Teen Girl Squad Issue 4

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Teen Girl Squad Issue #4
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"When you fall in a bottomless pit, you die of starvation."

Cheerleader's totally bummed that school's happening again this year, So and So is falling head over heels for Brett Bretterson, and the other two are getting squished.

Cast (in order of appearance): Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One, Brett Bretterson, Quarterman, Arrow'd Guy, Giant Brain Mech

Places: The School

Date: Monday, September 15, 2003

Running Time: 1:38

Page Title: TGS Tissue 4

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 1


[edit] Transcript

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! {cool parents!} So and So! {student council} What's Her Face! {shop lifting?} The Ugly One! {prepaid lunch!}

{open to the girls standing in a hallway. So and So is carrying some textbooks}

CHEERLEADER: I'm totally bummed that school is happening again this year.

{short pause}


CHEERLEADER: Ya'll are so wack.

THE UGLY ONE: Wiggidy-wack?

CHEERLEADER: Nope, just regular type.

SO AND SO: Not me. I sat next to Brett Bretterson in math and he asked to study with me at lunch.

{Hearts appear above her head and one gets pierced with an arrow.}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: {as the heart} Augh!

CHEERLEADER: You made Brett Bretterson up in first grade, he's not real.

SO AND SO: {Turns toward no one and says to thin air} Oh, Brett, there you are.

{What's Her Face looks "weirded out".}

SO AND SO: Thank you, you've filled out nicely too.

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: {reading the caption above What's Her Face's bemused expression} Weirded out!

SO AND SO: {walking obliviously toward the "Fighting Growlbacks Bottomless Spirit Pit"} Okay, let's go. {falls in} {non-speech bubble} Ahhh! {speech bubble} Go Growlbacks!

WHAT'S HER FACE: When you fall in a bottomless pit, you die of starvation.

CHEERLEADER: Okay gals, Quarterback is over there. I'm gonna go see if he has any plans for dating me. Is-a my unda-wears showing?

THE UGLY ONE: Yes ma'am.

CHEERLEADER: Grood! ...I mean good. And great. ...Great and good. {walks away}


WHAT'S HER FACE: We're cool.

{A heavy weight and a sack of potatoes fall on What's Her Face and The Ugly One. These are labeled "NO pounds" and "YOU'RE NOT potatoes" respectively}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: {As the objects fall} NO! YOU'RE NOT!

{Cut to Cheerleader standing beside Quarterman}

CHEERLEADER: So Quarterman, how's about you and me?

QUARTERMAN: How's about you get some brains?

{A giant, eyepatched brain mech, piloted by the Arrow'd Guy, attacks Cheerleader}


{Cut to the bottomless spirit pit, and the speed of the background music is cut in half and taken down an octave, lasting through the Easter eggs}

SO AND SO: Little help down here?... Maybe some Lunchables?... Or a juice box?...

...I love you too, Brett.


[edit] Easter Eggs

  • At the end, if you click on the "o" in "over," you get a bonus skit with What's Her Face and The Ugly One trapped under NO pounds and YOU'RE NOT potatoes.
{Cut to the scene with WHAT'S HER FACE trapped under NO pounds and THE UGLY ONE under YOU'RE NOT potatoes.}
WHAT'S HER FACE: Cheerleader's gone.
{Slight pause.}
BOTH: I'll be the NEW LEADER!!
BOTH: Okay, fine. I'll be the follower!
{Slight pause.}
WHAT'S HER FACE: We really are cool —
THE UGLY ONE: Shut up!
  • At the end, if you click on the !, you get to hear So and So talk to herself some more.
{Cut to the Fighting Growlbacks bottomless spirit pit.}
SO AND SO: Perhaps a single frito? {Pause.} Or a Rib-A-Q? {Pause.} Can someone send down my assignments? {Pause.} And Brett's assignments? {Pause.} Does anyone know what year it is?

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • The Cerebellum is the bottom rear section of the brain. Its function is disputed, but the two main theories are that it either functions as a regulator of the timing of movements, or that it is the brain's learning/encoding machine.
  • Poly-Sci is short for political science.

[edit] Trivia

  • This is one of the few Teen Girl Squad issues where something other than an animal or a person gets killed (in this case, the heart that appears when So and So mentions Brett).
  • This is the first issue in which Cheerleader is killed.
  • This is the first episode to lead directly back to the Teen Girl Squad menu.
  • Cheerleader's shirt says "boys please".
  • This is the quietest of all the Teen Girl Squad issues.
  • This is the first issue where no birds are killed.
  • The YouTube description for this toon is "Cheerleader hits it off with Quarterman. So-and-So has a date with Brett Bretterson in a bottomless pit."

[edit] Remarks

  • The title of So and So's book changes throughout the toon. At first it says "subject", then "math types", and finally "poly-sci".
    • When she turns to talk to 'Brett', the "sci" part of the book title moves from the left edge to the right edge.
  • Quarterman's legs are backwards.
  • If deprived of nutrition, as So and So apparently was, one would die of thirst before starvation.

[edit] Goofs

  • On the closing screen, the contraction "it's" is misspelled as the possessive "its".
  • The toon transitions to the "it's over" screen slightly before So and So is finished saying, "I love you too, Brett".
  • When What's Her Face says "When you fall in a bottomless pit, you die of starvation," the part of the red line in the word bubble is incomplete.

[edit] Real-World References

[edit] DVD Version

  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch the DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

[edit] Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman, Ryan Sterritt)

MATT: Back again, comment style.

MIKE: It's the incredible commentary skills of Ryan Sterritt, everyone.

RYAN: Hi. I made this cartoon.

MIKE: Ryan, this is the— Ryan made this issue; that's why we've got him doing the commentary.

MATT: Are you sure, guys?

MIKE: Yeah, you were out of town, and I was sick, so I made Ryan do the whole cartoon.

MATT: I remember making— I think I remember making this one!

MIKE: No, you don't.

MATT: Hmm. {pause} It sounds like I have a bit of a, uh, sore throat in this one.

MIKE: Yeah, it does. I— I don't remember it being as such.

MATT: Look, she's got her poly-sci book there.

MIKE: Yeah. I never took poly-sci.

MATT: Yeah, I don't know... Whoa. Oh no!

MIKE: I like the Fighting Growlbacks nickname.

MATT: Yeah, we should...

MIKE: {simultaneously} I wouldn't mind making a Fighting Growlbacks shirt.

MATT: Yeah.

MIKE: For myself.

MATT: It could be a fantasy football team!

MIKE and RYAN: Ooh!

MIKE: That's true.

MATT: Umm... Are my undawears showing?

MIKE: {laughs} Matt anticipates— maybe you were there, maybe, when we made this.

MATT: See? See?

MIKE: Oh, wait, you could've just watched it though!


MIKE: Because we put this on a website.

MATT: I've never seen this before!

MIKE: Ryan and I put this up on the web.

RYAN: It's on the net!

MATT: N—, no!

MIKE: Look at Quarterman! His locker has been laid waste to, it looks like.

MATT: That clearly looks like some kind of Mega Man boss. A person riding a—

MIKE: Or Stinkoman Level 1 boss.

MATT: Yeah.


MATT: {in assumed voice} You never know its tire!

[edit] Fun Facts

  • Matt describes the Arrow'd Guy's mech as resembling a boss from the Mega Man series. Dr. Wily, the series's main antagonist, frequently pilots machines with a similar design.
  • Mike refers to Tampo, the boss of level 1 of Stinkoman 20X6, who does resemble the brain mech.

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