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Rrrrates so low!!!!

The Taser the Gnome for Low Rates is a game in the Strong Bad Email from work. The object of the game is to click the gnome as many times as possible, to get the highest score. You score 50 points each time you taser the gnome. Occasionally, advertisements for an Xbox, an iPod, or a PlayStation Portable will pop up, with the ads reading "Get free!", "Priced out!", and "Plastic sells plenty!", respectively. The game is a parody of online banner ads that urge people to play a short game in order to get a prize, while the bar on the right side is a reference to banner ads that encourage people to choose the state that they live in.

Fun Facts


  • Apparently, Strong Bad tasered the gnome ten times, which would result in a score of 500.
  • The game's score system is only meant to hold five digits, and getting a score of 100,000 or more will result in the last digit getting cut off.

  • If ran long enough, the game will show an Xbox and say "get free",then 20 seconds later show an iPod and sat "Priced Out", then lastly shows a PSP and says "Plastic sells Plenty" before going back to the xbox.


  • If the mouse is held down over the gnome, the money sound effect will play, but there will be no electric shock or points gained.
  • The ka-ching sound can be made without triggering the animations or the buzzing noise by hitting a certain part of the gnome's left arm with the middle of the taser, by keeping the mouse button held down when you click on the gnome, or by tasering him and quickly pulling the mouse off the game.

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