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'''NARRATOR STRONG BAD:''' Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! ''{cell phone!}'' So and So! ''{pager!}'' What's Her Face! ''{rotary phone!}'' The Ugly One! ''{geiger counter}''
'''NARRATOR STRONG BAD:''' Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! ''{cell phone!}'' So and So! ''{pager!}'' What's Her Face! ''{rotary phone!}'' The Ugly One! ''{geiger counter!}''
''{The episode begins with all four girls standing together with three rolled-up sleeping bags by their feet.}''
''{The episode begins with all four girls standing together with three rolled-up sleeping bags by their feet.}''

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Teen Girl Squad Issue #11
watch Issue 10 Issue 1
"We'll try to miss you!!!"

Cheerleader, What's Her Face, and The Ugly One go to summer camp while So and So gets a part-time job.

Cast (in order of appearance): Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One, Death, Shirt Folding Store Manager, Astronaut, Raccoon Girl, Customer, D N'D Greg, Science Fiction Greg, Strong Bad, Tentacle Camera, Camp Counselor Shortshorts, Chumbly Wumbly Bear, Maniac In A Speedo, C-dogg and Naptime

Places: Bus stop, Firstbasawassa, The Mall, Cosplayover Camp, Jail

Date: July 17, 2006

Running Time: 3:32

Page Title: Eleven Division Titles!



NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! {cell phone!} So and So! {pager!} What's Her Face! {rotary phone!} The Ugly One! {geiger counter!}

{The episode begins with all four girls standing together with three rolled-up sleeping bags by their feet.}

CHEERLEADER: Don't look now, ladies, but... Camp Firstbasawassa's gonna be the bombier than ever now that they've installed...

ALL: Working toilet paper!

THE UGLY ONE: {nostalgically} I'm gonna miss the oak leaves.

{Close up on So and So}

SO AND SO: I can't go this year. {sticking tongue out} Judith is making me get a summer job at Shirt Folding Store.

{Cut back to all four girls}

CHEERLEADER: Your stepmoms is teh fascist.

{Cut to So and So waving goodbye to Cheerleader, What's Her Face, and The Ugly One, who are being driven away on a Firstbasawassa bus.}

CHEERLEADER, THE UGLY ONE: {no speech bubble} Bye!

WHAT'S HER FACE: We'll try to miss you!

{A giant Grim Reaper appears in front of the bus, holding a hamburger.}

GRIM REAPER: Forbode... {suddenly biting hamburger} Chomp!

{Cut to So and So at the Folding Mills Mall.}

SO AND SO: I love the mall! I wish the mall could be my ringtone.

{A large, magazine cut-and-paste style Shirt Folding Store Manager appears in front of So and So. So and So appears terrified}

SHIRT FOLDING STORE MANAGER: {shouting} Where have you been? Get back to work! A kid puked in dressing room 3!

{Cut to So and So}

SO AND SO: But it's my first day and I'm—

SHIRT FOLDING STORE MANAGER: {interrupting; holding up large name tag labeled Mark} Here's your name tag, Mark! Now get to minimum wagin'!

{An astronaut suddenly appears and punches Shirt Folding Store Manager}


ASTRONAUT: Ckhk. She killed my dog. {Shirt Folding Store Manager falls over}

SO AND SO: Um... {The word 'Um' moves to the right of the speech bubble} 'kay.

ASTRONAUT: {suddenly appearing with a cape and flies away} Ckhk. Da da da DA!

{Intertitle Guy displays the intertitle "MEANWHILE at summer camp"}

{Cheerleader, What's Her Face, and The Ugly One are standing by a bunk-bed and sleeping bags. Cheerleader is wearing reading glasses and examining a script.}

CHEERLEADER: Does "ugs" have one "g" or two?

THE UGLY ONE: {holds up two fingers} The deuce.

CHEERLEADER: {tossing script away; reading glasses disappear} Alright, uggs, since So and So's not here this year, {What's Her Face and The Ugly One appear pleasantly surprised} you're bunkin' with me {points at The Ugly One, while What's Her Face looks surprised}! I'll take snoring over night terrors any day.

{Cheerleader and The Ugly One put arms over one another's shoulders.}

WHAT'S HER FACE: Then who's sharing my bunk?

{Cut to the right side of What's Her Face, who is suddenly beside an emaciated, feminine raccoon standing on its hind legs, carrying a handbag, and wearing a skirt and bow. What's Her Face looks surprised.}

RACCOON GIRL: Hiya, bunkmate. Do you love me?

{Cut to So and So at a folding station. A customer stands beside her.}

CUSTOMER: Uh, excuse me, Mark.... I'm looking for a *cough!* present for my *cough!* wife for our *cough!*-iversary.

SO AND SO: {appears love-struck and drools} A coughiversary?! How roman-

CUSTOMER: {interrupting} *cough!*

{Coughs out what appears to be a miniature baseball stadium.}

ANNOUNCER IN BASEBALL STADIUM: ...and it's a double play! {fireworks appear} Yaaaay!

CUSTOMER: {pointing at stadium} That's not my wife.

SO AND SO: Um... {The word 'Um' moves to the right of the speech bubble even more so than before} 'kay.

{Cut to Cheerleader and The Ugly One in a canoe with the words "Canoe Reeves" on it.}

CHEERLEADER: Boys are an important part of life.
THE UGLY ONE: {simultaneously} Canoes are an important part of life.

{The canoe lands on a patch of land with a sign "Them Boys"}

CHEERLEADER: Alright, uggs, pretty up! You my wingman! {jumps into the air} Now let's go get us some boys camp!

{Cut to Cosplayover camp}

D N'D GREG: {dressed as a medieval swordsman} Welcome, fair maidens, to our fair village.

SCIENCE FICTION GREG: {dressed futuristically} I think you mean... welcome, earthlings, to our fair star system.

{Cut to D N'D Greg and Science Fiction Greg}

D N'D GREG: Village!


{Cut closer}

D N'D GREG: Beholders!

SCIENCE FICTION GREG: Sentient nebulae!

CHEERLEADER: {appearing} Ai-ai-ai-ai-ya! I thought this was Coach Conrad's Sit-Up Camp For Shirtless Boys!

SCIENCE FICTION GREG: {seductively; removing shirt} Oh, I can take my shirt off....

{Science Fiction Greg pulls his shirt up to just under his shoulders; a "voip" eminates from his bare chest and hits Cheerleader.}


CHEERLEADER: Ahh! My tan lines!

{Cut to So and So at her folding booth}

SO AND SO: {holds up shirt} This shirt is trés cutée!

{So and So thinks while Strong Bad appears as a leprechaun and a security camera with tentacles floats in from the right.}

LEPRECHAUN STRONG BAD: Oooh.... Sho-o-oplifting?

{Cut to The Ugly One and What's Her Face standing by Camp Counselor Shortshorts.}

CAMP COUNSELOR SHORTSHORTS: Okay, girls, I'm Camp Counselor Shortshorts. Now before you ask "Who's this square?", listen to this: {bends knees, throws hands in the air} Scha-wing! {points at girls} Not! {jumps in the air} Who let the dogs out!



{Guitar music begins to play}

CAMP COUNSELOR SHORTSHORTS: Now let's fellowship the pants off this place with a warbly campsong!

{Cut to What's Her Face, The Ugly One, and Camp Counselor Shortshorts by a campfire. Camp Counselor Shortshorts is playing a guitar.}

ALL: {singing} And the chumbly wumbly bear came a-tumblin' down....

{Cut to a bear selling beans}

WHAT'S HER FACE: {voiceover} Did he sell beans?

THE UGLY ONE: {extreme close up} Lord no!

{Cut back to the campfire}

ALL: Did he sell eggs?

{Cut to a bear selling eggs, which is immediately crossed out}

THE UGLY ONE: {voiceover} Lord no!

{Cut back to the campfire}

ALL: {singing} But he couldn't and he wouldn't and he shouldn't so he stapled it down! {one gets really, really high-pitched}

{Suddenly, a muscular man with a paper bag over his head and wearing a Speedo™ appears with a chainsaw and cuts everyone into pieces.}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Maniac in a speedo'd!

THE UGLY ONE: I love summer camp!

WHAT'S HER FACE: {overlapping} Oh, the memories!


{Cut to So and So in a jail, with stubble on her face.}

SO AND SO: C-dogg, Naptime, don't make the same mistakes I did. You guys are young. You got your whole lives ahead of you. Me? I'm looking at life plus whenever my step-mom picks me up.

C-DOGG / NAPTIME: Dag, yo.

SO AND SO: Hey, Rubble D! Where my smokes at?

{return to the IT'S OVER! screen}

Easter Eggs

  • At the end, click on the "O" to see What's Her Face with her bunkmate.
RACCOON GIRL: Bunkmate, can you help give me these {nine syringes appear in the raccoon's hand. What's Her Face appears shocked.} seventeen shots before I go into a coma?

Fun Facts


  • A Geiger counter measures ionizing radiation.
  • "Nebulae" is the plural term for nebula.
  • The name "Camp Firstbasawassa" is a reference to summer camps that are named after Native American tribes.
  • "Night terrors" are a form of sleep disorder, in which an individual experiences extreme terror during sleep, and a temporary inability to regain full consciousness. Unlike nightmares, night terror episodes are not caused by the perception of a scary event or situation, but a combination of the fear instinct itself and tension or anxiety.


Olsen Twin'd!!


  • The customer addresses So and So as "Mark" even though she is not wearing the name tag.
  • It is likely that the raccoon girl suffers from Type 1 Diabetes, as going too long between insulin shots can lead to a coma.
  • "Trés Cutée" is a mock-French expression. "Très" (with the grave accent `) means "very" in French. "Cutée" is not a real French word.

Inside References

  • "Camp Firstbasawassa" is a reference to first base.
  • The song mentions selling eggs.

Real-World References

  • The page title "11 Division Titles!" likely refers to the Atlanta Braves, who, at the time of the toon, had won 11 consecutive division titles.
  • Canoe Reeves is a reference to the actor Keanu Reeves.
  • "Scha-wing!" and "Not!" are catchphrases from Wayne's World.
  • "Who Let the Dogs Out?" is a song written by Anslem Douglas, but was made popular by the Baha Men.
  • Folding Mills Mall is a reference to the many "Mills" malls around the USA, run by the Mills Corporation, such as Concord Mills in North Carolina, or Potomac Mills in Virginia.
  • Cosplay is a Japanese subculture centered on dressing as characters from manga, anime, tokusatsu, and video games, and, less commonly, Japanese live action television shows, fantasy movies, or Japanese pop music bands.
  • Beholders are a type of monster prevalent in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game series.
  • Camp Counselor Shortshorts' shirt, which reads "Got Camp?" is a reference to the famous U.S. Dairy Board advertisement "Got Milk?".
  • Campers being killed by maniacs is likely a reference to the "Friday the 13th" film series.

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