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Wow, there's not even a discussion on this one yet? Well I have some stuff to say: I DID NOT LIKE IT!! And you guys probably don't either (admit it, you don't like seeing Strong Bad get beaten up :P). - Miss Free Country USA

Homestar getting poked with a pin
I made another picture for my user page, but thought you guys might like it too :) --AndrewNeo 21:57, 12 Nov 2004 (MST)

Ahnberg Hand Q?

In the letter to Pom-Pom's parents, TBC did not use the modified Ahnberg Hand Q.

What exactly is Ahnberg Hand Q? A font? And what is its significance? (Is that what The Brothers Chaps use for Strong Bad's handwriting?) Please be more specific with things like this. --oddtodd 14:52, 17 Nov 2004 (MST)

Yes, Ahnberg Hand Q is what TBC use for Strong Bad's handwriting. I wish I had it on my computer! -Click if you dare

Question: If Strong Bad's typing gets messed up when he blindfolds himslef, wouldn't that mean that he needs to be looking at the keys to type properly? -Krem

Three-to-one marny

Are Strong Bad and Bubs playing three-to-one marny in the easter egg at the end? I'm not quite sure. --sticklyman

Good question. It's possible, because Strong Bad had 3 cards and Bubs had 1. So that's three-to-one. And here's something else to consider: if Bubs had a Kevin instead of a MonkeyDude, would that give him a full house?

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