Taser the Gnome for Low Rates!

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(This font is called Metal Lord, and it has appeared in other places on the site. Therefore, it's probably not a reference to Iron Maiden.)
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Apparently, [[Strong Bad]] tasered the gnome ten times.
Apparently, [[Strong Bad]] tasered the gnome ten times.
The text for score is written using the [[Fonts|font]] created by Iron Maiden.

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Taser the Gnome!

The Taser the Gnome Game is a game in the Strong Bad Email from work. The object of the game is to click the gnome as many times as possible, to get the highest score. You score 50 points each time you taser the gnome. Occasionally, you will see advertisements for an Xbox, an iPod, or a PlayStation Portable. The game is a parody of online banner ads that urge you to play a short game in order to get a prize. The bar on the right side is a reference to all the banner ads that encourage you to click on your state to get low mortgage rates.

The advertisement for the Xbox reads "Get free!", the iPod advertisement reads "Priced out!", and the PlayStation Portable ad reads "Plastic sells plenty!"

Apparently, Strong Bad tasered the gnome ten times.

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