Super Kingio Bros.

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Jump, King of Town, jump!

Super Kingio Brothers is a secret game, found after clicking The King of Town after Pumpkin Carve-nival is over. It is impossible to beat. The King of Town represents Mario. He can barely move, much less jump over the Goomba that eventually kills him.


Fun Facts


  • The King of Town starts out with three lives, yet dying once ends the game.
  • On the Flash file, right-clicking and selecting "Play" will cause the Goomba to stop moving and allowing The King of Town to move to the end of the screen (or as far as the Goomba is).
  • This game is featured in several questions on the FAQ.
  • The King of Town says "my life is a joke" after he sings the game over song.


  • Pressing "J" any time while the black level screens are shown causes The King of Town to grunt (the same grunt used when he jumps).
  • The entire screen appears to be an invisible Flash button, commonly used for Easter eggs, but nothing happens when you click.

Real-World References

  • This is based almost exactly on the very beginning of the first level of Super Mario Bros, the exception being the King's starting position, which is slightly further forward than Mario's.
    • The King of Town's clothes, hat, nose and mustache are near-identical to Mario's.
    • The music is The King of Town "singing" the beginning of the classic Mario theme, the death sound, and the game over song.
    • The only thing missing from the display is the coin counter, which should be in the gap between the "Score" and the "World" indicator. In Super Mario Bros., collecting one hundred coins resulted in a 1-up, or extra life. Since the KOT can't collect any, it's probably just as well that it's missing.
    • The timer always displays a time of 000. In a real game of Super Mario Bros., this would mean you've run out of time on a particular level and will lose a life.

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