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Offensive content Warning: Language that may be considered offensive by some readers follows.

"And this one talks about cussing..."
From the Tastes Like Chicken Interview:

INTERVIEWER: But what are the reasons behind keeping the site ad-free and making it clean enough for kids to view?


MIKE: It’s really just more of our style. ... It wasn’t a super hard decision to make. We probably would have been doing it like this anyway. We’ve always leaned toward the more subtle type of humor, as opposed to over-the-top.

MATT: But when we get our sketch comedy show, dude, there’s going to be so many swears!

Even given this attitude, there have been many examples of various degrees of swearing on the website, both stated and implied.


  • Email trevor the vampire — Strong Bad types "What the f" before he interrupts himself.
  • Email sb_email 22 — Strong Bad edits the phrase "Thank You" to "Nevermind the Bullocks", a misspelling of an English slang term for male genitalia which could offend the English audience, if not relevant to their American counterparts.
  • Email sugarbob — One of Strong Bad's instant messages contains the word "lmao", which means "laughing my ass off." Another one reads, "SB is the shizzle", which in this context means "Strong Bad is the shit".
  • Email the bird — Strong Bad, Pom Pom and Homestar all supposedly give "the finger" gesture, even though none have visible fingers.
  • Email cheat talk — In an Easter egg, the announcer translates one of The Cheat's phrases as "Check it out, this is going to be great. Just say 'Screw all y'all!'" (a direct reference to sb email 22), then adds "And now on to Lesson 2: All the swears."
  • Old Characters PageBubs' description says that he makes "a helluva sno-cone".
  • Second and Third Games Menu — The titlebar for both pages reads, in part, "for the whole damn family!" Also, on the Second Games Menu, the description for the Homestar Talker reads, "Homestar says the darndest things. You want to make him swear don't you? Shame on you. Call your mother."
  • Email comic — In an Easter egg, one of the records visibly displays the phrase "You Stupid Asshole." This was later censored in strongbad_email.exe, but remains uncensored on HomestarRunner.com.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 3Cheerleader thinks her elephant head is "hella tight."
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 7 — The girls react to Tompkins's comment, "Heck, I'm taller than you," by shouting "TOMPKINS MADE A SWEAR!!!"
  • Email no loafing — Strong Bad says one of his posters (with the caption "Failure is not a 4-letter word") talks about cussing.
  • Commandos in the Classroom
    • Pony Fights 2 is rated PG-13 for "Severe cussing and very illegal pony fights."
    • Reynold attempts to "swear a cuss", then says "diaper biscuits", causing the rest of the Commandos to laugh at him.
    • When Reynold says "I might as well go home and get teen pregnant", Gunhaver calls him a "Cheat Cuss-mando."
  • In Search of the Yello Dello — The first deleted scene's description mentions that it was deleted because of Homestar's "foul mouth". The foul language was most likely the phrase "freakin' duck".
    • According to its description, the secret deleted scene had to be revised because of Marzipan swearing, even though there's no evidence of her using foul language in the scene.
  • In Strong Sad's Lament one of his emotions is "the frig?" as in "what the frig?"
  • Hairstyle Runner — One of the heads in the gallery is titled "smartass".
  • Email lady fan — Marzipan calls Strong Bad a "horse's twees". Homestar first used the word "twees" to refer to Strong Bad's butt, also calling it "your buttweesimo", so we can surmise that Marzipan meant "horse's ass", a common insult.
  • Kid Speedy — One of the items that causes Kid Speedy to lose all his speed is "@!?#!".
  • Homestar's Yearbook — Homestar states, "Sign my yearbook! ... but don't use any swears, because my mom reads it."
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 11.2 — Thinking that he had been given the cold shoulder after asking for a seven-letter word, Homestar asks for a four-letters word for censoring a cuss word, which ends up being "beep."
  • Strongest Man in the World — After a very angry string of bubbles from Pom Pom, a shocked Homestar asks him to "tone down the language".
  • Email coloring - Homsar has blocks stacked that say, "Turd".

See Also

  • In addition to the above, the word "crap" is often used as a swear word.
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