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"I won't have my heart broken again!"

Sultry Buttons, played by Marzipan, is the femme fatale with perhaps some kind of relation to Cutesy Buttons. When Dangeresque needed Professor Experimento's rocket to get to the sun, Sultry Buttons came in and stole the ruby used to power the rocket. As it turns out, Sultry and Dangeresque had had a romantic night in Paris years ago where he gave her a rare Stickanee flower. Later, however, he left her, telling her he had to "save a bus full of school children from an erupting volcano stuffed with sharks in a top secret location". She's since turned to a life of crime.

Later, Dangeresque gave her another Stickanee flower and offered to shower her with jewels. However, he had none, so Sultry gave up some of her collection for said showering: the ruby for the rocket, and the rare diamond-tipped diamond. It was then that Dangeresque suggested a venue change: Hawaii, at dawn. Sultry took the bait and headed off, leaving Dangeresque with the valuables.

While Sultry shares the same last name and actress as Cutesy Buttons, it is not known whether they are related; not even Strong Bad, who wrote the movie, seems to be sure.

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