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(Inside References: naw, the bird in this issue is not at all like the birds in the past issues.)
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*Cheerleader has [[fangs]] in her yearbook photo.
*Cheerleader has [[fangs]] in her yearbook photo.
*When So-and-So puts on the "armor", the number 2 pencil goes on her [[Left handedness|left hand]].
*When So-and-So puts on the "armor", the number 2 pencil goes on her [[Left handedness|left hand]].
*The finch taped on Cheerleader's face is a reference to [[Birds (Teen Girl Squad)|The Birds]]
===Real-World References===
===Real-World References===

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Teen Girl Squad Issue #14
watch Issue 13 Issue 1

The girls prepare for the end of the school year.

"Doesn't canon mean anything to these people?"

Cast (in order of appearance): Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One, Cheerladder, Cheerlubber, Scantron, Science Fiction Greg, Mrs. Frillsneck, MimeogWrath, Coach, Team Manager, Mr. Pitters, Evil Cake, The Seniors, Quarterback, Strong Badman (Easter egg)

Places: The School, The Parking Lot

Date: Monday, May 12, 2008

Running Time: 3:40

Page Title: Exempt Those Exams!



NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! {most likely to!} So and So! {more than likely to succeed!} What's Her Face! {least likely to care} The Ugly One! {like, mostly to secede?}

{Open to Cheerleader standing with What's Her Face and So and So.}

CHEERLEADER: Oh boy, girls... Boys!

WHAT'S HER FACE: Uh, what about them?

CHEERLEADER: Nothing really. I just like to say the word.

{Cut to close up of Cheerleader.}

CHEERLEADER: {makes a weird face} Boys.

{Cut back to everyone. The Ugly One walks in with a "YEAR BOOK".}

THE UGLY ONE: Last day of school, my better looking sistas! And that means it's YEARBOOK DA--(gets cut off before last syllable)

{Quick cut to the girls fighting inside a cloud of dust.}


{Cut to Cheerleader with a frown pulling the book out of the pile. The cover of the book now reads, "The AWKWARDIAN '08".}

CHEERLEADER: Gimme that jank. {pile disappears} Here I am, right between Cheerladder and Cheerlubber. Ugh. I look terrible.

{Close-up of the yearbook, showing Cheerladder (a ladder with a face, holding a "G'backs" megaphone), Cheerleader with a fangs and a dead bird stuck to her face, and Cheerlubber, a whale with pom-poms, a pirate hat and an eye-patch}

CHEERLEADER: {off screen} I can't believe they scheduled school pictures for the same day as tape-a-dead-thing-to-your-face day. That finch was hard to kill.

{Cut to So-and-so, holding up her hand.}

SO AND SO: Before I can dabble in any yearbookery... {moves her hand to her chest} I have some final exams to ACE!! {raises her hand again, looking determined} Scantron armor... {flies into the air} ASSEMBLE!!

{Robotic body armor attaches to So-and-so's body as she calls out.}

SO AND SO: NUMBER 2 PENCIL! {left arm appears} SCRATCH PAPER! {right arm appears} HEALTHY BREAKFAST! {hips and legs appear} COMFORTABLE CLOTHES! {torso appears} And I'll form... the HEAD! {head appears}

{So-and-so stands in her Scantron armor. Science Fiction Greg looks on, reading a comic.}

SCIENCE FICTION GREG: Ugh. {cut to close-up, showing he is holding a Scantron comic} That design looks nothing like the comic books. Doesn't canon mean anything to these people?

{Cut to So-and-so in her Scantron armor, sitting at a desk next to a teacher holding a test.}

MRS. FRILLSNECK: Here's your final exam class... it's a ditto.

SO-AND-SO: {looking distraught} A DITTO?! But Mrs. Frillsneck, I studied for a standardized test!

{Cut to Scantron against a background of lines.}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Scantron vs MimeogWrath!

{"vs" and the "mimeogWrath" appear; it is a six-eyed monstrous piece of paper with tentacles, horns and legs. Its eyes, mouth and "Final Exam Ditto" are drawn in purple.}

SO-AND-SO: {as Scantron, running with a pencil} DIXON TICONDEROGA LAZER BLADE ATTACK!

{The pencil hits the MimeogWrath, which closes its eyes, then starts "waving" one of its tentacles.}


{Scantron is blown apart, the head and limbs coming apart in the explosion.}

SO-AND-SO: {as Scantron} AHH! My secret weakness!!

{Cut to Cheerleader, The Ugly One and What's Her Face in the gym. All three wear singlets and shorts; both The Ugly One's and What's Her Face's are clearly dirty.}

CHEERLEADER: I can't believe we have to dress out for our P.E. exam. I'm so tired of washing this uniform every day. {crosses her hands}

THE UGLY ONE: {evasively, making a face} Yes... washing... them... ever

WHAT'S HER FACE: {pointing as she completes the sentence} —ryday!

{Coach appears to the left, holding a stopwatch.}

COACH: Okie dokie ladygals. Your physical education final exam consists of me not making any misinterpreted remarks about the length of your shorts {holds out the stopwatch} and you doing a single push-up.


COACH: {shaken, holding up his hands} Hey great work! You all get A's!!

{Close up of Cheerleader, looking annoyed. Her singlet reads "Growlback's Phys. Ed."}

CHEERLEADER: Thank groodness. {smiles, pointing up} Sweating is against several of my religions!

{A boy crashes a cart into Cheerleader, apparently killing her; towels and gym kit fall from the cart.}


TEAM MANAGER: {looking annoyed} Hey!

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: {sarcastically; his words do not appear} Oh, excuse me. {the previous words are replaced} TEAM MANAGER'D!!

TEAM MANAGER: {smiles, and holds up a card as he speaks} Stats!

{Cut to What's Her Face facing several lockers.}

WHAT'S HER FACE: I'll go ahead and clean out my locker I 'spooooooooose. {the o's move up, then down as she speaks}

{What's Her Face throws objects out from her locker as she speaks.}

WHAT'S HER FACE: Old papers... {throws papers} old pencils... {throws pencils} old person... {throws Mr. Pitters}

MR. PITTERS: {hurriedly} I left a check for last month's rent on the table!

WHAT'S HER FACE: {waving} See you in September! {puts her hand back in her locker} Ooh. Whats this?

{What's Her Face is eaten by a giant cake with fangs and limbs.}


EVIL CAKE: {holding up one of its hands} Tastes like 9 minute miles!

{Cut to The Ugly One reading the yearbook.}

THE UGLY ONE: I can't believe I was voted most prettiest.

{Cut to a wider shot, showing three seniors laughing and pointing. One wears a baseball cap with a "G". The Ugly One looks upset.}

SENIORS: Heh heh heh senior prank, senior prank. Heh heh senior prank.

THE UGLY ONE: {upset} Oooooh.

SECOND SENIOR: Naw really. You wanna be my girlfriend?

THE UGLY ONE: {happily, raising her arm} I'd love to!

SENIORS: Heh heh heh senior prank, senior prank. Senior prank, heh.

THE UGLY ONE: {upset again} Oooooh.

THIRD SENIOR: {holding up a ring} Want this diamond ring?

THE UGLY ONE: {reaching for it} Of course!

SENIORS: Senior prank heh heh heh.

{The Ugly One is upset again, but then three trash cans are thrown over the seniors, and she smiles.}


SENIORS: Something got dumped on us! We'll never live it down! Our reputations are ruined!

{Music starts, and Quarterback walks in.}

THE UGLY ONE: {happily, throwing the yearbook away} Quarterman!

QUARTERBACK: Ugly One, all this time I was looking around, and you weren't right there in front of me. {close up} But I realized—when I was looking around—that you were right there in front of me—all this time—Ugly One.

{Cut back to both of them.}

THE UGLY ONE: That makes so much sense!!

QUARTERBACK: {offering his arm} Will you accompany me to the end credits?

THE UGLY ONE: {putting her arm in his} I'd love to!!

{The end credits roll, first showing "It's over!", then The Ugly One and Quarterback in a parking lot, then the seniors with trash cans on their heads, and "It's over" again.}

Directed by Strong Bad
Special Scantron FX oversawed by Bubs
"It's over" performed by Tite Rolled

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: {singing over the end credits} It's over! And you're walking into a parking lot with the hot guy. It's over! And they all make fun of you, but they got stuff dumped on top of them. {music stops} It's over!

Easter Eggs

  • At the end, click on the "o" to see issue 87 of "The Total Adventures of Strong Badman." It features Scantron with a word bubble reading "I need your help. Strong Badman! My comic book's not selling well!" Text at the bottom of the cover reads "The CROSSOVER no one was asking for!"

Fun Facts


  • Science Fiction Greg's remarks that So-and-So's Scantron armor "looks nothing like the comic books" parodies fan complaints of superhero movies that differ in some way from their comic book counterparts (for example, the live-action Transformers movie, which had considerably different robot designs from the original '80s cartoon).
  • Canon refers to a collection of fictional events that create a ficticious universe, such as the Marvel Universe or the Star Wars galaxy. Some fan communities take canon very seriously and try to fit every piece of fiction about said universe seamlessly together, although contradictions and loopholes are common.
  • Scantrons are a type of fill-in-the-bubble test sheet that are commonly used in high schools and middle schools.
  • MimeogWrath refers to the Mimeograph, a technology commonly used to reproduce classroom materials.
  • Dixon Ticonderoga is a brand of pencil.


  • Cheerleader remarks that she had to "tape a dead thing to her face" on Picture Day, but neither Cheerladder nor Cheerlubber did.
  • Cheerleader's gym shirt has "Growlback's Phys. Ed." written on it. Given that the team is called the "Growlbacks", the apostrophe should be after the S if it's referring to the team.
  • The Strong Badman comic is labeled as the 87th issue, even though there already was an issue 87 featuring "Hit-Enter-Too-Soon Man".


  • At the end, clicking on "again" simply repeats the final credits rather than the entire cartoon.
  • There is a slight difference in spacing in the text "DiXON TICONDEROGA LAZER" before and after the word "BLADE" appears.
  • Right before the credits move up, they start to move down for a single frame.
  • "Come uppence" is correctly spelled comeuppance.
  • "MimeogWrath" refers to a copy created by a Mimeograph machine, but the paper was created by a "Ditto" machine (as stated by the teacher and printed on the paper itself). The two machines create copies by entirely different processes and are often confused.

Inside References

  • Cheerleader is wearing a "Fighting Growlbacks" T-shirt during her gym final. The Growlbacks were first mentioned as the school's mascot in Teen Girl Squad Issue 4.
  • "Thank groodness" is the reappearance of an older portmanteau of "great" and "good", also from Issue 4.
  • The third Senior has a "G" on his cap.
  • Cheerleader has fangs in her yearbook photo.
  • When So-and-So puts on the "armor", the number 2 pencil goes on her left hand.

Real-World References

  • So-and-So's transformation into "Scantron" (as well as her saying "And I'll form the head!") is reminiscent of the TV series Voltron.
  • Quarterback's song refers to "What I've Been Looking For" from the Disney television film High School Musical.
  • Strong Bad's line about the parking lot is a reference to the ending of The Breakfast Club.

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