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The "fun fact" about the fate of Marzipan's tote bag isn't really that fun - it's a joke from the e-mail and shouldn't need to be explained.


WA3D is actually an Amateur Radio callsign, currently registered to Timothy Yoho of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania (found via QRZ Callsign Database).


All humor is more fun when explained. Like when news people explain their puns. They do a service to the very stupid.


If Homestar is holding a highball glass (albeit a short one), as Strong Bad's earlier comment would suggest, he might have bourbon in it - apparently it's a brown drink often served in highball glasses with ice. -- Mithent 10:23, 13 Dec 2004 (MST)

  • Perhaps the alcoholic effects of said bourbon are the reason for the bag on his head. Or maybe he just wanted to be "a cool guy" like in Lookin at a Thing in a Bag... --Bellatrix 11:18, 13 Dec 2004 (MST)


Does it make sense to point out another interpretation of 4 and 20 stone? This isn't the only drug reference the Brothers Chaps have made, but the Wiki seems to not point these out. (Another one was in the Strong Bad Email menu, when Coach Z says "you must smoke grass.")

  • It isn't a drug reference! Like... at all. "stone" is a measure of mass.
    • Right, but getting high is also commonly referred to as getting stoned. Ever listen to Firesign Theatre? Not all drug references need to be perfectly direct, or not hidden in a dual (or triple) entendre.
      • That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. If they had said pounds, would it have been a reference to British currency? The next argument will be about the use of 4 and 20 (as in 4:20), but that is as much a reference to the Gettysburg address as it is to weed. And everyone should sign their comments, so you can follow the thread of discussion. -Vannav

Factual Deluge!

Something really has to be done about the influx of fun facts to the newest emails... the very fact that we've had to divide it up into categories of references shows that the situation is getting out of hand. Perhaps something along the lines of closing fun-fact entries until 2 days after the premier of the email could be arranged. Thoughts? -Vannav

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