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=== Trivia ===
=== Trivia ===
*This is the first Teen Girl Squad issue where all four girls clearly die.
*This is the first Teen Girl Squad issue where all four girls clearly die.
*This is the first appearance of a main character (namely, Pom Pom) in a Teen Girl Squad issue (outside of an easter egg). Mever Happens! So and So is lame!
*This is the first appearance of a main character (namely, Pom Pom) in a Teen Girl Squad issue (outside of an easter egg).
Ahhh Peas!
Bye Everybody Everybody!
*This is the first time Strong Bad has made an apparently personal comment during narration.
*This is the first time Strong Bad has made an apparently personal comment during narration.
*This is the first time that someone other than Strong Bad has said "IT'S OVER!"
*This is the first time that someone other than Strong Bad has said "IT'S OVER!"

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Our "heroines" meet So and So's "stepmom".

The girls join the Battle of the Bands.

Cast (in order of appearance): Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One, Intercom, Tompkins, Mrs. So-and-so-erson, Floor Tom, Pom Pom, Fatty, Trolls, Strong Bad (easter egg)

Date: January 17, 2005

Running Time: 2:24

Page Title: Soopa Groop



NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! {top 40 hits!} So and So! {hooked on classics!} What's Her Face! {college radio!} The Ugly One! {listens to pine bark!}

{The girls are sitting at their desks in class. The Cheerleader shirt says "Suga Sweet". The Cheerleader's desk has a square of paper, So and So's desk has a lamp on it, The Ugly One's desk has an open book on it, and What's Her Face's desk's legs are bent.}

INTERCOM: And lunch today will be a breadtangle of pizza. Don't forget the battle of the bands this Friday. Tompkins, point your rear end in the direction of the principal's office.

TOMPKINS: {offscreen} Awww, peas!

CHEERLEADER: Y'hear that girls??

WHAT'S HER FACE: Pizza belongs in a triangle!

SO AND SO: {hearts over head and drooling awkwardly} That Tompkins is SUCH a renegade!

CHEERLEADER: {inexplicably drawn wearing a derby, sunglasses, a moustache, a tie, and smoking a cigar} No yous guys! The battle of the bands! {back to normal} We can form a band and become...


THE UGLY ONE: Worldwide starlets get much boys!

CHEERLEADER: Or so I have read. Obviously, I'll sing and pretend to play guitar.

WHAT'S HER FACE: Can I not get stuck playing bass?


SO AND SO: We'll be called "Smartly Pretty".

{we are shown a CD case with "(S)mar+ly PrΣ(Π)y" written on it}

CHEERLEADER: {vomits} Augh! Bleh! Ewww! Grugh! {suddenly sotto voce} No. {cheerfully} We're called "Kissy Boots"!

{a CD case which says "Kissy Boots" and features a huge pair of lips with cowboy boots is shown}

SO AND SO: We can practice after school in my step-mom's walk-in closet!

{Cut to an image of a man carrying a rock that reads...}


{Cut to So and So's step-mom's walk-in closet, as evidenced by a large rack of clothes.}

CHEERLEADER: Your step mom has questionable taste.

WHAT'S HER FACE: And like a million jogging suits.

{So and So's step-mother appears from behind the clothes rack. "She" appears to be the Arrow'd Guy.}


CHEERLEADER: Yes Mrs. So-and-so... -erson.

{Mrs. So-and-so-erson vanishes. The girls' instruments appear, Cheerleader with a guitar, So and So on keyboard, What's Her Face on bass and The Ugly One on drums.}

SO AND SO: Count us off, The Ugly One.

THE UGLY ONE: One, two, three and a four.

CHEERLEADER: {singing as the other girls play} Ooncha ooncha! One, two, three-cha! We're Kissy Boots and it's nice to meetcha! {music pauses} Ooncha ooncha! {music resumes} One, two, three-cha! Gonna get a breadtangle of pizza!

THE UGLY ONE: 16 hour drum solo! doo do boop bop...

{She starts playing the drums and scatting along, until a large floor tom eats her head.}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: FLOOR TOMMED!!!! {Mrs. So-and-so-erson returns and pours "Ranch Dress" over The Ugly One and the floor tom} STEP-MOMMED!!! {Cut to a romantic dinner setting where The Ugly One, with the drum still engulfing her head, stands opposite Pom Pom, who holds a single rose.} POM-POMMED??

{Cut to a huge mouth with "BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!" written on its teeth.}


{Cut to the school auditorium, where the Intercom (mounted on a robot body) stands on stage with a microphone, and a handful of stick-figure heads compose the audience.}

INTERCOM: Alright, give it up for "Fatty's Big Chance."

{A large man, presumably Fatty, with a saxophone and checkerboard pants appears from stage right.}

FATTY: Pick it up! Pick it up! Hup! Hup! Pick it up! Pick it up!

{Fatty vanishes.}

INTERCOM: Next up is "Kissyboots".

{Cut to Cheerleader and What's Her Face, probably back stage. Cheerleader's shirt now says "X-girl". Cheerleader holds a heart-shaped guitar with three necks and What's Her Face has a bass.}

CHEERLEADER: Where is So and So? We can't play the hits without her!

{Cut to So and So in a dressing room. Her hair is dyed black and she wears a black t-shirt with Strong Sad's face on it and heavy black makeup.}

SO AND SO: I'm going with that gloomy keyboardist look I keep hearing about!

{A group of trolls enters the dressing room.}


SO AND SO: My autograph? Why sure!

{A huge multi-sided die lands on her from above.}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: TWELVE SIDED DIED!! {without text} Whoa, that's rough.

{Back in the auditorium, Cheerleader and What's Her Face are the only ones on stage.}

CHEERLEADER: I'm Kissyboots and she plays bass. One, two, three, and a four!

{They start playing. What's Her Face's guitar suddenly turns into a shark.}

WHAT'S HER FACE: My bass feels seaworthy.

{The shark eats the entire upper half of What's Her Face in one JGHOWMP!}

WHAT'S HER FACE: OW! My most of me!!

CHEERLEADER: {indicating the shark} Dis my new backup band... a shark. One, two, three, and a four!

{Cut to the end title which reads "it's over!". Cheerleader sings over it and the lyrics are shown at the top of the screen.}

CHEERLEADER: It's over! It's over! Strong Bad says it's over! It's over! It's over! Everybody died 'cept me!! {a chomping sound is heard.} Aw, crap!

Easter Eggs

  • At the end, click the "o" to see a breadtangle, breadpazoid, breadallelogram, and brhombus of pizza (click each one to see the next. Click the brhombus to go back to the IT'S OVER! screen.)
  • Click the "!" to see what happened to Tompkins.


{Tompkins and Strong Bad are in the principal's office. Tompkins is standing to the left of Strong Bad. Strong Bad has a sign on his desk reading "PRINICPAL" [sic] and has a Sega cartridge saying "Road Rash." Tompkins is wearing shorts, and has his right hand in his pocket. Tompkins is also wearing a T-Shirt with the word "Truk" [sic] on it, and a poorly drawn truck on it}

TOMPKINS: Aw, come on prinicpal {pronounced as prin-IC-pal} Strong Bad. I only stole ONE Sega tape!

STRONG BAD: That's just it, Tompkins... You could have stolen UPWARDS of one Sega tape.


STRONG BAD: Kid, I think youre gonna turn out... HG HJHG HAAAALL right!

Fun Facts


  • This is the first Teen Girl Squad issue where all four girls clearly die.
  • This is the first appearance of a main character (namely, Pom Pom) in a Teen Girl Squad issue (outside of an easter egg).
  • This is the first time Strong Bad has made an apparently personal comment during narration.
  • This is the first time that someone other than Strong Bad has said "IT'S OVER!"
  • This is the first time someone said the word "crap" in a Teen Girl Squad issue.


  • So and So appears twice in this issue with two sharp fangs; The Ugly One also grew fangs in Issue 6.
  • When Mrs. So-and-so-erson tells them to "SHUT YER YAPS", What's Her Face's mouth is stretched to halfway up the side of her face! Also, there are three extensions coming out of the "SHUT YER YAPS" speech bubble.
  • Cheerleader, So and So, and The Ugly One have no chairs by or attached to their desks to sit on.
  • During their first practice session, So-and-So looks like she is playing some odd mix between a Gibson Explorer and a Fender Jazz Bass, and What's Her Face is playing a Gibson Flying V with a Fender headstock.


  • The die that crushes So And So is a 20-sided die. Twelve-sided dice have pentagonal faces.
  • The blue lines on the paper are misplaced inside Tompkins' speech bubble in the easter egg.
  • At the actual Battle of the Bands concert, it's quite clear that the only instruments being played are Cheerleader's three-necked guitar and What's Her Face's bass. However, you can easily distinguish the sound of a drumset being played in the background of the song.

Inside References

  • "Ooncha ooncha one, two, three-cha" and Tompkins debuted in Teen Girl Squad Issue 7.
  • The "-erson" tacked onto Mrs. So and So's name is a bit of a running gag. Other "ersons" include Issue 4's Brett Bretterson, Emerson from "the process," (as "Emtarkanderundersgunderson" and "Emerson"). Mrs Commanderson in Teen Girl Squad Issue 7 and the Strongbadia National Anthem Mr. Cheaterson.
  • Strong Bad is called a "prinicpal" (note the misspelling) by his nameplate and Tompkins, just like in the Homestar Quiz and CGNU.
  • What's Her Face's desk is resting on her lap, and this could be a reference to the DVD commentary for the email "date."
  • When What's Her Face points out that Mrs. So-and-so-erson has "like a million jogging suits" her mouth looks like one of the earlier versions of What's Her Face when she had huge lips. This early version is in Matt and Mike's sketchbook on the DVD.
  • Cheerleader's inexplicable change of dress when she says "No yous guys" is similar to what happens to a pile of marshmallows in Meet Marshie.
  • When So and So talks about Tompkins being a renegade, she has an expression on her face reminiscent of Doreauxgard in lackey.
  • When So and So has her Gloomy Keyboardist look, there is a picture of Strong Sad on her shirt.

Real-World References

  • "Breadtangle" refers to cafeteria pizzas which are rectangular in shape, and very bready.
  • The Sega "tape" (technically a cartridge) Tompkins steals in the easter egg is "Road Rash." Road Rash was a Sega Genesis/Sega MegaDrive game where you race on motorcycles and knock other racers off their motorcycles by punching them or using clubs.
  • All of Kissyboots' music is taken from the in-game music of Road Rash.
  • One of The Ugly One's drums reads "mr. drummond", a reference to Philip Drummond, a character in the '70s/'80s TV show Diff'rent Strokes.
  • Cheerleader's three-necked guitar is a reference to Steve Vai's guitar, which he played in the video for "Just Like Paradise" by David Lee Roth.
  • The "16 hour drum solo" brings to mind the epic drum solos of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" by Iron Butterfly and Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham's solo in The Song Remains the Same or "Moby Dick".
  • Cheerleader's close-up of her with a hat, moustache, glasses, and a tie is similar to that of the Blues Brothers, though the way she says "yous guys" also directs the reference towards Edward G. Robinson.
  • The classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon Jabberjaw also had a shark as a band member.
  • The goblins and the gamers multi-sided die are staples of RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The goblins' language sounds vaguely "Gothic" (in the ethnic sense of the word) to go with So and So's image. It also bears a striking resemblance to Klingon which along with Dungeons & Dragons are 2 of the best known geek symbols.
  • The opening quote for So and So "Hooked on Classics" refers to a real compilation album. It consists of classical musical themes set against rock beats.
  • The pose for the shark at the end is remarkably similar to the pose of the Shark enemy in Final Fantasy 1.
  • Fatty's Big Chance is clearly a Ska band, what with his checkered pants and the phrase "pick-it-up".
    • This is likely a specific reference to the 1970's British ska band Bad Manners and its fat, shaven-headed singer Buster Bloodvessel. The checkered pants match the standard set by the British ska label Two Tone, on which Bad Manners recorded. Additionally, Bad Manners recorded the song "Lip Up, Fatty".
  • What's Her Face's bass transforming into a shark is a reference to the 1997 TV special, "Hey, Hey, It's the Monkees". During a musical sequence, Mike's guitar turns into a shark.
  • When the girls form Kissy Boots, note that The Ugly One is the drummer. Ringo Starr was the drummer for the Beatles. Each Beatle had his own little nickname, and Ringo was also known as "The Ugly One".
    • Also note that What's Her Face plays bass left-handed, just like Paul McCartney from the Beatles.

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