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Please use the existing forum thread to discuss this email.

Response: A few things...
1. I don't have a forum account, and I don't want one. I already have a million accounts on a million different sites and I'm fed up of them all.
2. It's rude to delete things people have added from the Talk: namespace - that's what the Talk: namespace if for!
3. Talk: fits in with the whole Wiki nature thing far better than forums do. I have nothing against the existence of the forum, but as a Wiki fan I'd much rather discuss things here.
In response to your response:
1. Just use the same user name and password for all your many accounts and set them all to log in automaticly. Plus, can you immagine all the spam we would get if it was *not* required that people to log in on the forum? Besides, to have a user name on the wiki you now have to sign up anyway.
2. It's not rude. We are just trying to keep the wiki as professional looking as possable. You should have known that something would happen to your post by the request at the top of this page.
3. I agree that wikitalk fits in with the wiki thing better then a forum does, but, with this wiki at least, we have found that the forum works better for discussing the cartoons. Please remember that we have tried this both ways. ;-)
(Please note that I don't represent the opinions of the moderators of this wiki in anyway, but I've been here a while and these are my observations.)
Response [to James's #1] : that's a terrible, terrible idea! I used to do that many years ago. Then someone hacked one of the forums I was a member of, and used my username and password from that forum to log in to a different forum on which I had adminstrative access.
Response [to James's #2: I'm all for keeping the main wiki as clean and professional as possible, but the Talk: section is different - it's where standards are lower and people who just want to drop in a note without taking the time to clean it up to wiki standards can do so.

"Here Comes" song

Does anyone else think that the Here Comes the Strong Baaad theme song was not very reminiscent of the Thnikkaman song? I didn't notice that when I heard it first, and now that I'm thinking of them both, I don't hear the resemblance. What does everyone else think?

I agree. I didn't even think of the Thnikkaman song when I heard it. I think the tune is from some TV show or movie whose title escapes me at the moment. -- Tom 12:37, 15 Sep 2004 (MST
It's a lot more like the Bonanza theme song (though not exactly the same). Here's a link to the song.
I suppose that the wording is similar, but I don't think that this similarity was something they intended. And the Bonanza one is close, but I think there is a closer one. It sounds really familiar, but I haven't watched too many westerns lately though. --racerx_is_alive 15:08, 15 Sep 2004 (MST)

No one can resist a loaded Thnikkaman. Maybe, if Strong Bad uses this song, his P.O.P. may become stronger.

- Not Strong Bad


    • I was also reminded of the now-infamous Hardball interview with Georgia senator Zell Miller in which Miller ended up challenging Chris Matthews to a duel. Wouldn't surprise me, given that The Brothers Chaps are from Georgia... --codeman38 20:37, 15 Sep 2004 (MST)

Fun facts


  • This is one of the few (if not the only) Strong Bad Emails in which his song does not include the word 'email'.

as it was redundant.

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