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Boring Email!

Guys, I gotta level with ya. This is probably...the most boring email rap I have ever heard. No cool rhymes, songs, headbanging, or even silly ditty. Nothin' but "I am going to check my email." Probably on purpose. But I wanted to point it out. --Bellatrix 21:58, 1 Dec 2004 (MST)

Bell vs. Belle

It says in da transcript that Homestar says "I'm a belle", but I always thought that he was saying "I'm a BELL". You know, cuz he's too dumb to know what the term belle of the ball means, so he just thought Strong Bad was talkin' 'bout a bell as in "ding dong". Any thoughts? -I don't feel like typing my name I mean oh wait typing this took longer anyway, bye.

  • Yeah, uh, random conjecture is bad. There's no reason whatsoever to believe that Homestar is saying "bell" over "belle" - none - so we should keep it consistent with what Strong Bad CLEARLY said. --Jay 18:00, 16 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Costume or Not?

It lists this as a costume for Homestar, but Strong Bad says that the final step is to "Get your mom to make you a Strong Bad costume", so should that be removed from the Other Costumes page?

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