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==The end  ==
Yes this is the end of the Compy's era=(
== Is this the end?  ==
== Is this the end?  ==
Is the Compy 386 [[virus|dead]]?
Is the Compy 386 [[virus|dead]]?

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The end

Yes this is the end of the Compy's era=(

Is this the end?

Is the Compy 386 dead? -Jon

Does anyone know what the font used on the Compy 386 is?


Compy 386's Startup Screen

Who realized the Compy 386's startup screen is like the screen of an old IBM PC's. They both have those white lines that make up IBM and 386.


No Tower?

Where is the tower and hard drive to the computer?

How do you know it has a tower and hard drive?


Well, I suppose I just assumed it would have one. I know there are a few that don't have it, but there are always floppy disks on the side, and what not. So is there not a tower or what?

Compy's Gender

This computer must be a male since Strong Bad refers to it has his "brother" in the email "virus", number 118. Heh...Tandy's a girl and Compy's a guy. --Osiris-Kitty

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