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I can't freakin wait for the unreleased emails... --Southpaw018 11:02, 8 Nov 2004 (MST)

Strong Bad DVD Promo and this article should be merged - Drhaggis 12:37, 8 Nov 2004 (MST)
Not necessarily. There are two distinct things here: A flash-based promo on and the actual title of the to-be-released 3-disc DVD set at the homestar store. I believe most users are aware that all the information on this page came from an earlier article DVD Promo Article. At the moment, this article will violate Once And Only Once until users can gather in-depth information regarding further DVD specifics and/or images (screenshots). Until then, this page really does not need modification of its information until the release of said DVD. Ultimately, I imagine that this page will contain more information than the page created earlier, which is only about the promo.
The basis for this reasoning is the fact that we didn't merge Peasant's Quest Trailer and Peasant's Quest articles. --Teh P. 12:49, 8 Nov 2004 (MST)
As it stands 1 article would be plenty, but if this article is to be the place where all DVD related info will go and the DVD Promo is just for the static promo clip thats great. -Drhaggis 13:29, 8 Nov 2004 (MST)

How does the soundtrack for the Bonus Stuff sound like? -- 12:38, 5 Apr 2005 (MDT) Maudi Algabban


Transcripts, Easter Eggs...

Are we going to treat each toon like a normal toon (as in Transcripts, Easter Eggs...)? I think the page should follow something like this:

 A short summary and a photo to the left.

== The Strong Bad Emails ==
*List each one on there, including the new ones. 

== Music Videos ==
*List of the two music videos.

=== Kareoke Videos ===
*List of the four videos. (Notice that it's a sub section.)

== Puppet Stuff ==

== Behind The Scences ==

=== Creator commintaries ===
*List the toons with the commintaries and who did them. Sub section.

=== Character commintaries ===
*List the toons with the commintaries and who did them. Sub section.

== Easter Eggs ==
*Look on seperate toon pages for Easter Eggs. (Unless there is a main menu egg.)

== External Links ==
*Buy the DVD. 

And the toons:

 Short summary. Photo on left.

== Transcript or Lyrics==

== Easter Eggs ==
Easter Eggs.

== Fun Facts ==
Fun facts.

== External Links ==
(If any.)

Look good? This is exciting! Of course, the wiki's going to be packed for a couple of days. It's going to be weird watching it on a television. --FireBird|Talk
  Watch it in your computer's DVD player, maybe it won't feel as weird ;) --AndrewNeo

I'm thinking all this really depends on how different the emails are from what we already see on If they are exactly the same, as I suspect they will be, a simple link to the respective email's page would suffice. However, the super-cool commentaries are going to be the biggest change. I'm thinking a seperate page for them, linked to from the main DVD page and from the respective email's page might work. I'm not really sure though and I am totally open to suggestions. -- Tom 09:18, 11 Nov 2004 (MST)

My DVD's gonna be here Tues...but kinda depressing to see all the "fun facts" coming in and tons of the easter eggs are disabled :( --Southpaw018 23:33, 12 Nov 2004 (MST)
Most of what was removed probably would've been very hard to implement anyway. Besides, there's always the versions on the website. --TheNintenGenius 00:15, 13 Nov 2004 (MST)


Should this title be changed? I know "strongbad email.exe" is what it's called, but it's kind of ugly? Maybe we could change it to "Strong Bad Email DVD" or something. -- FireBird|Talk

Hmm. I'm thinking that "strongbad_email.exe" is the title of the DVD. I think it's a pretty good name, and I like the underscore. (Personally, I think of the intro to caper every time I see the title.) However, the MediaWiki software treats the underscore as a space, just like with sb_email 22, so it really doesn't show up correctly. Back to the point: I'm sure we'll find out much more when we actually get the DVD and are able to write up a good description. -- Tom 09:14, 11 Nov 2004 (MST)
About the underscore. There's a template on Wikipedia that tells users that the title is wrong. It's usually used for wrong capitalization. I've put the template here.—StrongstarRunbad 17:40, 11 Nov 2004 (MST)
Right right, like for iPod and all these pages. It might work. -- Tom 19:14, 11 Nov 2004 (MST)
So, if the MediaWiki treats the underscore as a space, would typing in "strongbad email.exe" in the search box bring up strongbad_email.exe? Would typing in "sb email 22" bring up sb_email_22? --Homsar999 0:55, 14 Nov 2004 (CST)
No.—StrongstarRunbad 19:01, 22 Nov 2004 (MST)

The Commentaries

OK, I know there's some people OTHER than me that have the DVD set, so how you do access the commentary tracks that are supposedly on the discs? It's been driving me crazy here. --TheNintenGenius 13:32, 13 Nov 2004 (MST)

Yeah, I got my set on Friday, and I can't find the commentary either! So, basically,

Ditto. --Homsar999 17:18, 14 Nov 2004 (CST)

I don't have mine yet, but my best guess is that they're on the alternate audio tracks. I don't know where else they could be. --Paliosun 19:08, 13 Nov 2004 (MST)

The commentaries *are* on the DVD... If you use DVD software that lets you choose which audio track to listen to, you can flip over manually and listen to 'em. So they're there. I haven't figured out the "official" way to get to them, though. -- sekhmet, 2004.11.14 17:05GMT

Switch the language on certain e-mails to get them. --FireBird|Talk

Yeah I tried that...I'm thinkin my dvd player bwoke-extremejon

We really want to see the mirrors of strongbad_email.exe. :( -- 14:19, 3 Jan 2005 (MST) Maudi Algabban

I think that would violate the FBI Warnings. Of course, it is still available for purchase, and it's region free. -- Tom 14:55, 3 Jan 2005 (MST)

I don't quite understand what you mean by change the language. I think there is an option to change the language, but you what language? --Droffats 08:47, 12 Mar 2005 (MST)

On your remote, or in the menu, there should be a button to change what language the DVD plays in. On some DVDs, you can change the dubbing or subtitles into different languages. TBC used this fuction to make their hidden commentaries →evin290 09:15, 12 Mar 2005 (MST)
Well I still wasn't able to make it work. So I just popped it into my computer and easily changed it with WMP.--Droffats 16:40, 15 Mar 2005 (MST)

I think that's best that we have to mirror the strongbad_email.exe mirrors, even if we would violate the FBI warnings! Apologies to The Brothers Chaps, Maudi Algabban -- 12:35, 5 Apr 2005 (MDT)

Oh geez

Looks like a ton of what I added to the various email pages is going to be wiped, since it's been found that you can view the clickable easter eggs by using the angle button. This is the problem I have with having no access to an actual DVD player until the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and instead having to rely on my computer's DVD playing programs (mostly Media Player Classic). Sorry guys. --TheNintenGenius 16:43, 13 Nov 2004 (MST)

Yeah, I knew it had something to do with the angle button when I was watching stupid stuff and my DVD player starting flashing a red "alternate angle" light after Strong Bad said to Homestar "butt's twelve by pies?". --Homsar999 18:00, 14 Nov 2004

Just got my DVD. It says on the inside cover of each freakin' one that all easter eggs, hidden stuff, etc are disabled in "play all" modes. So all the easter eggs that people are reporting as disabled are really just people that almost made me regret getting the DVD because they didn't read the cover of the darn box. Grrrr. Really really really grrrr. --Southpaw018 11:44, 15 Nov 2004 (MST)

I said I'm sorry, (censored) it. I'm using DVD software. It doesn't tell me when alternate angles are available. And I wasn't watching in play all mode either. Don't make such blanket statements when you don't know what you're talking about and don't know the whole story here. And if I sound somewhat bitter here, it's combination of 1) having been practically the only person actually actively working on the DVD materials for the wiki (despite, even on Friday when I started, not being the only person with his hands on the DVD), and 2) having had to pull an all-nighter to get some things done in classes. --TheNintenGenius 11:58, 15 Nov 2004 (MST) (revised 3:01 EST)

OK, where'd the transcripts go.

I worked pretty hard on transcribing the menu dialogue, so don't tell me they were deleted. --TheNintenGenius 17:03, 16 Nov 2004 (MST)

Apparently, FireBird deleted them. They're still in the history, fortunately. I'll revert it if someone else doesn't first. -- Jay 17:05, 16 Nov 2004 (MST)
I'll have to talk to him about this, then, because I'm pretty angry. I don't spend a couple hours poring over dialogue just to have it completely removed from the Wiki. --TheNintenGenius 17:08, 16 Nov 2004 (MST)
We've clarrified this. Nothing to fret about. --FireBird|Talk


Why doesn't a link seem to be appearing for the name William Hartong, even though the link seems to be properly wiki-formatted? --TheNintenGenius 23:15, 25 Jan 2005 (MST)

Because someone forgot a quotation mark in the table format before. HTML and Wiki-script can both be very finicky about things like that. I fixed it, BTW. And Dr. Haggis keeps interrupting my answer... (not on purpose, of course!) --Jay 23:24, 25 Jan 2005 (MST)
Well, you interrupted my answer as well. And were quicker on the draw. So there. -- Tom 23:26, 25 Jan 2005 (MST)


Can you tell the covers apart by strong bad s in the first 33, stinkoman in the next, and Senor Cardgage last? the covers are by era or so. I'm not sure.

Disc summaries

I'd like to see the first section of this page have short (one to two sentence) summaries of each of the discs, with links to the individual disc pages. The links in the right-hand column are non-obvious, and if I'm unfamiliar with the contents of the discs I might have a hard time figuring out which one to choose. Something like this:

  • Disc 1 contains...
  • Disc 2 contains...
  • Disc 3 contains...

Anybody up to it? — InterruptorJones 20:04, 7 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Lemme give it a whirl. --Shadow Hog 21:46, 7 Jul 2005 (UTC)
That should probably be it; feel free to fix it if you see anything wrong, seeing as this IS a Wiki and all. --Shadow Hog 22:11, 7 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Moving Very Slowly Video

I'm going to feel so stupid when I get an answer, but what disc is the Moving Very Slowly music video on? Yes, I know we have a wiki and yes, I tried the search button, but I still can't find it. --mibluvr13dígame 18:28, 1 Aug 2005 (UTC)

Going from memory, it's Disc Two, with the karaoke videos. --videlectrix.pngENUSY discussionitem_icon.gif user.gifmail_icon.gif, 19:31, 1 August 2005 (BST)
Yes, it's on disc two.—S*R 16:11, 3 Aug 2005 (UTC)

Copy protection?

Do the discs have copy protection? I want to make tape backups of the discs, but there's not much point in buying the tapes if there's copy protection.—S*R 16:11, 3 Aug 2005 (UTC)

right button?

what's the "right" button? i have no idea where are what it is!its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please tell me!

Well user at, the right button is the right arrow button on your DVD remote. All DVD remotes have four arrow/arrow-type buttons (sometimes called navigation buttons)—left, right, up, down.—S*R 20:19, 7 Aug 2005 (UTC)

but, i tried that..and theres no arrows on my remote!and uggh......the only thing thats up, down, right and left is these lines that are...lines.and i tried those! ugg..-marshieman(hr wiki fanstuff user)

There's pretty much no such thing as a DVD player without arrow buttons on the control. They're completely standard; otherwise you could NEVER navigate menus, ever. If that's the case, then there's no solution: you have a bad DVD player and need to replace it. Harsh, but true. --Shadow Hog 22:48, 7 Aug 2005 (UTC)
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