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John Wayne

ummm... Gunhaver doesn't sound anything like John Wayne.

True. neither does he sound like charleton heston.
He looks a bit like Sargeant Slaughter from GI Joe, dunno if he sounds like him though.

Pretty Tall

You know the cheat commandos are supposedly as tall as the cheat, but no one actually knows that right? So when gun haver says that he's pretty tall he might actually be pretty tall! What do you people think?

It's not Gunhaver who is speaking in that QotW, it's the voice actor who plays him, Crack Stuntman. We have no idea how tall he is, or even what he might look like. — It's dot com 20:20, 17 March 2007 (UTC)

Bad Dudes

I've noticed that Crack Stuntman looks like the secret service agent from Bad Dudes (a lot of people have...), but Gunhaver has said secret agent man's jacket... is this just me? Or was this designed to make the two closer together?

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