Stylized Text on Strong Bad's Computers

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Strong Bad "flavored water"

Occasionally, in a Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad types in a font, color, or style that is not typical of the computer or email client he uses, often coinciding with a change in his speech of these words.


  • Email sugarbob — The text from Strong Bad's "girlfriends" is in various colors and fonts.
  • Email interview — "And then Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to burnination" appears in an Old English font.
  • Email pizzaz — "Ought I to be offended?" appears in an Old English font.
  • Email death metal — The words "decay", "deranged", "decrepit,", and, um, "delouse" in a icky green, gory font.
  • Email origins — The words "bread sing-alongs" appear in pale green and jiggle on the Lappy's screen.
  • Email rough copy — The words "flavored water" appear in bright green and move as though in water.
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