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P comma Peacey

Several characters carry various symbols and logos on their bodies.

Character or Group Description Example

[edit] Main Characters' Symbols

Homestar Runner A white five-point star on his shirt. His own trademark.
Strong Bad His mask eyepiece Holy Crap!
Strong Mad An "M" on his chest. (Does not appear in some early toons.) I'M STRONG MAD!
Coach Z His "Z" medallion. More than two problems!
The King of Town His gold crown. D'ya have any hip rub in thar?
Homsar His name in white Bauhaus 93 letters written across his shirt. AaAaAaAaAa!

[edit] Other Characters' Symbols

Dangeresque and Dangeresque Too Cool, cool glasses (Dangeresque's aviators and Dangeresque Too's shutter sunglasses) Looks like we're gonna have to jump!
The Homestar Runner (storybook) The duckie on his shirt. Quack quack.
Peacey P A peace symbol appended with a "y", joined by a "P". Often written in a graffiti style. Y'all biscuitheads.
The Thnikkaman "TH" written on a piece of paper. "Yeah, shut up kid."

[edit] Pseudocharacters' Symbols

Carol Her name written in MotterFemD across her lower bout. We be jammin'.
Compé The Compé logo, with "com" in Westminster font and "pé" in Georgia font (bolded and italicized). It's the Compé and you can't stop mé once you join forces with the scrolla-buttonés!
Compy 386 "Compy 386" in Square721 B with the 386 italicized. A digital revolution in logo...ness.
Corpy NT6 A modified Denmark font reading "Corpy NT6" with the letters colored black, red, and gray. Back to work, drone!
Lappier The Lappier logo, with the "ier" italicized. Just like the previous model, only crappier.
Lappy 486 The Lappy 486 logo. Now THAT is a classy logo!
Tandy 400, Tangerine Dreams, Monosodium Dreams, Happy 8600, The Cheat's iMac (2018), various smartphones A star based on the old rainbow Apple Logo. The logos from Monosodium Dreams onward are updated to match the modern monochromatic Apple logo. *chomp**champ*

[edit] Band Logos

Bigg Nife "BIGG" printed in embossed block letters, "NIFE" in loose bubble letters with a big knife forming the "I". "Well, all right!"
Brainkrieg A reversed B and K with their spines connected, drawn in an angular style with additional protruding spikes. The design is reminiscent of the Dead Kennedys logo. "Are you even plugged in?"
Cool Tapes "CooL tapes" written in drippy spray-paint. And we like it like that!
DÖI The band's name written in red gothic blackletter. "A-one, a-two, a-come and feel the BRAIN CRUNCH!!"
Lazor The name arcing in pointy, laser-like letters with a shining diamond flare at the end. Larry got this hat from the LAZOR guitarist 'Crush'
Limozeen The band's name in shiny metallic letters, with a lightning bolt forming the "Z". The design is reminiscent of the AC/DC logo. Live this Zaturday!
PomStar The band's name written inside Pom Pom's body, with a star in the middle. "Girl, we got a food related love..."
sloshy "sloshy" printed upside down in grungy sans-serif. The tail of the "y" is extended and the "o" is red. We don't really even care about you.
Taranchula Pointed stylized capital letters, often colored to resemble fangs dripping with blood. BROTHER IN A JAR!
Two-O Duo The band's name written in a green techno font. "One, two, one-one two."

[edit] Organization Logos

Blue Laser An upside-down red triangle with a "BL" written across it. Fan-freaking-tastic!
Boardelectrix A smiling purple board game piece with "boardelectrix" written beside it in white against a red background. The creators of Jurvy-Skat!
Cheap as Free The name inside a cloud. New from Cheap As Free Toys!
Cheat Commandos A rectangle with rounded corners, with "Cheat Commandos" written on it. The "Cheat" is yellow with black spots, and the "Commandos" is striped with red, white, and brown in a wavy pattern. Rock Rock On!
Compy, Inc. The word "Compy" written in white letters in the Compy's font, against a black striped background. It's here! It's here! It's fina-lully here!
Crazy Go Nuts University The words "CGNU" and the university's slogan on a yellow crest. The Future Is You... probably
Freshley's The company name written in orange with a green leaf sticking out of it. About the freshest shoes you can imagine
The Homestar Runner body of work A light blue circle, with a star in the middle and an "h" and an "r" or either side, all surrounded by a golden border. Everybody! Everybody!
L.U.R.N. The smiling face of an anthropomorphic flower wearing an academic cap. "L.U.R.N." is written above. Life Blossoms Undergoing Re-programming Naturally
Metalmation "METALMATION", written in a rainbow of colors. Loose parody of the Filmation logo. "Remember those guys from that band Limozeen?"
The Municipality The King of Town's face with angry eyes and a menacing mouth. Reminiscent of Darth Vader's mask. We're onto you.
On Point Kings The words "ON POINT" inside a king's crown. Are you on point?
Pistols for Pandas An angry panda with revolvers for eyebrows and the initials PFP in Cooper Black overhead. They need all the firepower they can get.
The Pizz The restaurant's name written in the shape of a pizza slice in a circle. Strong Bad's Strong Badian Pizza
Pom Pictures A white "pom" written in a yellow circle, with "Pictures" written in black beneath. The creators of city (comma) state
SBASAF "SBASAF" in stylish lettering with a rocket resembling the first 'A' and its trail forming the second 'S'. Also a planet and three stars are positioned over the second 'a'. Great planets!
Senor Cardgage Mortgage A red wiggly line with "Senor Cardgage" written below it, and "Mortgage" written in blue below that. The hole in the G is replaced by a dollar sign. It is underlined in yellow. "Get a Leg Up on the Pile and Refinance Your Dreams!"
Smarty JuiceThe brand's name written in a yellow swirly font with lines of majesty surrounding it. "Far out"
Some Type of Online Auction The name written in normal letters, with "ONLINE" in colorful, bouncy letters. Parody of eBay's logo at the time. A great place to sell a half-eaten breakfast burrito
Team Kneepads The team name in yellow and red text. Dribble dribble, shoot!
Thorax Corporation A box with a green "T" and "HORAX" written in black below it. Below that, it says "CORPORATION" in green, and "LLC,,." in black. TOTAL STARDOM
Videlectrix A stylized "V" with "idelectrix" in FederationBold. GOOD GRAPHICS!!

[edit] Country Flags

Bleak House Three stripes, two dark gray on the outside and one light gray on the inside, and a black and white coat of arms with images of two bats and a house. "Blecch House"
Concessionstan Yellow images of the concession stand, a bear, a grenade, and an organ against a red background. Bubs' Concession Stantinople
Country The word "COUNTRY" crudely written in black against a white background. COUNTRY
Homsar Reservation Homsar's Bowler Hat and his "parents", a cup of coffee and a Chipwich, against a blue background. The reservation of the song from the sixties.
Marzistar/Homezipan Marzipan's ponytail on a white diagonal line separating a yellow background with a green peace symbol, and a blue background with a duck on it. East Marzistar and East Homezipan
Pompomerania A circle colored like Pom Pom against a white background. Bubble. Bubble-de-bubble.
Strong Badia A red, white, and brown flag with a snake holding a knife leaping through a tire. Population: Tire
The Cheat and Tirerea A Powered by The Cheat drawing of The Cheat giving the Tire a high five against a green background. Nastiest name for a country Strong Bad's ever heard

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