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Deux ex wrongina

Okay, I accidently hit "Enter" while trying to hit "Backspace" in the Summary line. I removed this fact:

The scene wherein Homestar is flown half-way out could well reference the style of the old religious plays. The God-figure was often flown in or out of the scene by way of a winch and sturdy rope, both of which were generally visible to the audience anyway. This sudden appearance, used as a means of reaching the end or moral of the play, is one of the accepted roots of the term "Deus ex machina," which in this case is taken literally.

Because it's not true - the term "Deus ex machina" dates back to Greek plays and has nothing to do with anyone being carried out of the scene by a rope. Just a heads up. --Jay 21:11, 15 Apr 2005 (UTC)

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