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watch Sbemail 150?!? Strong Bad Sings
Those shorts are indeed short

Homestar and pals star in a series of short shorts.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Caveman Homestar Runner, Cavewoman Marzipan, Pterodactyl Coach Z, Caveman Strong Bad, The Cheatsaurus, Pom Pom, Coach Z, Limozeen, Very, Very Little Girl (Easter egg)

Places: Marshmallow's Last Stand, Prehistoric Lands, The Field, Strong Badia, Bubs' Concession Stand, Laser Show, The Bar

Date: July 24, 2006

Running Time: 2:52

Page Title: Dare to Bare!



{The toon opens with the title "Summer Short Shorts" on a photo of blue shorts. The title slowly comes towards the camera. Cut to Marshmallow's Last Stand. The camera pans across the table, which is littered with french fries and ketchup}

STRONG BAD: C'mon, The Cheat! You can do one more! Just one more!

{the camera zooms out, showing The Cheat sitting opposite Strong Bad at the table, with Strong Mad behind Strong Bad. The Cheat's mouth is crammed full of fries, he has purple bags under his eyes, and is whimpering}

STRONG BAD: {pops up near The Cheat, wearing a brown hat with a press pass} {speaking quickly} Oh, have you heard the latest news? {sits back down} I heard the latest news, it was that you could do one more! One more!

{The Cheat whimpers and spits a few fries onto the table}

STRONG BAD: Strong Mad, tell your girlfriend to do one more.


{Homestar Runner runs up, dressed as a waiter, with a brown cap that says 'egg.' on it}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Aaaaaaand can I get you gentlemen anything else?

{Homestar holds up a red clown shoe, and a large daisy rises from inside it}


{cut back to the title screen}

{cut to a Powered by The Cheat landscape, showing a volcano and the caption "The Millionzoic Era". Cut to a scene showing a prehistoric Marzipan and Homestar, with a tar pit next to them}

PBTC CAVEMAN HOMESTAR: {spits green bubbles while he talks} Ooga, ooga. My breath, it stinks.

PBTC CAVEWOMAN MARZIPAN: {turns to the left, away from Homestar} Uh-huh!


{a pterodactyl with Coach Z's hat flies in from the right}

PBTC COACH Z DACTYL: Helicopta fly! {flies off to the left}

{A caveman Strong Bad enters from the mountains. He lands in the tar pit, which splashes Homestar and turns into a skull, which sticks to Homestar. As Strong Bad sinks to the bottom of the tar pit, his feet can be seen poking out from underneath.}

PBTC CAVEMAN STRONG BAD: Ooga. Me want set your face on fires.


PBTC CAVEWOMAN MARZIPAN: It sounds fun! Oo-ga! {jumps}

{A large The Cheat-like dinosaur runs by from the right. It then clamps its mouth around the volcano and begins "drinking" from it, accompanied by glugging noises. The Cheatsaurus then turns and breathes fire over the group, scorching them. Marzipan turns into a drumstick with its tongue sticking out, Homestar into a smiling steak with a gold tooth, and Strong Bad merely blackens}


PBTC CAVEMAN STRONG BAD: Oh, me too! {turns into a dish with a lobster tail on it} I am not exempt!

PBTC COACH Z DACTYL: {pokes head in} Hey, did you see that? The Cheatsaurus can do it again!

{cut back to the title screen}

{open with a few shots of leaves, then focus in on Pom Pom's head. He opens his eyes, then leaps out of a bush and jumps upwards. He does a brief pose before falling back down again. He lands on a tree branch, then begins to leap forward from branch to branch. He lands on the ground, and pops a bo staff out of himself. He twirls the staff as pictures of bamboo and a wave appear behind him. He then jumps up. Cut to a long shot of him arcing over Strong Badia and Bubs' Concession Stand. He then lands lightly next to Coach Z. He pops out a deodorant stick out of himself, and tosses it to the coach}

COACH Z: Thanks for the smell-cakes, Pom Pom! But next time could you dispense with all the flyin' whozits?!

{Pom Pom pulls out a small smoke bomb and throws it on the ground in front of him. When the smoke clears, Pom Pom has vanished}

{cut back to the title screen}

{cut to a black screen, while red and green lasers arc from the top and bottom of the screen. Guitar music begins, while the Limozeen logo appears in bright yellow. The logo splits, and an image of Larry appears. It changes colour, as a pair of feminine legs in fishnet walk by. Three images of Larry playing guitar appear, which meld into one of him leaping into a power chord. The words "BRAIN SISTER" rise from the bottom as Larry jumps offscreen. A calculator displaying 3.14 appears, and an outline of Texas draws itself around it. Several images of a brain, Larry, guitars, and the ZEEN part of the logo flash past in front of a crowd, until Larry zooms forward, surrounded by stars and playing guitar. More images of Larry's head flash in front of the crowd, as the lasers start again. The calculator flashes by, and the legs walk out, with a brain perched on top of them. They walk by a Limozeen amp as the song ends. The Limozeen logo flashes briefly}


Well, she was only twenty-seventeen.
She was a low res beauty queen.
She was a brain... brain... brain sister!
Texas Instruments all day!
And she remembers how they used to duet,
Yeah she remembers how they used to duet!
Th'all think you know what I mean!

LARRY PALARONCINI: Yeah! Oh! Ooh! All right! Uh!

{cut back to the title screen}

{open in a barroom-type scene. Homestar and Pom Pom are seated at the bar. Both have an 'old one bottle, and there is a bowl of peanuts on the table}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Seriously, Pom Pom. {gesturing with bottle} You and me, we're like two breads in a biscuit. {pokes the bottle in Pom Pom's face} Two breads in a biscuit! I'm gonna make a T-shirt! {leans in close} No, wait! You and me? {crouches to look at peanuts} We're like this bowl of mayonnaise here. {points at Pom Pom with the bottle} You're the bowl, 'cuz you're a big, round, fat guy. {Pom Pom looks angry. Homestar sits up again, now pointing at self} And I'm the mayonnaise, 'cuz I'm smart as peanuts. That'll make a good T-shirt too. Oop, no, wait! Before you strangle me again... You and me? {pulls the napkin out from under his bottle} Soggy napkins. {as Homestar says "Soggy", Pom Pom gets a dull, bored look on his face.}

{cut to the picture of the shorts from the title screen, which now just reads "End."}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on the dartboard while Homestar says, "I'm gonna make a T-shirt" to see a T-shirt with a slice of bread + a slice of bread = a biscuit.
  • Click on the dartboard again while Homestar says, "That'll make a good T-shirt too" to see a T-shirt with a bowl of mayo and the words "Smart as Peanuts!"
"You've got no interest in the crazy man over here, do you?"
{The title "Homestar vs. Very Very Little Girl" appears. Scene opens to reveal the very, very little girl is swinging and Homestar is standing next to the swing.}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh hello, very, very little girl. Take it away.
{piano flourish, crickets, another piano flourish}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: I've got no material with this kid. Say something cute. Talk about picking your nose. You seem like a smart kid. You wanna go out some time?
{Music from the Pom Pom short plays. Homestar dances.}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: You've got no interest in the crazy man over here, do you?
{Homestar Runner comes too close to the swing and is hit three times.}
{The screen goes black and "end." appears on the screen.}

Fun Facts


  • The Limozeen sequence simulates a laser show.
  • Low res is short for low resolution which refers to an image with a low level of detail.
  • The calculator during the Limozeen sequence displays 3.14, which is a common approximation for Pi.


The layout of the land, err.. Free Country in silhouette form.
  • Short shorts were mentioned just a week earlier with Camp Counselor Shortshorts in Teen Girl Squad 11.
  • Millionzoic is a portmanteau.
  • After the Coach Z Dactyl flies by for the first time, it remains off camera at the left edge of the animation until just after Caveman Strong Bad splashes tar on Caveman Homestar, at which time the Dactyl pops back into view for a frame or two before disappearing in preparation for its second flight.
  • The Pom Pom short reveals that Bubs' Concession Stand abuts Strong Badia, and apparently a lush forest exists beyond that.
  • The sky can be seen inside Bubs' Concession Stand during Pom Pom's scene. This would only be possible if one of the walls were missing.
  • Pom Pom shows off his skills with the bo.
  • At the February 2006 Flashforward, Matt Chapman mentioned that Missy Palmer was pregnant—the Very, Very Little Girl in the Easter egg is perhaps Mike and Missy's baby.
  • The music at the beginning of Homestar vs. Very, Very Little Girl comes from Strong Bad's kids' show in for kids.
  • Very, Very Little Girl is in a Fisher-Price B0639 Cradle Swing with the Rubber Ducky pattern.


  • The french fry on the table loses its reflection after the cut to the wider shot.
  • The french fries The Cheat spits out have no reflection.

Inside References

File:Barscene anim.gif
Déjà Vu Anyone?
  • The same short shorts on the title screen are worn by Matt Chapman in an Easter egg in Peasant's Quest Preview.
  • Homestar has an egg on his hat in the restaurant sequence, which also features the same French fries and bottles of Quite Fancy 'Chup first seen in funny.
  • Millionzoic Homestar says that his breath smells real real bad, which is similar to how he told Strong Bad that his burps smell real bad in Sick Day.
  • Millionzoic Homestar turns into a steak with a gold tooth.
  • "The ol' Cheatasaurus" is what Strong Bad nicknamed The Cheat in other days.
  • The short in The Millionzoic Era resembles the MS Paint picture Strong Mad sends Strong Bad of a brontosaurus eating bacon and eggs at the end of lunch special.
  • The back beat during the Pom Pom short is also from Theme Song Video.
  • The animation of Pom Pom's smoke bomb is the same animation of Strong Bad's pants poofing away in senior prom.
  • The "guitar stars" featured in the laser show are from rock opera.
  • The solar calculator during the Limozeen laser show is similar to the one on the chalkboard in technology, which also displayed 3.14.
  • There is a LEMKE flag on the wall in the bar short.
  • Homestar mentions bread in the bar short.
  • The bar short with Homestar and Pom Pom drinking 'old ones is almost identical to a scene near the end of the Theme Song Video.

Real-World References

  • Texas circumscribing the calculator and the lyrics of the song are a reference to Texas Instruments, a computer and electronics development company.
  • One of the backgrounds of Pom Pom's Bo routine is modeled after the ukiyo-e woodblock painting "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" by Hokusai.
  • The Limozeen lyrics "Well, she was only twenty-seventeen." and "I think you know what I mean!" are references to the lyrics "Well she was just seventeen. You know what I mean." from The Beatles song "I Saw Her Standing There". Also, the second line of the Beatles song originally went, "Never been a beauty queen" (or "Not exactly a beauty queen", depending on the source), until John Lennon told Paul McCartney to change it.
  • "Dare to Bare!" is a reference to a slogan used by hair-removal product Nair, who became famous for their ad jingle where people asked "Who wears short shorts?"

The Pom-Pom sequence may also be a minor reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender, in which the main character often flies through trees in such a manner as Pom pom.

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