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(Warcraft III reference)
(Warcraft III reference)
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"These elves give me the creeps" made me think of the Jibblies, but I know there's no reffrence in that.  Although the Trogdar is 100% definet[[User: Ben Again|Ben Again]]
"These elves give me the creeps" made me think of the Jibblies, but I know there's no reffrence in that.  Although the Trogdar is 100% definet. -[[User: Ben Again|Ben Again]]
== Xgen reference ==
== Xgen reference ==

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In case you were wondering

This here's the 1,000th page. -- Tom 15:48, 12 May 2005 (UTC)

Tom, you're a step ahead of me. I came here to make a similar note. I'm not sure I ever imagined we'd reach a thousand articles back when I started this wiki. Good jorb, everyone! — wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits) 21:19, 12 May 2005 (UTC)

Actually, this isn't the thousandth page. A few pages that were created before this one have since been deleted, making Fonts the official thousandth article. — wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits) 18:16, 17 May 2005 (UTC)

Sorry, but yeah it is. See my comment at Talk:Fonts#Thousandth article for clarification. I'm also going to remove the strike-though that was added to my comment above, since I didn't retract it or anything like that. -- Tom 19:41, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

Albino Blacksheep

In a new Flash game on, parodying Everquest, one of the characters has a "Summoning" ability which can be used to summon Trogdor the Burninator. I'm not sure, however, if this should go under Games or Animation...

Well it's a game, so it should go under games. Makes sense to me. --phlip TC 00:46, 26 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Kay then. I will. thanks.

Ok, not sure if this counts as a good enough sighting or not, but in World of Warcraft there is possible another sighting, in the Barrens there is an Ogre called Jorb. Do you think this counts? - P

Delete Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?

Driving around Las Venturas, one can find a "Bub's Hardware." The sign also seems to say something about "Cheats." A map is included here.

  • This seems like a stretch. All the other examples are clear references, or at least very likely to be, but this one could easily be pure coincidence. Anybody else think it should be deleted? — Bill 21:59, 6 December 2005 (UTC)
I noticed this a while ago, too. I'm pretty sure it's a total stretch. Bub and Cheat are common words. It's not even "Bubs", it's "Bub". - Joshua
And I think I'ma go delete that now. small_logo.pngUsername-talk 20:20, 8 December 2005 (UTC)
Don't! I found another refrence!:

In GTA: San Andreas, there is a car called Nebulon - Wario64


Delete it:

  1. Bill
  2. Joshua
  3. Bassium! m OCE
  4. I R F
  5. small_logo.pngUsername-talk
  6. talk Bubsty edits
  7. ~16_BIT_MARIO1

Keep it:

  1. Wario64

Warcraft III reference

there's a reference of trogdor in WCIII:TFT. can we add it?

Do you have the details of the sighting? If possible, Can someone confirm? --Stux 06:18, 15 December 2005 (UTC)

I wrote that, Its in level three one of the guards is called trogdor--Ed500 08:30, 18 December 2005 (UTC)

heres the picture


does it count?

It is only one letter off (a/o), and too much of a coincidence if one, so I think it does. -Zyborg

"These elves give me the creeps" made me think of the Jibblies, but I know there's no reffrence in that. Although the Trogdar is 100% definet. -Ben Again

Xgen reference

theres a TGS reference when you play stick arena

(username) iron chef'd (username)

can it count?--Ed500 07:06, 26 December 2005 (UTC)

Probably, if it isn't a player. If it is a CPU, then I would think so. -Zyborg

It does. There is no AI and this applies for anyone who kills someone with a katana. there a 1 in 3 chance of that popping up. Ed500

American Wasteland Squad!

Okay, is this a real sighting? Either the producers of the game were obsessed with TGS, TBC helped design the game, or the entry is bogus. Can some one help me out? -Marth 99 22:33, 3 January 2006 (UTC)

I have no way of proving it for you, but it doesn't sound too unlikely to me. Mostly because of the "Late 360" etc., which was a skateboarding allusion to begin with. And the sightings in the other Tony Hawk game above add credibility. —AbdiViklas 22:39, 3 January 2006 (UTC)
I actually have the game myself, so I should probably play it and see for myself before complaining. (Side note: I actually noticed the Limozeen sighting in THUG 1, but i thought it coincidence. -Marth 99 22:41, 3 January 2006 (UTC)

Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines

When buying fuel for the flame thrower, the fuel is called "Burninator brand".-Hitokiri Akins

Kingdom Hearts II

In Kingdom Hearts II, when fighting the Hydra, there is a reaction command called Urninator. This is only one letter off from Burninator. Think I should add it? - Zyborg 4/13/06 (Edit: The strategy guide said Everybody to the Limit, not the manual. Although, the strategy guide is most likely official. I'll add the Urninator to the page, delete if necessary.)

I checked Amazon for strategy guides for Kingdom Hearts II. I found out that the guide is made by BradyGames, not Square Enix(the company that makes KH2). The Everybody to the Limit reference in the strategy guide should really go under books instead.

Though I think the Urninator reference might be legit. The Hydra is a dragon, just like ol' Troggie.

Other Sightings, then. We don't have a "books" section. Maybe magazines? --DorianGray


  • I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is NOT a reference; seeing as Gouichi Suda has an obsession with lucha libre in general, it's not surprising that Yoon-Hyun's mask looks like Strong Bad's. It's a coincidence. Danny Lilithborne 07:52, 17 July 2006 (UTC)

Fully Ramblomatic

Two of the games on this site have obvious H*R refernces. First off, Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment has one of them. About a third of the way through the game, one of your redshirts is zapped by a lazer security system thing and says, "Ow! My most of me!"

Secondly, the special edition of 7 Days a Skeptic. If you go to the captain's console and type in 'Pasta Sauce', it shows a "How Do You Type With Boxing Gloves" email. Remember, this is the special edition and does not work with the normal one.

Figured you guys would want to know

Well, in that case, add them onto the article. You're welcome to do so. This is why we have a wiki! – The Chort 16:26, 2 September 2006 (UTC)


Can someone confirm this? I honestly don't think it's real, Homestar had a small fanbase at the time of its release.


in toontown online 1 of the npc in donalds dock wants you to call him choche(sp?) z. any iders?

Alchmist's Apprentice

There's a new online game called Alchemist's Apprentice that has an item called "whatsit" described thusly: "This soft, sticky, stinky substance is an excellent fertilizer and chief projectile weapon of simians."

I've never heard reference to "whatsit" outside of, but I could be wrong, and I don't know how to properly edit this page. Is this a reference?

  • Well, I've certainly never heard of "whatsit" describing excrement outside of H*R, and the quote certainly suggests that meaning. Searching Wikipedia for "whatsit" brings you to a disambiguation page that doesn't mention that definition, so I'd say it's a reference. -Unknownwarrior33 02:03, 28 March 2007 (UTC)

Guitar Hero II

Wait until it comes out. Mmm... I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!!

Actually, I just found undeniable, unquestionable proof that justifies adding GHII to the list before release. And video footage.
See Trogdor (song)#Trivia. -- Tom 23:05, 28 October 2006 (UTC)

I just watched the X-Play Review of Guitar Hero II on the Xbox 360, and what they had was a final copy, obviously, and they showed a section that showed a downladed track (the section was called "Downloaded Songs") called "Rodgort" this a reference to Trogdor?

Dead Rising Decline

Dead Rising's HomeRunner's Shoes is more of a reference to the baseball term, rather than Homestar Runner.--Reign of Trogdor 05:25, 29 October 2006 (UTC)

Diner Dash - Flo on the Go

To the limit AND the moon

well i saw this while i was checking out the secret levels for this game...

will this count? Yoshi mgs (talk • contribs) Yoshi mgs (left unsigned)

I'd buy it. Between the Everybody to the Limit and the moon refs, it sounds plausible. --DorianGray

Also, if you notice, the first level is called "Date Night" Which might be a refrence to the H*R cartoon of the same name This'n. but that might be a stretch.

H*R Shirt

A character in Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam wears a top suspiciously similar to Homestar's. Since the other Tony game-sightings, will this count? Marvelrulez

Depends. What's the shirt look like? Any webpage where we can see it? Bluebry 18:55, 31 December 2006 (UTC)

The best I could find. Marvelrulez

Ah, da da da da DA-A!! So confused... what to think?? Hot Homestar?!? My brain is splitting in half! Elcool (talk)(contribs) 15:45, 1 January 2007 (UTC)

Is that a yes? Marvelrulez

Lets just say its a yes Mr nutt (talk)

Full Auto 2 versions

I added the reference for Full Auto 2, but I can only be sure that it's in the PSP version. I know the PSP and PS3 versions of the game are very different, so I specified which version. Is it in both versions? -Unknownwarrior33 02:01, 28 March 2007 (UTC)


Two things:

-I added the Crackdown Double Deuce thing. -I deleted the Dead or Alive 4 thing. Why? Because that was the signature of whoever this person was fighting at the time. You see, when fighting over Xbox Live your opponents Sig will appear as the message in the Gamblers Paradise stage. This might not be clear. Maybe someone could clarify for all the beautiful peoples? (However, that is a nice find) -Dwigt 01:34, 14 April 2007 (UTC)

Sam & Max

about a month back I've added a refrence to Sam & Max Ep.5, see This however was removed by user Shwoo stating "it might be a coinicidence". I did not wan't to spoil too much of the game, so I didn't go into specifics, but in fact the "character" which I quoted was, in fact an Arcade machine, which I think strengthens the fact that this is a refrence to the site. On a side note, the whole episode is Internet/computer/Video game centric, filled with references such as "It's-a me, Sam!" and so. Please reconsider adding it to the sightings section. 18:47, 28 April 2007 (UTC)

I've looked at it and have concluded that it's not a valid reference. It says "Your goggles explode! Game Over!", but the reason why I feel it isn't a reference is because a) it's grammatically correct, unlike "Your head a splode", and b) if it really was a reference, it would have been "a splode", not "explode". – The Chort 19:29, 28 April 2007 (UTC)

Does Postal 2 count?

I am not cautious due to the extremely offensive nature of the game, but rather because the Homestar Runner references are only included in a fanmade expansion mod. However, the publisher of the game has included this mod in a commercial compilation. Would this be eligible for inclusion?

Personally, I don't think so. This strikes me as a page for references by full-time developers, not people who love a game and have a bit of programming skill. I could personally mod a game and release it, but I doubt it'd be included here. But that's just my personal opinion, I feel it ought to get approval or disproval from someone higher thought of here.--Gaeamil 12:05, 20 December 2007 (UTC)


Valve's game of Portal, recently released, contains, in the room of the final fight (on the left when you enter the room), there is a red telephone. The receiver is disconnected, about 2 inches from the receiver itself, almost exactly like the phones in the H*R universe. I can upload a picture of it to my personal site if you want to see it. Not entirely sure if it really is a reference, but it certainly struck me as one, hence the discussion before inclusion.--Gaeamil 11:50, 20 December 2007 (UTC)

I really doubt its a reference. The phone cord is cut for plot reasons. (I won't give away those plot reasons right now, but I can if necessary.) -DAGRON 12:28, 20 December 2007 (UTC).
Yeah, I see that. Also, I was thinking it was because of technological reasons, ie, the HL2 engine. Since you could pick up the receiver, the cord would be incredibly inconvenient to program in. Again, that's why I put it in discussion rather than on the page. But, it's still possible, and only the people at Valve can tell us for sure.--Gaeamil 13:08, 20 December 2007 (UTC)

Red Steel

In the Wii game Red Steel, when you enter a name, all of the lowercase letters look like a smaller-font uppercase letter -- except for the I, which gets a dot. Reference to the way it's written on H*R?--Gaeamil (Not logged in)


A result of a battle in StargateWars, an MMORPG, can be that you burninated the enemy. Is this a reference? If it is, it should be added.

Halo-star Runner?

Uh... about the recent Halo reference, is this notable? If my research is correct, Halo came out in 2001, which was probably before the character videos were made. Maybe H*R is instead referencing Halo-or its just a coincidence. Thoughts? Guys? Grapity? DevonM(talk·cont-ribs) 21:30, 29 April 2008 (UTC)

The Character Videos are from 2003. DELETED!!! There we go. --Jay (Gobble) 21:35, 29 April 2008 (UTC)
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