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I can see why TBC rejected this toon, it's TERRIBLE! I don't know why they rejected the Jumping Jacks one, though. The old site was too cartoony. Part of SB's head came off and he didn't die-or even bleed. Another cartoony thing was that SM bounced into space. This cartoon is just-ughhhhhhh! It sucks like the first season of The Simpsons! IT SUCKS! Ah, felt good to let that out. -Shopiom

Even though I highly agree with you on this cartoon sucking, I must ask why you said that he didn't even die or bleed as though it's a bad thing? -Miss Free Country USA

Dude... it wasn't that bad. -- FireBird

How do you watch it?

How do you watch it?


The link (mirror) is in the External Links section of the toon. And may I suggest creating a User Name? -- FireBird|Talk

Donkey Kong?

Does anyone think that right after Strong Mad is bounced into space, when Strong Bad jumps in to the ring and jumps from side to side, it could be a reference to the opening sequence from Donkey Kong, where Donkey Kong stomps the girders?

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