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There was a comment in a previous edit that wiki did not allow for underlining, and that underlining was preferred for book titles. In reality, italicizing is always preferred to underlining when available (as it is on the web and in wiki), and underlining is only taught in high school English because of the lack of italic fonts on typewriters. Render

Two Rights Hands?

One of the trivia items says that when you select "Maybe", it shows Strong Bad with two right hands? Can anyone else verify it? I don't see it...--Duke33 10:38, 9 Nov 2004 (MST)

I can't see it either; maybe it's been fixed? Can someone who has actually seen this before verify it?

Possible Fun Fact?

Since I got bored today, I played the dodgeball game for a while. I've noticed that the counter in the background, once getting past 100, will switch decimal places so that only the 10s place and the 100s place are visible. Thus, 100-109 looked like 10 and so forth. Should this be included in the Fun Facts? Perhaps added in to the Easter Eggs?

For one, it wouldn't really belong in Easter Eggs, since it's just a limitation of flash causing it in that instance. For another, it's already on the Peg Strong Sad page. --TheNintenGenius 07:13, 20 Jan 2005 (MST)
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