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4th Wall?

At the beginning, Stinkoman game sounds and music can be heard, so it seems that Stinkoman is playing his own game...and comments on how hard it is. -

That sounds re-ZON-able. Many people have been complaining about how hard the game is. No Smorking 03:00, 17 May 2005 (UTC)

Continuity problem?

If you continue playing on level 6 from level 5, you start off with whatever health 1-Up had from level 5. Is he still carrying Stinkoman's favorite Power Crunch? "His life is your life" and all that... If so, it might make sense, if not, it doesn't. -

Well, it's like that for ALL levels. -MK and/or BurnBox 03:07, 17 May 2005 (UTC)

6.2 Walkthrough - The Easierest Way...

1... don't move... fall to the first cloud... once you make contact, run+jump to the next cloud, and follow the 3-Prong... if you time it right, you do NOT need to jump for a lil' bit as you will run straight (right) until you get to the last evaporating cloud, to which you jump to the solid white, in front of the Socket.

2. Knock out the socket's legs. Keep shooting. Once the first bolt comes at you, jump a LIL earlier, and you'll miss it with enough time to land and jump to dodge the second. You're still shooting until the socket is deaded. If you get hit, don't worry. If you get hit twice... um... try not to worry...

3. Run straight, avoid falling through the next cloud... jump over the drill and the saw...

4. You have the choice to jump over a whole and face a 3-prong, or fall through and land next to a socket. Land next to the socket. Wait until you see a red floater guy... kill with predijuice from your local market. Then hop the clouds... you'll see two evaporating clouds... hop on up and kill the can on the solid white...

5. Proceed to close in on the next evaporating clouds (EV from now on)... kill the pincher... then time it so you fall on the moving solid white (SW)... once you land... you'll have to time yourself pretty good on the stack of EVs... you want to be on the second from the top... once there, jump to the trap door and land... this is to 1. replenish life and 2. bring you to a safer shortcut than going up above...

6. If you hit the trap door and jump right to land on the next SW, you dun did fine... Proceed to go up the SWs instead of the down... once up, you'll be scared of a bunch of ligtningers... when the first once first fires, dart straight across... none of the bolts will hit you, none of the clouds will die on you... just run the second the first one fires...

7. jump over the socket, run straight, don't jump into the flying 3-Prong... kill the bluetant to get a power crunch... even if you don't need it, you can't save it for later... just get it... proceed to the next set of EVs... and it might take a lil bit, but get on the vertical rising SW from there... BE CAREFUL OF JUMPING. you can hit a. a saw, 2. a bluetant shot or % you might fall... if you kill the bluetant, good you! continute.

8. then time it so you're following the flying 3-prong to the right after the first bolt starts... you should be good... the 3-prong doesn't dip into the dip where the bolts are hitting, so that's your safe zone (if the bolts aren't there)... you'll be glad you got that power crunch...

9. If you're good... you made it through with most if not all your life... if you suck like me, you made it through barely... once on the last SW, you're safe... just hop over the EVs and on to the trap door, and onto the last landing where you'll be taken to 6.3!!! GORDANO W/ GLASSES!!!

BTW: I'm Alexander P. hit me up via email at for no reason at all!

Walk through the electrical sockets

It is possible to never have to kill one of the bouncing electrical sockets. When they change from their "bouncing" state into their "shooting" state, they will not hurt or block you if you touch them. So if you run towards them at a constant speed and start holding down the shoot button as soon as you see them, you will walk right through them (though they'll soon turn around and start shooting at you).

The hard part about this is that you literally have to keep walking and shooting, even though you think you are going to get hurt. If you pause for even a millisecond, you will not make it. Try it out and tell me if you can do it (after practice, I can hit it around 90% of the time). I would take a screenshot if I could find a good way to do it.

So it turns out The Liekand was a fat mouse wearing sunglasses...

Could someone please show me a pic of the fat mouse? Thanks! - oopsyoubwokeit

I'd like one too --NFITC1
Click here. Sorry I missed the bit with the sunglasses. --videlectrix.pngENUSY discussionitem_icon.gif user.gifmail_icon.gif 07:51, 23 November 2005 (UTC)
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