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This article is about the toons menu itself. For the list of all toons, see Toons.
The new Toons menu

The menu in which all the Toons are listed on a TV Guide-like magazine entitled TV Time.

Place: Homestar Runner's House

Date: July 14, 2002

Page Title: Fun in the Living Room!


Running Times

The running time of each short is listed beside each entry, but occasionally there are differences between the stated and actual time.

Easter Eggs

  • Clicking on the top left corner of the TV Time booklet will close it and show one of four different covers:
Cover Caption Description
Homestar Runner and Company: Eating Pie and Getting Doppy The main characters of Homestar Runner (except Homsar)
Homestar Runner: Ummm...Seriously Homestar Runner
Strong Bad: The Last Great Guy? Strong Bad
Strong Mad & the Cheat: The Next Bosom Buddies? Strong Mad hugging The Cheat
  • By placing the mouse over the Strong Bad Email button and holding it there for a short while, the TV will show Strong Bad sitting at the Tandy 400 soundlessly checking his email, receiving the following message:

to which Strong Bad replies, "No such thing, Stu. No such thing."

Fun Facts


  • The toons menu layout changed on June 22, 2004, and divided all the toons into eight categories. (The old version can be seen here.) It displayed Strong Bad Email, Marzipan's Answering Machine, and Teen Girl Squad in a section called Features. Powered by The Cheat and Puppet Stuff were listed under Shorts.
  • The Back button will always go to Main Page 4.
  • Homestar Runner's TV is called TeeBee.
  • During the sample of The Reddest Radish on the TV, Strong Bad jumps and spins. He does not do this in the actual toon.
  • Likewise, during the sample of Kick the Can, The Homestar Runner's body sinks onto his legs and his head sinks into his body. Then his head and legs sprout out of the can. This also does not happen in the toon.
  • The preview of The System is Down has Homestar running past the 404 error. He does not do this in the toon.
  • The preview of the Strong Bad Email webcomic consists of a Gamerjox comic not seen in the email.
  • The Strong Bad Email Easter Egg comes from an abandoned project called Wireless Bizness.
  • On February 12, 2007, a "New Stuff" tape replaced one of the (non-interactive) "Joy of Painting" videos. When clicked, it lists the toons released in 2007 and 2008.
  • During the sample of Quality Time, Cardboard Homestar's eyes have no glasses and are shaped like Homestar's eyes.
  • The contrast buttons in the Tandy in the preview of the Strong Bad Email are clickable, but they don't do anything.
  • The previews for Fan Costumes '06 and Fan Costumes '07 display costumes that do not appear in the videos themselves.


What's with all the noise?


Well, no toons this week... CURSE YOU HOMESTAR!!!!!
  • Sometimes, on older computers, clicking Toons, Shorts, or Holiday does not open the closed TV Time booklet, so the cover must be clicked on to open it. All it shows is a blank page with the title "Dennis" on it.

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