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This article is about the game. For the character, see Trogdor. For the song, see Trogdor (song). For the karaoke video, see Trogdor (karaoke).
8-bit majesty!!

"The beefy armed dragon has had it up to here with those pesky peasants. Achieve burnination and watch the countryside go up in flames."Videlectrix

TROGDOR! is a game based on the character of Trogdor from the Strong Bad Email dragon. You play as Trogdor, squishing peasants and burninating cottages, all while avoiding knights and archers.

Date: March 17, 2003

Page Title: TROGDOR!!!



Use the arrow keys to control Trogdor.
Stomp 10 peasants to achieve burnination.
Burn all cottages to advance a level.
Avoid knights and archers!
Press SPACE to pause.
click anywhere to START
Programmed by Jonathan Howe
Designed by Mike and Matt


  • There are a number of funny interludes after the following levels, similar to the ones between some levels of Pac Man and other arcade games:
    • Level 4 — "stompin' good"
{A lone peasant is on the left side of the screen. Trogdor approaches from the right with two knights in hot pursuit. Trogdor stomps the peasant and then turns to burninate the knights as they retreat.}
  • Level 8 — "fry 'em up Dan"
{Trogdor is in the middle of the screen. Four peasants approach one by one from the left, are burninated and exit at the bottom of the screen.}
  • Level 12 — "parade of trogdors"
{Nine Trogdors parade from right to left across the screen.}
  • Level 16 — "dancin' time"
{Trogdor breaks it down surrounded by ten burninated peasants and two knights}
  • Level 20 — "flex it, troggie"
{Trogdor flexes his beefy arm.}
  • Level 24 — "peasant dominoes"
{Seven peasants are in a line. Trogdor burninates the peasant on the right. The peasant to the left of the burninated peasant catches fire as the first peasant falls over. This effect dominoes down the line of peasants until they all fall over. Trogdor hops up and down with glee.}
  • Level 30 — "trogdor incognito"
{Two peasants approach each other from opposite sides of the screen and stop in the middle. The peasant on the left burninates the peasant on the right. The peasant on the right runs off. The peasant on the left hops up and down.}
  • Level 34 — "go trogdor # 2!"
{Seven peasants are hopping up and down as two Trogdors race across the screen from left to right. Trogdor number two wins the race.}
  • Level 38 — "forbidden peasant love"
{Two peasants enter the screen from the right with a heart between them. As they reach the middle of the screen, a blue knight runs on screen and takes the peasant on the left away. The heart disappears as the peasant that was on the right is left alone.}
  • Level 42 — "2 cottages"
{Two cottages appear.}
  • Level 46 — "a funny joke"
{A knight is minding his own business on the left side of the screen. Out of nowhere, an archer appears on the right side of the screen and begins to shoot five arrows off of the knight's helmet. The archer leaves and the knight turns to face the spot where he was to find no one is there.}
  • Level 50 — "smote that kerrek!"
{Trogdor is on screen with The Kerrek. The Kerrek bounces up and down a few times before Trogdor burninates him.}
Strong Bad: Mmmm! Roast Kerrek!
  • Level 100 — {A tiny arcade game Strong Bad enters the screen from the right.}
STRONG BAD: What the? What am I doing in this game?
{Arcade Strong Bad moves his arms up and down as the text "congratulations. you got good score" appears}
GAME: Congratulations. You got good score.
STRONG BAD: It sounds so... realistic.
{roll credits}
{Trogdor appears}
{A peasant appears}
{A slightly different peasant appears}
{An on-fire peasant appears}
'the steve'
{A blue knight appears}
the blue knight
{A more different blue knight appears}
the red knight
{Two archers appear, joined at their torso}
the siamese archers
{The Kerrek appears, and is burninated. His ashes form a roast The Kerrek, complete with apple in mouth.}
and Wordly Wise as The Kerrek
{Trogdor and Arcade Strong Bad appear at an angle}
keep playing!
{The game advances to the high score screen}

Easter Eggs

If you score more than 2,000 points and die, Jonathan Howe's name is shown
  • Click and hold the "G" in the TROGDOR title to see some game hints.
    • Don't let the peasants return to their cottages.
    • Once you're burninating, you're invincible.
    • Burninated peasants set their cottages on fire.
    • Get an extra man every 300 points.
    • What's a treasure hut?!?!
    • Secret Code?!?!
  • On the hints screen, you can use the Konami Code (up up down down left right left right B A, and then click the word "START"). This will start you off with 30 lives.
  • During the game you can hit the "k" key to kick the game. This doesn't seem to give you any advantage, but it does cause the machine to repeat the word "TROGDOR!" (A reference to Arcade Game.)
  • You can enter certain huts and pick up gold. To get to them you must burninate certain huts that block them.
    • Some of these huts are:
    • On level 7, the leftmost hut. Burninate the 4 huts in the way.
    • On level 11, the lower right hut. Burninate the huts around it.
    • On level 16, the upper left hut. Burninate the three huts in the way.
    • On level 43, the rightmost hut. Burninate the hut above it.


  • If a peasant makes it back into their cottage, you lose a point on the meter of peasants you squished (unless the meter is already empty). This can be frustrating when some cottages are inaccessible. Make sure you don't miss opportunities to squish peasants on these levels.
  • Knights move in a pattern consisting of two moves (repeated over and over), completely ignoring Trogdor and the peasants. Their pattern gets "mirrored" when they hit a wall. Learning their patterns is one of the keys to doing well in the game.
  • When you burninate peasants, they will run back to their cottage, which will burninate the cottage without need for direct burnination.
  • Peasants will still come out of Burninated cottages, though Trogdor can walk right through them. Knights and arrows can go through any cottage.
  • Archers appear in much greater frequency when you progress, but knights tend to be the main obstacle. Be sure to pay attention to the edges of the screen for archers. Arrows go about the same speed as Trogdor.

Fun Facts


  • Using a seek bar suggests that this game was originally intended to have a high-score board. It actually does here; unfortunately, this version has the old impossible level 27 (see below) and some bugs.
  • Flex it Troggie, Forbidden Peasant Love, and Smote That Kerrek are the only three animations that use art that isn't used during gameplay.


  • In Peasant's Quest it says that Trogdor is invincible, but he can die in this game.
  • When an archer kills Trogdor, it shows Trogdor with several arrows stuck in him, even though the archer shot only one.
  • When Trogdor gets sworded, the knight is still holding his sword and there is one sticking out of Trogdor.


  • Lev. 27 was well nigh impossible. The peasant-paths were accessible only for 2 of the 6 cottages, so for every peasant you squished there were 2 left to wander back into their cottages (diminishing your burninator meter). Meanwhile, the cottages themselves walled you in to a very small area, which made you a sitting duck for archers and knights. This level was "fixed" as of February 12, 2005, making it much simpler to beat. The change is documented in the FAQ.
  • Sometimes, the peasants walk too far upwards and end up standing in the sky.


  • Pausing causes a purple ball to become visible on the screen.
  • If you die as soon as you achieve burnination status, you will come back to life with burnination, assuming you have any mans left.
  • When you pause the game while a cottage is burninating, it will continue to burninate until it is destroyed.
  • Sometimes you will get "SWORDED" just because you are near the knight, not by necessarily making contact with him.
  • In the .swf version, right click and click play after the knight swords you on your last man to start at -1 mans, but click play again for game over.
  • If you pause at the "LEVEL BEATEN" screen Trogdor will be unmovable afterward and cannot unpause.
  • If you are still burninating while you go into a secret room, then it will show the flame where you last were.
  • For a very short moment after burnination stops (and the fire is no longer visible), you can still burninate cottages and peasants.
  • Sometimes, while in a treasure hut, Trogdor will get randomly "SWORDED," but you won't lose any lives.
  • If you burninate a peasant, then run out of burnination and squish that same peasant, then one of the cottages may spontaneously combust after a short time.
  • Peasants and Knights can go through cottages, and Archers can shoot through cottages.
  • Right before the "Stompin' Good" cutscene, the "It's Over!" screen flashes.
  • When you beat level 4, you will see the "It's Over!" screen flash for a split second before the cutscene shows up.

Fixed Glitches

  • If you pause the game (using the space bar) when the archer is out pulling his bow, he will get stuck there until the end of the level, even if you die on that level.
    • As of February 12, 2005, this glitch has been fixed, so archers will disappear after unpausing the game and reappear as normal. However, the glitch is still present on the version that includes a high score list.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The "Arch-Deluxe" is a reference to an old McDonald's Burger called the Arch Deluxe.
  • Jonathan Howe's name being an easter egg is actually a reference to Adventure for the Atari 2600. When it was made Atari intentionally kept game designers from achieving celebrity status (or getting a sniff of royalties/credit). In rebellion to this, Warren Robinett hid his name inside what is commonly regarded as the first Easter egg. It was accessible only by picking up an invisible object, carrying it through a dragon-infested maze, and touching it to a blank wall. Doing this revealed a room with Warren's name plastered all over in rainbow colors.
  • Wordly Wise is a series of textbooks designed to build student's vocabulary. What this has to do with the Kerrek is unknown.
  • When you die the replay button says "CHALLENGE AGAIN!". This references the bad ending of Ghosts and Goblins which says the same thing.
  • "Fry 'em up Dan" is a direct quote from Shel Silverstein's poem "Ladies First".
  • The peasants in love may be a reference to the video game Pac-man, by Namco, in which Pac-man and Mrs. Pac-man move onto the screen and a heart forms above them.

Fast Forward

Strong Bad Quotes

  • Strong Bad will say things while you play. Here's a list:
  • "Aw, this is the worst game I've ever played!"
  • "Stupid, friggin' knights." (This is apparently always said if you are sworded while the peasant meter is at nine.)
  • "Ugh, stupid arch-deluxe."
  • "Ugh, nothing more humiliating then getting killed by the archer...arch you next time!" (if you get arrowed to end your last life)
Squish a Peasant:
  • "Squished you, peasanty."
  • "I squish you"
  • "A Squisha Squisha"
Get Burninate Power:
  • "The tables have turned!"
Burninate a Cottage:
  • "Doosh!"
Burninate a Peasant:
  • {laughing} "He's on fire! Look at 'em burning!"
Beat a Level:
  • "Oh yeah!"
  • "Ohh.. this is the best game I've ever played."
  • "Oh, yes! And the Trogdor comes in the niiight!"
Game Over (depending on your score):
  • "Oh, Trogdor! I pine for you."
  • STRONG BAD: "Beat that score, Strong Sad!"
  • STRONG SAD: "I don't even want to play that game."
  • "Wow! That's the best secret thing I ever found in a video game. It's like... some dude's name. Flashing and stuff. {Jonathan Howe's name appears flashing}
Upon reaching certain animations:
  • "Mmmmm, roast Kerrek!"
  • "What the? What am I doing in this game?!"
  • "I sound so... realistic."

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