pants, like his [[Strong Bad Evolution|fifth design]].
*Strong Bad has no purple reflection on his pants, like his [[Strong Bad Evolution|fifth design]].
*When the screen darkens and the strobe lights appears, the ones that shine on the bushes in the background do not light up the ground directly below the bushes.
*When the screen darkens and the strobe lights appear, the ones that shine on the bushes in the background do not light up the ground directly below the bushes.
**Also, the lights to not deform to the depths of the bushes, but they could be 2 dimensional.
**Also, the lights to not deform to the depths of the bushes, although they could be 2 dimensional.
===Inside References===
===Inside References===

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This article is about the toon. For the contest, see Strongest Man in the World Contest.
Toon Category: Big Toon
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"Really quite an impressive bowl!"

The Brothers Chaps celebrate Homestar Runner's 10th anniversary with a remake of the original story.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Strong Bad, The Cheat, The Announcer, Mr. Bland, The Robot (storybook), Señor, The Grape Fairie, The Fat Bee

Places: The Field, Gymnasium

Date: August 21, 2006

Running Time: 4:25

Page Title: The Homestar Runner Enters the Longest Page Title on the Website Contest!



{The cover page of the Original Book appears. The book opens to the first page.}

{Homestar Runner changes into his modern form, and the old background is replaced by The Field. A record scratch noise is heard.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Everybody loves the me! I'm a terrific athlete!

{Pom Pom enters and pulls out a flier}

POM POM: {bubble noises}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: A strongest man in the world contest? {pan to a closeup of Homestar Runner} Oh, sweet dog, you know I'm all over it.

{Pan to the gymnasium, where Homestar Runner and Pom Pom are wearing aerobic gear and lifting weights. The training music from montage is playing in the background.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Extra-size, Pom Pom! Lemme see ya pour on that extra sauce! That strangest man in the world contest ain't gonna win itself!

{Pan to a scene of the setting sun. Silhouettes of Homestar Runner and Pom Pom jump up and high five each other.}

SINGER: Showdown!

{Fade out. Cut back to the Field, where Homestar Runner and Pom Pom are walking to the right.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Man, Pom Pom, I feel great! I feel fresh as a bagel! I bet I could lift fifty stringiest man in the world contests!

{They approach a sign pointing the way to the contest, where Strong Bad and The Cheat are waiting.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, look, The Cheat! If it isn't the big, fat, yellow blob and Pom Pom!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {closeup of Homestar} Hey! {normal view} W— wait. {closer closeup of Homestar} Hey! {normal view} You— wait. {another closeup} Hey! {normal view} Wait—

STRONG BAD: Lemme break it down for you like this: I am the very strongest. While on the other hand, inversely, you guys are not very strong!

POM POM: {looks angry, loud bubble noises}

{Strong Bad reacts in surprise.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Whoa, Pom Pom! Let's tone down the language before the contest, huh?

STRONG BAD: Come on, The Cheat. We'd better go start signing autographs. There's a pretty big line building up over there. {exits with The Cheat}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {looking determined} Come on, Pom Pom! Let's go get Strong Bad's autograph!

{Pom Pom gives Homestar an annoyed look, but Homestar doesn't notice.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I hear there's a pretty big line building up.

{Cheering voices over momentarily before cutting to a banner reading "Strongest Man In The World Contest".}

THE ANNOUNCER: {voiceover over microphone} Ladies and gentlemen, you can not be ready for the {pan down to show The Announcer} Strongest Man In The World Contest!

{He flips the microphone from one hand to the other.}

THE ANNOUNCER: Let's meet our smokin' hot contestants!

{Cut to a silhouette of Mr. Bland with disco lights in the background.}

THE ANNOUNCER: Hailing from the middle of the road, the prince of plain, the master of mundane, it's {spotlight turns on} Mr. Bland!

{Cut to a beige background of panning cubes and "mr. bland" scrolls to the right. Mr. Bland strikes an action pose. Cut back to The Announcer.}

THE ANNOUNCER: And next, our returning champion, the walking—

{Cut to a smiliar disco lights scene with The Robot in silhouette.}

THE ANNOUNCER: —metal robot... The Robot!

{A spotlight shines on The Robot and he waves. A blue background of screws and hex nuts pans in, and "The Robot" appears while The Robot holds a waving pose. Cut back to The Announcer.}

THE ANNOUNCER: And from Foreign Lands, the foreign man:

{Cut back to the disco scene, now with Señor in silhouette.}

THE ANNOUNCER: Señor Ha-Ha-Ha-Havin' A Little Trouble!

{A brown background of beans pans in, and "Señor" appears while Señor strikes an action pose.}


{Cut to silhouettes of Pom Pom, Strong Bad, and Homestar Runner, whose respective spotlights turn on with small fart noises as their names are mentioned.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {quickly} Pom-Pom-Strong-Bad-and-Homestar.

{Homestar looks surprised. Cut back to The Announcer.}

THE ANNOUNCER: Grape Fairie! Hit me with da rules!

{Pan up to The Grape Fairie riding his bee. He makes a scroll appear that reads "Rules".}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: {in a Bronx accent} All right, youze {word debated} brains, listen up smart. I start yas each off with like twenty grapes.

{A pile of grapes takes the place of the floating scroll.}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: Then I adds one at a time.

{A grape appears above the pile.}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: The bum what holds the most grapes —

{A golden bowl-shaped trophy appears in place of the grapes.}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: — wins this gold bowl.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {from offscreen; sounds impressed} Dang, Pom Pom, you see that golbol? {zooms in on "golbol"} That's a nice golbol.

THE ANNOUNCER: Let's get this over with!

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: Ollzy oop. {zaps a pile of grapes on top of the contestants}

MR. BLAND: {speaking monotone} Okay.... This is going really well.

{The pile of grapes crushes Mr. Bland.}


{Cut to silhoettes of everyone on a yellow background.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {voiceover} Down goes Bland!

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: Ka-bu op! {pings a single grape over each contestant}

{Cut to Señor, impossibly balancing the entire pile on one hand.}

SEÑOR: Oh, no, boy. I havin' a little trouble!

{The pile falls on Señor, accompanied by the word "Sblounskched!" and the sound of a bowling ball hitting some pins. He sticks his arm out of the grapes.}

SEÑOR: I still alive!

{Cut to Strong Bad and The Cheat, with Pom Pom in the background.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, The Cheat—

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: —I hear our friend The Robot is about to do a set of his acoustic numbers. Or should I say, unplugged?

THE CHEAT: {affirmative The Cheat noises, salutes}

{The Cheat slides to the feet of The Robot, who is apparently plugged into an outlet on a very small section of wall out of nowhere.}

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises} {looks around, unplugs The Robot's cord, and slides away} {The Cheat noises}

{Cut to The Robot, who shuts down and drops the pile of grapes. General sad "Aw"s among the crowd are heard as the eyes of The Robot disappear slowly.}

{Cut to Homestar, whose grapes appear to be floating in mid-air, due to his lack of visible arms.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {looks around} Did nobody just see that?! Judge? Fairie? Giant bee?

{Cut to The Grape Fairie and The Announcer, who are admiring the bowl and not paying attention to the contest.}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: Honest to God, Mookie Wilson gave me the golbol in my hands in 1974.

THE ANNOUNCER: Really quite an impressive bowl.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {off screen} Hellooo?


{Cut to Pom Pom, Strong Bad, and Homestar.}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: Crazy eights! {poofs another grape on top of everyone}

{Strong Bad begins to lose his grip on the grapes.}

STRONG BAD: The Cheat? Big help here! Big help!

THE CHEAT: {rushes over} {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: Okay.... Even it out there on the south side.

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: Jump her up.

{Cut to Homestar.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: All right, seriously. At first it was cute, but this is just borderline unsportsmanlike! Let me outline my master plan. I will (a) drop my grapes, and (b) uncover that cheat! {drops his grapes; walks over to Strong Bad and The Cheat} Could I just borrow this a second? {grabs The Cheat}

THE CHEAT: {surprised The Cheat noises}

{Homestar kicks The Cheat about his feet like a hackey-sack, then does a slow-motion flip and bicycle kicks The Cheat off screen.}

STRONG BAD: {wobbling, melodramatically} Oh-nooo!

{Strong Bad drops a couple of grapes, then the entire pile crushes him. The action-pose scene appears, this time with a green grapes background, "squished bad", and Strong Bad under his pile of grapes.}

{Cut to Pom Pom}

THE ANNOUNCER: {voiceover} Pom Pom wins!

{Pom Pom winks; a record scratch sounds, cut to Homestar}


{Cut to Strong Bad, still buried.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh.... These grapes are succulently crushing my windpipe.... Ooh, but they're seedless! {The pile of grapes begins to collapse as Strong Bad eats it}

{Cut to Homestar and Pom Pom holding the trophy.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: All right, seriously, Pom Pom. Gimme the golbol!

POM POM: {bubble noises, pulls the trophy back a bit}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, that's great. But I still won. I sportsmanliked everybody! Now gimme the golbol!

POM POM: {bubble noises}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: All right, fine. You can give it to me for my birthday. Now check out my victory dance! Huhyayayayaaa!

{Homestar crosses his left leg over his right and jumps into the air. The Grape Fairie and the Fat Bee enter from the upper right, the announcer from the lower left. Pom Pom jumps in the air holding the trophy. The scene fades into the last page of the Original Book with "1996-2006" written across the upper left. The ending also provides a link to the original book.}

Easter Eggs

Dare to Dream!
  • Clicking on the Contest sign when Homestar mentions getting Strong Bad's autograph will show a picture of said autograph, on which is written:
dare to dream! believe in yourself
and you can achieve anything!!
your pal
Strond Ba....
wait a sec,
2nd try:
a butt.
  • Clicking the trophy at the end shows a shot of it (captioned "GOLBOL") in the same style as the ones shown when Mr. Bland, The Robot, and Señor are introduced. The New York Mets logo is shown in the background.

Fun Facts



  • The main page message for this toon read "10 years!".
  • This toon is the first time the Grape Fairie, Mr. Bland, and Señor are given voices.
  • Despite its attempt, this toon's page title is not the longest one of the website. Shopping for Danger's page title "Blue Las-alert, Kids! Cheat Commandos will be right back after these messages!" surpasses it by five characters. They are, however, both 19 syllables long.
  • Señor's full name was coined in origins.
  • When Homestar kicks The Cheat, he is utilizing a skill known as juggling, which is usually done with soccer balls or footbags (commonly known as Hacky Sacks).


  • When The Grape Fairie's mouth disappears when he isn't talking, his five o'clock shadow disappears with it.
  • When Homestar holds up the grapes, they hover up and down slightly, as if he's controlling them with his mind rather than with invisible arms.
    • Homestar's invisible arms are also emphasized in the high-five scene.
  • Señor may also defy physics. He holds the pile on one side with the other half of the pile mysteriously floating in mid-air. This was also true in the original book, although in the book, he was holding the grapes with his right hand rather than his left.
  • The way the grapes fall on Strong Bad, he should be lying on his stomach since he was holding the pile behind his head. However in the action scene, "squished bad," Strong Bad is shown lying on his back so that he could eat them in the next scene.
  • Señor's introduction background of beans may be a nod to the stereotype that Hispanics eat a lot of beans.


  • When Mr. Bland, The Robot and Señor are introduced, the smaller spotlights cross over their feet, yet none of the characters' feet light up.
  • In the silhouette scene following Mr. Bland's loss, the grapes are actually floating above Pom Pom. Note: this is most likely just in keeping with the original story book which has a similar silhouette.
  • The first page says "Everyone loves The Homestar Runner..." instead of "Everybody loves The Homestar Runner...", which would have been the correct quotation from the original book.
  • Strong Bad has no purple reflection on his pants, like his fifth design.
  • When the screen darkens and the strobe lights appear, the ones that shine on the bushes in the background do not light up the ground directly below the bushes.
    • Also, the lights to not deform to the depths of the bushes, although they could be 2 dimensional.

Inside References

All part of his master plan.
  • When Señor gets squished, the onomatopoeia used is "Sblounskched!", the name of Strong Bad's candy bar.
  • The song during the training scene is "Showdown" from montage, except with vocals by someone who sounds like Larry Palaroncini.
  • The outfit Homestar wears during the training scene originally appeared in lady fan.
  • The autographed picture of Strong Bad in the Easter egg is the same as the one that Strong Bad gives to his "main man" Van Mundegaarde in 2 years.
  • Señor's line "I still alive!" may be a reference to Strumstar Hammer, in which this scene is captioned with the line "this blue guy died."
  • One of the sound effects that plays when the Robot gets unplugged is the loading sound from Thy Dungeonman 3 and Peasant's Quest.
  • Homestar's first speaking line and The Robot being introduced as such are examples of the Integral Article.
  • The ending music is the remix of the old intro music, which is also heard at the end of flashback and can also be heard on Main Page 20.
  • The Announcer's introduction of Señor suggests that he is a resident of Foreign Lands, the same place Thomas is said to be from.

Real-World References

  • Mookie Wilson is a former Major League Baseball outfielder who played with the New York Mets from 1980 to 1989. The Mets' logo is shown in the background of the Easter egg.
  • Crazy Eights is a card game in which two players try to get rid of all their cards by discarding a card with the same number or suit as the previous card played. In this game, eights are wild.

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