Teen Girl Squad Issue 10

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In 24 Great Smelly Colors!

The Teen Girl Squad celebrates The Ugly One's sweet someteen birthday in 24 great-smelling colors!

Cast (in order of appearance): Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One, Mighty Warrior, Coach, Olympic Man, Minor characters in Teen Girl Squad, Tompkins, Arrow'd Guy, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Strong Sad

Date: October 10, 2005

Running Time:

Page Title: Tenth Issue-versary!


STRONG BAD: TEEN GIRL SQUAD: TENTHENNIAL EXTRAVAGANZA! In 24 Great Smelly Colors! Cheerleader! {groovy grapefruit pink} So-and-so! {visicious violent violent} What's Her Face! {radacious bodadical razberry blue!} The Ugly One! {gnarly nursing home green}

{we open up to a school lunch table}

CHEERLEADER: lunchtime gals. now let's get ready to eat...


SO-AND-SO: Eating lunch is for weirdos.

{The Ugly One walks on to the screen, with a tray of cafeteria food in her hand.}

THE UGLY ONE: holla grlfrndz. it's Corn and Corn Alone Day! {The Ugly One places the food on the table. Cut to a close-up of the corn. A small medieval warrior jumps out of the corn.}

WARRIOR: corn is no place for a mighty warrior!

THE UGLY ONE: so... who wants to come to my sweet someteen bash tonight?

WHAT'S HER FACE: is it going to be nick-at-night themed again?

SO-AND-SO: {slaps her forehead} i don't think i can stomach another show not on the WB.

CHEERLEADER: no! we can't come. we have... the... olympics... tonight!

THE UGLY ONE: oh, cuz it's a boy/girl party...

{close up of So-And-So and Cheerleader, who look rather insane.}


WHAT'S HER FACE: taking the vowels out of words doesn't always make them sound cool.

SO AND SO: i'm srry.

CHEERLEADER: {holding up a cellphone, of which the sound "the olympics are soooo dumb!" is emitting} so, coach just called and said the olympics are done. we'll be there like shareware!

{we cut to an olympic race track. The olympics coach is standing next to a rather angry-looking burly man.}

COACH: i don't know what they're talking about, i swear!

{we cut again to the teen girl squad}

CHEERLEADER: now, more than ever before, let's get ready to look....

CHEERLEADER, SO-AND-SO, WHAT'S HER FACE, THE UGLY ONE: SO GOOOD! {the camera does a 360-degree spin around the girls}

STRONG BAD: Whoa! That was about the coolest thing ever! We gotta see that again. {the carton rewinds, and play back the 360-spin. At the end, however, What's Her Face is still spinning.} Uh-oh. We gotta spinner.

WHAT'S HER FACE: wheeeee! {her dialouge spins around in the text bubble}

{a title slide entitled "AT THE PARTY" (imprinted on a cigarette, which a man is smoking, appears. We cut to the boy/girl party.}

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